Everybody Loves Louis Vuitton! Even Buddhist Monks!

In other LV related news of the day: have you seen the word of the internet as of two days now? It’s fashion related but it really triggered a world of response and not all of it positive. It involves Louis Vuitton luggage and a couple of Buddhist monks, a jet, some mirrored sunglasses, iPhones and worldly possessions that would normally describe fashionable individuals.

But wait, they’re monks! Something’s not right here, is it? Countless news outlets hurried up in releasing statements with regards to the temptations of the monks or their rules of conduct. But that doesn’t change the simple truth: a Louis Vuitton monogram bag is just as appealing to a humble Servant of (any) God as it is to mere mortals, fashionable or not. Yes, this may not be your regular preach&teacher Buddhist monk but they sure live connected to the world. (hit the jump to watch the actual video)

Buddhist monk Vuitton bag

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Marc Jacobs Exits Vuitton, Enters Beauty With Makeup Collection

Rumor has it – again – that Marc Jacobs is going to leave the house of Louis Vuitton. Because we all know that fashion is but a glittery game of smoke and mirrors, this could very well be just a maneuver to rise the popularity of LV to never before attained peaks of commercial frenzy or it could simply be true. In which case…

Let’s discuss the arrival of a new beauty line at your local Sephora (on online, for those of you who don’t have one nearby): Marc Jacobs Beauty. A line of 122 products from eye shadows to nail polish (oh, I wish I could test those, just out of curiosity – as I previously stated, nail polish became my most recent addiction).

Marc Jacobs cosmetics through Sephora

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The Perfume Of The Year: Balenciaga Florabotanica

Just a couple of days ago I mentioned a thing or two about the rumors swirling around Robert Pattinson’s perfume campaign for Dior. Today, it’s his girlfriend’s turn to take the spotlight. Before you ask: yes, they’re still together, some gossip outlet reported they were caught walking together hand in hand.

Remember that awkward, silly ad campaign with Kristen Stewart as the spokesperson of Balenciaga’s Florabotanica perfume? Everything seemed to really work against it: the backdrop, the model, her aura, her dress, the same worn by Jennifer Connelly in a season’s past ad campaign. And still, the fashion world has its own rules and judgement as the Fragrance Foundation Awards designated Florabotanica as the Fragrance of the Year and also received accolades as the Best Packaging of the Year. Well I’ll be …? See, if I wrote this piece before the one disputing the aesthetic of Tom Ford’s Fall 2013 ad campaign for women, I would’ve known better than to impose my perspective as the just one! Pffff

Balenciaga Florabotanica perfume advertising

Tom Ford Ad Campaign For Women. Really?

And if so, what’s wrong with this fall’s advertising? Are the general trends so hideous as to deliver the intoxicatingly unhappy imagery out for the media to praise and glorify? Is this a new height of snobbery and elitism to produce a clearly blunt and poorly inspired initiative that would allegedly help in selling fashion goods?

I have no Front Row invite to lose, no freebie to gain by saying it as it is: if this indeed proves to be Tom Ford For Women Fall 2013 ad campaign, it was done while he was away, on a desert island, cuffed to a giant rock, blindfolded and earplugged. All his senses numbed beyond compare and even so, he’d had no excuse for producing, signing and backing this imagery as his own.

All three graces photographed in this ensemble, Soo Joo Park, Herieth Paul and Gemma Refoufi could’ve been, should’ve been, would’ve been, if it hadn’t been… this Ka-Pow! (on a side note: pink makeup is definitely happening! hurray for pink!)

Tom Ford Fall 2013 ad campaign for women

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Garance Dore Is Going Retail With Marc O’Polo

Chances are that you may not be aware of it, but the next logical step in a fashion blogger’s curriculum, beyond the First Row&Backstage Pass&Freebies, is a fashion collection. For some fashbloggers, this is their lifelong dream come true.

Garance Dore, however, is not your average fashion blogger. She’s fashblogging royalty, the blue blood of street fashion photography pours through her veins and keep us inspired with her ever-so-funny and witty approach. For those of you who were literally living under a stone and weren’t au courant, Garance Dore and Scott Shumann aka the Sartorialist have formed, for a couple of years now, the golden couple of fashblogging. Because together, they get even more coverage and attention than they would on their separate blogging ways.

So Garance is already living the dream. Her collection with Marc O’Polo is like a bonus. The extra crystal slipper in her already crammed up shoe closet. But, then again, it doesn’t hurt (for Marc O’Polo) to have a formal engagement with the much esteemed fashion blogger as the past has taught us that unbranded drawings of fashion bloggers on various t-shirt is bad legal news.

Long story short: starting this August, you can buy Marc O’Polo t-shirts and sweatshirts with Garance Dore’s lovely drawings on. Wwd counted a total of eight models in five colors. So if you’re a real fan, you’ll buy one of each and keep the economy running smoothly, like our dear friend, Appollonia sais!

Garance Dore Marc o Polo

Annie Leibovitz Photographed Katy Perry For Vogue US July 2013

Katy Perry, post divorce, is going through some kind of rebranding. Part of which, make no mistake, is this Vogue US July 2013 cover. In an on and off relationship with John Mayer, Katy Perry is going for a ‘fresh, romantic look’ as the cover title announces it.

Annie Leibovitz, as always, performs her epic photographic magic on Katy and, although to my eyes, her face looks half-sleepy, half-medicated, I’m certain that fashion amateurs and pop music fans alike will see some kind of Snow White beauty in this image. I like the overall composition of the cover, it’s clearly far from being the fashion/model cover work we’ve been expecting from an edition of Vogue magazine, but being lead by the steady celeb-hand of the one and only Anna Wintour, we can surely understand and accept this Vogue too. It’s not bad, it’s just playing it all on the fame capital of the cover personality.

Katy Perry romantic cover Vogue US July 2013

Scenes From Robert Pattinson’s Dior Ad Campaign

And because we just wrapped up the playtalk about Kate Moss’s next (un)cover project, let’s see what other rumors circulate around the fashion block! Well, well, well! If it ain’t Robert Pattinson, the other half of the Robsten ex-couple! He’s said to have been filmed in quite the explicit advertorial for Dior Perfumes as their next spokesperson come this fall.

Given the broad diffusion of the ad campaign, I doubt that the rumors are true: word is that Robert Pattinson has a lovely bed-time with not one, not two but three ladies just to prove the effective irresistibility of that particular Dior fragrance. If whoever wrote that scenario had in mind some sick retaliation for Kristen Stewart much publicized affair, chances are that the rumors are true. If this is yet another (just as sick) marketing maneuver to obtain more publicity previous to the launch of the actual ad campaign, we’ll just wait and see…

All we have for the moment are these scenes from the Dior ad campaign with Robert Pattinson. Or so they say. Are you familiar with the scenes from any of Mr Pattinson’s movies? could this be cutout from a movie’s context?

scenes from Robert Pattinson Dior ad campaign

Cutest, Easiest Summer Temporary Tattoos

Summer is here, so it’s time for a cute, lovely temporary ink. If you will. Sephora has it ready for you, just a stamp away! Didn’t you ever wanted an anchor on your wrist like Kate Moss? Since we just talked about her? See, one way or the other, everything is interconnected.

Truth being told, I think these stamps are lovely and easy to use, fail-proof and more appealing than a classic decal/sticker. You can even make your own ensemble from the three motifs available: skull, star and anchor. Mix’em, match’em, just be careful not to wear it in the rain as I hear that it washes away pretty quickly. On the other hand, the applicator only costs $8, so it’s not that dramatic, but not quite the average classic ink either…

temporary tattoo

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