The Bridge’s Diane Kruger’s $10,000 Chanel Bag, Drinking Stories And More

TV is the new black. If you have any doubts about that, just think ‘Homeland’ ‘Modern Family‘, ‘Breaking Bad’ or more recently ‘Ray Donovan’, ‘The Bridge’ and all the dazzling teasers of this fall’s series.

The Bridge is the talk of the day. While we used to have an iconic TV series every two years or so (HBO used to be leading the iconic pack), nowadays an iconic series every month or so is to be expected. I have watched several episodes from The Bridge and still didn’t decide if this will be my next must watch show. Should it ever become so, Diane Kruger is to blame.

Her trendsetting value, her selfmade fashionista principles and style convictions made a Kruger believer out of me! The images below will only showcase a handful of instances from Diane Kruger’s on and off the spotlight’s magic eye, feel free to become a Krugliever yourself and scoop deeper!

The Bridge Diane Kruger casual professional style

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Gemma Ward Is Pregnant, Due In November!

Suitable for a new week, topics about new life keep flooding the virtual newsroom keeping everyone buzzing the happy bulletins. We talked about Luna Bardem-Cruz, but have you heard about Gemma Ward being pregnant?

If only a couple of months ago, the rumors placed Gemma on the runway, now they made an 180 turn, placing her in the maternity this November when her baby is allegedly due. While we’re completely over the moon with excitement as any new baby is always reason to celebrate, we can’t help but wonder what the fashion future holds next for the beautiful mom-to-be.

oh, and just in case you’re wondering who the happy father is David Letts, also a model whose on and off relationship with the Australian model wasn’t all that promising. But here they are! And here we are, waiting for Gemma’s comeback on a Vogue cover and she’s six months along, so bring on the baby bump pics, thank you! (also in Vogue if possible)

Gemma Ward boyfriend David Letts

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Monica Cruz, Javier Bardem Directed By Penelope Cruz For Agent Provocateur

You might remember that when the wee Royal Baby came into the world, the very same day Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem added a little girl to their happy family. Well, we finally have a name for the wee one: Luna! How beautiful is that? But that’s just a pretext to bring in discussion the real reason behind today’s story: underwear. Agent provocateur is releasing an affordable label called ‘l’Agent‘. For the occasion, the marketing department thought it would be a nice idea to expand their collaboration with the beautiful and famous behind the camera also.

Penelope Cruz has written and directed a short commercial clip for l’Agent conveying so many of men’s classic cliche fantasies that this could very well make an adults movie, the 6min concentrated version. With a glorious cast and an electric soundtrack, Penelope’s first foray into behind-the-camera cinematography is pretty promising.

Javier Bardem Monica Cruz l Agent Ad Campaign

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3 Funky New Sneakers You Should Consider This Season!

I’m feeling sporty today, what can I say? (must be that unusual workout routine I talked about yesterday?) So I scooped for you 3 interesting, funky new sneakers releases you should definitely look into for more than just workout or sports related purposes!

Because, as you well know, whatever you wear/own has to make a statement. About you, your interests, your tastes. Your look is your self-card, it represents you – or so it should. So a sneaker is more than just a simple sneaker. Let’s take a look at my special sneaker selection:

must see new sneakers this season

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Justin Bieber Gets Intimate With iPhone, Advertises For Adidas

A Justin Bieber story that has nothing to do with another one of his tasteless tattoos? Yes, it can happen! Especially since I woke up today to a story about Justin Bieber’s stage antics and then I found another story showing his brilliant advertising for Adidas. Justin Bieber likes to keep the spotlight concentrated on his little persona because – beliebers will tell you so – he’s such a huge entertainer! {yawn!}

First things first: during a concert, the young (he’s 19, by the way!) Bieber asked his audience to refrain from throwing things on stage. His audience complied. Somewhat. Various items started flying in his direction and, while he refused them politely by kicking them away from the stage with the same saying ‘I don’t need this… ‘, he did picked up a phone saying that he doesn’t need ‘another iphone’ and slipped it in his pants. (yep, you’re reading that right, hit the jump to find out what happened next!)

news about Justin Bieber

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5 Fashion Meets Art Installation You Should See

Although Fashion is a form of Art, the financial factor has swept pretty much everything in his path to becoming the master influence of all trends and fashions. As it was to be expected, the artistic factor being of secondary importance, it is usually undermined by the big $$$. Fashion lost a lot of its value as Art and gained more on the stock market.

But in those rare occasions we’re treated with true creativity, with genuine artistic inspiration in fashion but also fashion inspired installation/exhibitions/artistic releases of any kind, it would a true loss not to discuss them and highlight them as they’re worth. Today I’d like us to concentrate on five of those instances some of them dealing with traditional clothing items in a new perspective, some with unconventional material used as fabric.

Origami fashion dresses Morana Kranjec

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3 Important Style Rules From Lindsay Lohan’s Outfit Disaster:

{1} A bright, happy smile doesn’t save the outfit situation! More: we cannot turn and ignore the pure Fashion Disaster that Lindsay Lohan is putting on display upon her release from the Cliffside Malibu Rehab Center two days ago.

Another important lesson we learned from this fashion case:
{2} matching colors may be important, but too much matching can unbalance the general look.

Third and most important lesson:
{3} do not pair transparent under-the-knee socks with cowboy booties and short dress. Actually: do not wear those transparent socks in no combination under no circumstance. At all.

No, it won’t make you look like a hipster but more like a dumpster. Any doubts? Feel free to check out Miss Lindsay Lohan here and feel how strong the Fashion Disaster case is! (spotted on jj)

Lindsay Lohan fashion disaster socks booties

5 Timeless Black And White Fall Outfits Proposed By Iman, The Style Icon

… sharing her grace and wit with Net-a-Porter’s The Edit while covering their latest issue. Which I’ve come to appreciate greatly for its fashion focus with different ladies I look up to fashion-wise and other-wise. Because, make no mistake, beauty comes from the inside and style is build by and with character not with loaded credit cards and mindless shopping.

I’ve long admired Iman and I think she’s is and forever will be one of the most fashionable ladies, of exceptional beauty and brains. Not the kind that will build you a NASA robot (which she might as well do if confronted with the task) but the kind that will ensure a peaceful, happy home/living. And that, my dahlings – ask anyone – is sometimes harder to achieve than the said NASA robot! Iman is 58, 5ft 9in and 142pounds. Just in case we have some lovely readers who are passionate about numbers!

Iman latest magazine cover at 58

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