What Diet Meal Plan Works For You? Let Tracy Anderson Cater It!

Talking about Gwyneth Paltrow without thinking about Tracy Anderson has become nearly impossible lately as both ladies keep showing how much they have in common besides their obvious similar blond tresses.

An entire workout plan and now a complete diet meal plan. All under Tracy Anderson’s fit umbrella. ella. ella. It must be weird, though, eating less calories by paying more on your food: the magic diet plan starts at $55/day for a 14-day diet. However, the announcement of her Food Program estimates the daily costs for up to a 12-months long plan (in which case it’s ‘only’ costing you $45.95/day.

the right diet program from Tracy Anderson

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Smell Like A Boss: Gwyneth Paltrow Still Hugo Boss Spokesperson

I did say something about this being the perfect time to launch a perfume, haven’t I? News about Gwyneth Paltrow sticking with Hugo Boss for yet another advertorial year were just confirmed.

Although there’s no telling if the new ad campaign for the (old?) Hugo Boss perfume Gwyneth was contracted to represent will be just as brilliant as the first one, but we still have until August to see the ad prints or the commercials. Hopefully it’ll be a little more creative, although judging from the Cannes Red Carpet where a worrying majority of black and white dresses glamorously walked up the film festival’s stairs, we could be heading towards yet another monochrome, monotone marketing move. Starring the celebrity everyone loves to hate, Gwyneth Paltrow. Like a Boss.

Gwyneth Paltrow Boss perfumes

Latest Fashion In Photographing Your Kids

As a mother, I always tried to capture some of the most important moments in our kids life on camera. It’s just the way of life. My memory doesn’t serve me well enough as to project on a wall the first tooth that came off, the first steps or the first topping cream smear. Every ‘first’ in our kids lives was relevant and a must on camera. And kids parties offer such an amazing festival of crazy beautiful moments ready for the camera’s shutter!

But, mind you, times have changed, and the old-fashioned princess-themed or pirates-inspired party isn’t cool anymore. They’re out of charm, out of style. Just like an old print on an old shirt. Soon enough, princess parties will become vintage. Flavors of another era. The tutu-era. When all girls were brought up as princesses and all boys were brought up as pirates. Or something of the kind.

Now, in order to be cool these days, you have to lift up the standards at never-before attained heights of the creative imagination. Like… an ants party or, maybe costume your kids as Star Trekkies or Iron Man House Party characters… Because, you know, a tutu won’t man up your little girl and a medieval chevalier won’t soften up your little boy.

Escaping the clichés is pushing us towards new, unexplored fields of creativity of which the two photographers we’ll talk about today are indisputable pioneers. Or so I think.

recreating iconic photos Jamie C Moore photography

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Hip Sunglasses from IVI and HUF

Now that officially hipsters have been declared as extinct as dinosaurs and more annoying than Psy doing his Homer Simpson inspired dance, how about we got back to the old ‘hip’ attribute and just plaster it all over the place, see what happens? Take a look at this new promotional video for a new series of sunglasses signed by IVI and HUF. All nice and modern, looking classic with a twist. A ‘hip’ twist!

I actually liked the music (original score signed by Jon Kennedy) and the normal people involved in making it. Which are part of the HUF crew.

This special collection is inspired by Keith Hufnagel, founder of HUF, who just happens to be one of the most influential skateboarders/streetfashion trendsetter. The sunglasses he wore, ‘The Standard’ are the solid base which the entire IVI HUF collaboration was built upon.

iconic sunglasses IVI HUF

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Feeling Too Pretty Today? How About Quitting Your Job?

Or write a book. Like Laura Fernee here who just felt too pretty to go to work! When I first read the titles my eyes jumped out of place and though of yet another bubble-head bombshell blonde who sits on her hyper tanned behind all day waiting for the right Vogue cover to come along (but will take Hugh Hefner’s offer any day in the mean time). But no. I was wrong. Laura Fernee is a smart Londoner who just felt too harassed by both male and female co-workers to be able to continue working alongside them.

So she just quit her job (scientific medical research, mind you) for about two years now and just lives on her parents’ income simply because, she said, she’s too pretty to work!

Laura Fernee the girl who feels too pretty to work

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Dare To Wear The Sloth Rings?

I’ve been piling up coffees these couple of days as I felt like such a sleepyhead, I couldn’t get halfway through the day without at least two serious cups of coffee. All things sleepy catch my attention and I feel unusually drawn to anything lounge-y, loungewear, lounge-ish. I would practically lie all day in the sun like a lizard. But then I would miss out on so much fun! Like the sleeping sloths here!

I mean… hugging, sleeping sloths on our fingers? I dream of being a cute sleeping sloth right now. And I would definitely wear one of the sleeping sloths rings on my fingers right now. No! I’d actually wear all 10, each hugging and sleepingly cuddling on a finger. Yaaawn. Don’t they just look… sleepy? And cute? And just all kinds of adorable?

cute lazy sloth rings

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New It Jeans: Slouchy Stiletto Jeans As Worn By SJP

Sarah Jessica Parker has been known for starting a trend or two since her SATC days. Just the other day I was putting together an outfit with a fancy black skirt perfect for a waltzing fancy ball night matched with a perfectly sport-ish gray tee. If that isn’t Carrie inspired, you tell me (remember that tutu t-shirt combo she used to wear?).

Well, it seems that the latest trend inspired by SJP and her off-duty looks is a slouchy boyfriend skinny jeans all scrunched up to ease up her movements! It could home in handy in Oklahoma right now with the floods and all, but for everyday walks? Hmm.. What say you?

They come from Current/Elliott no less, and they’re currently sold out pretty much everywhere which is something, given their appx $300 price tag. But what’s money when you’d be wearing something Carrie is wearing? While everybody else is rolling up their jeans, scrunch them up, you know better! (wink)

new it jeans SJP Current Elliott slouchy skinny jeans

Kristen Wiig Is Spectacular In Harper’s Bazaar

After she went on her SNL hiatus, Kristen Wiig started to be really something of an enigma. Because, although she co-wrote the hugely successful Bridesmaids, she refused to make a sequel for it and she then co-presented at the Golden Globes and had lots of fun while improvising her presentation, in a very girly manner. A very Bridesmaids manner. A girly girl. One you’d want as your girl-friend.

Because she’s awesome and freaky, and awesomely funny and freakingly normal. And this pictorial, signed by Paola Kudaki for Harper’s Bazaar (the one with gorgeous Christy on the cover) is showing us just how awesome and freakingly beautiful Kristen Wiig really is! Her versatility blows my mind every time and although it’s not completely clear to me if she’s taking back her old SNL functions or if it was just a one night stand, I can’t wait for her to explore more cinematographic creativity other than animations (she voiced for How to Train Your Dragon and Despicable Me) and crazy stunts/sketches!

Kristen Wiig spectacular in Harper s Bazaar

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