Calvin Klein And Christy Turlington, Ad Partners From 1988

There’s something about casting a 44yo in advertising campaigns for lingerie. Something daring but oh-so empowering! Especially since the woman in question is not only a flawless model but also an activist and real-life wife and mother!

Christy Turlington advertising career with Calvin Klein started in 1988 and it’s still going strong even as we speak as the new Calvin Klein underwear ad campaign will roll out full speed next month. Expect subtlety and established seduction as it has always been the case with Calvin Klein’s advertising, especially when Christy was involved!

Christy Turlington Calvin Klein advertising 2013 1988

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Kate Moss Really Loves Her Louboutin Strappy Sandals!

It’s been a while since we last talked about Kate Moss, right? Well there she goes, in all her legendary glory, wearing just another little black dress with zipped front (is it just me, or La Moss has a thing for zippers? I just have this feeling that she’s a zipper girl. Anywhoo, I digress: ) And – there goes the surprise: Kate Moss wears colorful sandals!

We hardly see Kate Moss wearing anything colorful, let alone this colorful! I mean, I’ve seen nails that were more colorful than Kate Moss’s entire wardrobe! So imagine how wearing a pair of $900 sandals by Christian Louboutin, the Spring Summer 2013 collection can become a social matter! So far, two official events have surprised her pairing the same sandals in two different looks, what do you think made her go for a pop of neon?

Kate Moss Christian Louboutin Arnold sandals

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Isabel Marant Wears A Dress From H&M!

… from her own collection, nevertheless, but she is, technically wearing a H&M dress! Isabel Marant! The coolness! After making legions of ladies wearing something we normally deemed as a fashion abomination, she who started the sneaker wedges craze is an already established mark of style in and out of fashion week’s calendar. Isabel Marant’s fashion can’t be contained by the runway! It’s flooding the streets, it’s taking our wardrobes by assault! And that’s a good thing. Because Isabel Marant’s fashion is light and casual, smart and versatile, fashionable and unpretentious.

And you know it’s coming to the nearest H&M store this fall! Don’t you? Take a look at this picture below, a twit-preview of the collection, with the very designer in a dress she conceived for the giant Swedish retailer. Somebody please take my laptop away cause I’m drooling all over it!

Isabel Marant wears dress from HM

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How To Restyle Your Man In 5 Easy Steps

I was doing some reading today and I suddenly realized that this is something we didn’t really talk about. Did we? Not since those sweet old times when our dear friend, Ellington, suggested I should start writing about some Men of Style also (wink) – which I did. Every now and then.

But you see, thing is that I’m so head over heels with my Adored Husband that the ‘men’ talk for me is pretty hard to bring on because movies aside, I don’t notice any men. Other than my better half. However! What I can do, is share from my experience. And that is what this new story about Men of Style is! About Your Men of Style! Because, my dahlings, just as we have the fashion gene in our DNA, so do our Men! They just keep it well hidden, waiting for the right moment to pop! So here’s how you could revamp/fashion up /restyle your Men’s look in 5 easy steps! (take it easy, though! You don’t need to move mountains to find his inner fashionist!)

{1.}Find his comfort zone and think about what he needs to wear for his daily routines! You won’t have your Man wear floral shirts if he’s to hide away in a cubicle all day long. It will only frustrate his inner fashion lover more than anything! Not to mention the weird looks from his co-workers! (or worse: the sudden interest he would stirr in the women in his office!) So what you need, is concentrate on a few basic pieces according to his work nature and then rotate them.

different men styles

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Men Drool Over Marisa Miller’s Golden Dress In R.I.P.D.

When you’re going to watch a movie with Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds, for which you’ve only seen the movie poster from a distant corner-eyes glance, you’re not expecting a Victoria’s Secret model to star in… Right?

Right. I wasn’t. However, when the said model is introduced in a key scene of the movie, how would you expect her to be like? With or sans clothes? How about a golden bandage mini-dress? That would do, wouldn’t it? With the appropriate curly blowout, the type you’d only see on Victoria’s Secret Show catwalk and a giant pair of hoop earrings! There’s a high probability that, if you’re a man reading the above-description, you would most likely consider watching the R.I.P.D. movie for all the Marisa Miller action scenes (hint: it involves a lot of drooling but also a lot of rough playing!)

Marisa Miller scenes RIPD movie

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Sofia Coppola, The Style Icon Profiled In Vogue Australia

What is it about Sofia Coppola that gives such an aura of cool and romantic, of girly and un-shallow at the same time? Whatever it is, the lady has a class of her own and it was about time Vogue acknowledged it. Sure it’s still a movie that’s bringing Sofia Coppola to light and not a random merit ‘because she’s worth it’ but we’re used to that by now, right? We only focus on people when they become relevant. It’s how the fast, modern times work. Sadly.

But you know, Sofia is really worth it. She’s worth every profiling, every spotlight, every accolade. She’s a woman with a notorious name/pedigree who worked herself up on the ladder in her own way. In her own terms. More: she’s a woman in her (beautiful) 40s who can make it on the cover of Vogue without making it about her age (take note, Anna)!

Sofia Coppola Vogue Australia August 2013 cover

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The Big Lebowski And A Supermodel Wear Marc O’Polo This Fall!

And these are just two reasons why the newly-released Marc O’Polo Fall Winter 2013 2014 Ad Campaign is my favorite fashion ad campaign this season. The Dude&Amber Valletta pictured together by Mario Sorrenti wearing some classic casual looks would definitely make it into a poster have I had the hi-res pictures in my hands.

But this only comes to confirm something I learned over the years about Swedish brands: they just grown on you until you discover so many things you like about them that you’re a loyal customer. A faithful admirer. A fan.

The Big Lebowski and a supermodel wear Marc O Polo

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Why Did Lindsey Wixson Cut Her Hair?

While still unspoken and disguised under an appreciable amount of admiration and congratulations, the question on everyone’s minds when a model cuts her hair is ‘whyyyyyy?!!!’. It happened when Karlie Kloss shortened her gloriously long mane and now we’re at it again with Lindsey Wixson’s new haircut.

Ah, yes, she did cut her hair! But, you know, it actually happens to the best of them! Remember young Kate Moss with her short hair in 2001? Or Christy Turlington and Linda Evangelista in 1990? Or even Audrey Hepburn? All these stunning beauties went through a short hair phase. Why? Maybe fashion, maybe just a boost of self confidence, who’s to tell?

But Lindsey Wixson here was kind enough to answer someone who was brave enough to ask ‘the question’: why? Now we all know and realize that since our beloved models look so glammed up all the time, their hair suffers just like ours. So Lindsey’s – who is jut 19, mind you! – cut her hair so short because it was all burnt out. Permed and who-knows-what again as to make it look a totally different texture than her natural hair.

Lindsey Wixson cut her hair

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