What To Wear For A Super BBQ Party? A Superhero Apron, Duh!

This brings together two of the topics we already talked about: home fashion and superheroes. (have you seen that super-initiative for the children suffering from cancer I wrote about the other day?)

The BBQ season is upon us and, once more, the backyard becomes the epicenter of home-entertainment. This may not resolve a quest’s wardrobe dilemma, but, as host, I think this would be a really fun apron to wear while tending the grill! I’m still looking for the perfect apron (unlike Lauren Conrad, I wouldn’t wear a ruffled apron, I’m thinking something fun like this Superhero BBQ Apron would be more my style) and I hope you’re finding these ones below just as funny as I did. Would you wear one? Do you think men would wear them?

BBQ party outfit Superheroes

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Outstandingly Colorful Vogue Netherlands July 2013 Kinee Diouf

You were asking for more diverse covers? Well, you can get more beautiful than this Vogue Nederland July 2013 in my opinion! The colors on the cover are heart-melting and the entire layout is just oh-so-fashion!

Kinee Diouf as photographed by Ishi had my heart at the very first sight and I’m impatiently waiting for inside scoops (a modest preview awaits after the jump), to see if Vogue Netherlands wins the international Vogue summer editions. Not that Helena Bonham Carter’s Vogue UK was a summer cover per se, but I’m biased by my deep appreciation for HBC in favoring the British Vogue’s edition momentarily.

Paging our dear friend, Appollonia to see how this cover was perceived locally and all our other dear friends for feedback. What say you, my dahlings?

colorful Vogue Netherlands July 2013 cover

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Nails Like Zooey Deschanel: Rad Nails Wraps

Everybody’s favorite quirky little lady is a nails fanatic and that makes her even more adorable. Because I’m a self confessed nails obsessed and I always keep an eye out for nail polish news.

And music. Why I’m bringing that to the table as well? Because there’s a new She & Him album ready to be released. And with it, a limited edition Rad Nails wraps will be available as well. Nail wraps, my dahlings, are everyone’s favorite manicure-on-the-go right now: remember Beyonce’s foils we talked about a while back? Well, these ones are not as high glitz as Queen B’s but that doesn’t make me love them less!

Zooey Deschanel retro nails Rad Nails wraps

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The World According To Karl, The Ultimate Wisdom Book!

Over the years, we talked about the memorable lines Karl Lagerfeld keeps us entertained with, so it’s not really a surprise to see that there were so many quotes to make an entire book! A regular, conventional book sampling der Kaiser’s unparalleled wisdom.

The name of the book itself is highly appropriate, describing in just a single line, the entire philosophy of the book: ‘The World According to Karl‘. Published by Flammarion and, according to wwd, in total accord with Karl whose website features regular lines from the famous pensive designer. 80 illustrations from Charles Ameline accompany the book, and, I suspect, a few good shots of the already famous Choupette, the new recipient of all of Karl’s love, tenderness and commitment!

What? have you not hear the one where he said he wanted to marry his cat? (he didn’t say that once about his former existential pet, Baptiste… What’s next, Karl, a video, a musical album for Choupette?)

Karl Lagerfeld book The World According to Karl

Gadget Undecover: World’s Best Tablet Case!

You know the iPad/tablet is the gadget everyone loves. At such point that it may just surpass the sales of home personal computers that will soon become the dusty dinosaurs that take so much place and have so many wires! Tablets are just so very versatile! And since everyone can own one, from your 3yo Sweetie Pie to your 80yo Nana, their appeal is considerably wider than that of a common keyboard-screen-unit tower ensemble.

But you don’t have to take my word for it, wait and see! Now that the overly exclusive iPads have been surpassed by so many other similar products constantly growing in popularity, everyone can own a tablet. Literally! Now: how do you keep your tablet safe and protected? For the past couple of years, the tablet case battle has been ever-so interesting as haute designers and small creative offices released case after case, swearing that theirs will keep your tablet safer than the next, that they’ll offer the best looking protection there is on the market!

Until today, I haven’t been able to say, hand on my heart, that I found the perfect iPad/tablet case! But with the Stealth Tablet case, things have changed!

best tablet case Undercover

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Naomi Campbell Vladimir Doronin Face Off With Luo Zilin

Don’t you just love a healthy dose of fashion gossip? Forget the CFDA! The talk of the week is about Naomi Campbell and her fashionable relationships. For those who, just like me, don’t watch her TV antics, ‘The Face’ is where Naomi fills up her schedule up to such point that she and her longtime boyfriend, Russian billionaire Vladimir Doronin had to call it quits. Naomi likes to keep herself busy.

But judging from the latest paparazzi reports, so does her now ex-boyfriend, changing model after model from the above mentioned separation announcement, this May. Just a few days back he was reportedly spotted, again on his yacht, with Naomi-lookalike model, Georgie Badiel. Now, his latest conquest: Luo Zilin, an Asian aspiring model who just flew too close from the sun and got toasted. By Naomi!

Naomi Campbell Doronin love triangle

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Lauren Conrad’s New Hair And New Bedding Collection

Isn’t it nice to finally see someone jump from a reality show into a show-worthy reality? I keep an eye out for Lauren Conrad since her Hills days and can hardly believe it that this girl used to hang out with Heidi Montag! But then again, Heidi wasn’t fashion schooled like LC here!

So while her reality show costar pushed herself on the plastic surgery table for an entire day and then plunged into oblivion for the rest of her days, Lauren keeps leading an active life professionally and socially through her continuously creative initiatives. Her latest? A bedding collection with Khol’s, where she distributes her clothing collection as well!

Lauren Conrad new hair new design adventure

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Helena Bonham Carter As Elizabeth Taylor Looks Like This:

I remember thinking that having Lindsay Lohan impersonating the grand Liz Taylor was a mistake. But then, after careful consideration, I slowly came to terms with that reality and made peace with LiLo’s incarnation of Liz. Because they have so much in common!

When I saw Vogue UK’s Helena Bonham Carter cover, I imagined there would have to be a movie behind it. Something beyond the Lone Ranger (which wasn’t all that appreciated. Because now people are more sensitive to how the race matter is handled on the big/small screen than on the cinematographically strong value of the actual filmed product.) And that’s how I found out about Helena Bonham Carter being the next Elizabeth Taylor. In yet another incarnation of the endlessly legendary story of Richard Burton and Liz Taylor. Dominic West is playing Mr. Burton and their performance is part of a TV film that will premiere this fall on BBC America. Will it be better than Liz&Dick? We’ll wait and see…

Helena Bonham Carter as Elizabeth Taylor looks like this

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