The Creepiest Clutch For Halloween. And More!

I know this is not a sight you’d want your eyes to glimpse at before Halloween, but recent events in London made me think twice before leaving it for later.

The Bloody Cleaver Clutch Purse is the creepiest Halloween purse I’ve seen in a long time and you know I have a thing for unusual, daring finds. But wait, there’s more! Not only does it look ghoulish on the outside, but the inside is lined with red satin cleverly printed with ‘Kreepsville 666’.

World s Creepiest Halloween bag

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Sugarpova, Maria Sharapova’s Sweet Style

Now that she’s ranked no. 2 in the world, Maria Sharapova is stepping up her fame game by launching her sweets brand: Sugarpova. Now I may be the only one who finds that a world-class athlete such as Maria Sharapova branding herself through sugar products is a bit too strange to digest, as I’m guessing her fans won’t say no to a bag of chewing gums shaped like miniature tennis balls.

But Sharapova is at the best moment to sell herself in her career so just because she was blessed with amazing physical genes won’t stop her from selling candy to anyone willing to buy (after all, her sugar brand is already 1 year old but these days we hear about it for the first time).

Sugarpova Maria Sharapova

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Liv Tyler’s Beauty Secrets

Talking about Amanda Seyfried earlier reminded me about an interview with Liv Tyler I read just yesterday in which she spilled out her beauty secrets. Naturally, I came back to it, see if she said anything about Givenchy. Now that she’s out of contract (wink). Gossip-gossip.

Most important beauty trick she swears on? Exfoliating. And I couldn’t agree more: just like Liv Tyler, I use my scrubbing glove every time I shower. Not only is it invigorating but also gets rid of all those dead skin cells that keep on dreading the look of your skin. Moisturize, yes, but scrub before! Liv said she learned a lot from her own grandmother and her rebellious mother. And she misses the way things were in fashion and celebrity in the 90s.

The times when A-listers would carelessly go out and down the Red Carpet with no makeup on, no stylists army to back their look and seemed to have more fun. We did too. We enjoyed casual mishaps more than we appreciate the polished outfits and carefully chose frocks our celebrities wear but have no merit at all for putting together.

Liv Tyler beauty secrets

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About Aging And Kids With Julianne Moore

I sometimes ask myself, whenever I see a new, extraordinary, revealing story with yet the same famous person who was interviewed tens of times before, on numerous occasions and answered pretty much the same questions: ’what’s there to read that I haven’t read before?’ What’s the novelty? What’s to be revealed more than it already has been before? And I skipped the story altogether. Even if I enjoy reading about that person, I don’t enjoy reading the same thing over and over again. Out of respect for me, for the person in cause, for the column and the one who wrote it under contract and so many other directions I choose to respect.

Julianne Moore finally addressed this issue and for this (and many reasons more) I love her to heavens and back! She was featured in DuJour magazine as ‘The Most Honest Actress in Hollywood’ and the talk she had was really sincere and upfront! Hit the jump to convince yourself!

Julianne Moore DuJour cover

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Affordable (Rip-Off) Catwalk Fashion Via H&M. Good Or Bad?

I’m not always memorizing catwalk looks which I then identify in fast fashion stores. But when it does happen: identifying a catwalk ripoff, I feel strangely ambivalent about it.

On one hand, I think it’s terrible for the fashion designer, to have his or her work so blatantly copied and replicated with no credit due whatsoever. Not to mention royalties. But then again, they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so… And then there’s another aspect of fast-fashion: not many customers are fully aware of what they’re buying as being a catwalk ripoff. They just pick it up from the hanger, at best try it on see if it fits and then just blindly wear it. Without thinking if it’s this or that season, this or that designer lookalike. Because, just like the name suggests it, they fast-buy fast-fashion which they fast-wear. There’s no ‘thinking’ about it. No time. It’s all fast.

Catwalk ripoff HM vs Kenzo

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Amanda Seyfried Takes Over Givenchy, One Ad Campaign At The Time

Remember when we talked about the swift change that went on in Givenchy’s beauty advertising? Younger, more mediatized Amanda Seyfried taking over the Very Irresistible contract from Liv Tyler?

Well, it didn’t happen just for the beauty campaign, actually. It’s taking over the entire maison of Givenchy, one ad at the time. Amanda Seyfried appears in the house’s latest ad prints as styled by Carine Roitfeld. Wait, it gets better: not only did Carine styled the ads but she also starred in them alongside her daughter, Julia (I wonder if they didn’t bring the wee one along for the family portrait’s sake).

Amanda Seyfried gets gipsy for Givenchy ad campaign

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Honestly, What The Fun! (The Fast Franchise Furiously Heists Again)

I forgot to talk movies this week, haven’t I? How could I? Gotta get to it right away! So while the entire world is too busy eyeballing the slightly boring black and white Cannes Red Carpet or praising Baz Luhrmann’s Gatsby industry or just immersing Into the Darkness in 3D, we were occupied with the sixth installment of the Fast franchise. Because you gotta have some wholeheartedly fun every now and then!

And Fast & Furious Six is just amazingly fun. That type of honest, adrenaline infused, ridiculously exaggerated fun! And we laughed our heart out! I know they’re most certainly not reading these lines, but I don’t apologize for having so much fun to the nice people seated next to us who clearly weren’t familiarized with the Fast fun. It’s unique. It’s fast-flavored. And this Honest trailer I added after the jump is the best description for it (don’t worry, it’s not a spoiler. Nothing can spoil the Fast fun!).

fast furious returns

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Anja Rubik Swimsuit Vision: Vogue Spain Vs Vogue Paris

Anja Rubik seems to be a fixture in fashion magazines worldwide, especially when the swimsuit season arrives. There’s something about her in a swimsuit that inspires fashion editors beyond compare. She must look good with her tan on and little else, by summer style standards.

So there we are, talking about Anja and her Vogue features. She’s on the cover of Vogue Spain June 2013 and also gracing one of the main pictorials of Vogue Paris June/July 2013 issue. While in Emmanuelle Alt’s vision and Mario Sorrenti’s lenses, Anja looks like she always does (at least as far as Vogue Paris is concerned, Anja’s styling is pretty much the same in every pictorial be it for summer, winter or any other season’s issues), Vogue Spain tried to change perspectives a bit. And might have succeeded.

Anja Rubik Vogue Paris vs Vogue Spain swimsuit

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