Wanting Butter London Royal Baby Nail Polish

It’s no secret that Butter London makes some pretty nail polishes. And more: A-Listers, designers and fashion people all over the world keep enlisting in the ever-growing army ranks of Butter London fans!

Why wouldn’t they, after all? They’re free of the famous harmful ingredients (Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP or Parabens), a 3Free formula that many nail polish giants still haven’t adopted yet. Their range of colors is, I’m certain, a nail Heaven many nail fanatics dream of owning in its entirety. Including yours truly!

Now here’s another dream nail polish from Butter London, something of a beautiful sparkling purple entitled Pitter Patter (something I’m certain Kate is already experiencing, fully – ‘the pitter-patter of little feet’ in her stomach), dedicated to the Royal Pregnancy. Duchess Kate has fans in the Butter London board of directors: such loyal admirers that they’re willing to name a nail polish in honor of the wee royal-to-be! Only available online, the $15 aubergine shimmer gorgeousness looks like Royal gold to me!

Royal baby nail polish Butter London

Naomi Campbell Stunning In Vogue Brazil May 2013

Naomi Campbell may be famously throwing tantrums and mobile phones, but when it comes to putting on a show, the 42yo supermodel is nothing short of fabulous and surreal! Photographed for the May 2013 issue of Vogue Brazil, Naomi strikes some incredibly glamorous and as perfect as humanly possible poses for Tom Munro’s camera.

Her body is as flawless as ever, her star power is still shining high on the fashion sky and everyone is still in love with Naomi, just like in the old glory days! How about that blond hair? Actually, you know what? forget the hair! How about those endless, perfect legs? (hit the jump to see what I’m talking about!)

Naomi Campbell stunning Vogue Brazil May 2013 cover

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Here’s Natasha Poly’s Pregnant Baby Bump

Up until a couple of hours ago, I didn’t even know that Natasha Poly was pregnant! But she is, and here’s her lovely pregnant baby bump! Freshface beauty looking amazing!

And knowing how the other models looked like when pregnant, we might go ahead and judge this baby bump as a 6-7 months along already. Natasha married businessman Peter Bakker a year ago, in April 2011 – I wonder if she didn’t match the dates voluntarily as the pregnancy announcement comes rather late if we’re to think that normally, such happy events are announced at around 3-4 months along. Also: notice her dress? it’s a blue dress. Pregnancy announcements usually hint at the baby’s gender as well. Is Natasha expecting a little boy, I wonder?

All in all, Natasha looks lovely and happy, just as she did in her wedding pictures. Wishing her nothing but the best and a healthy pregnancy&delivery, we’re hoping for those baby pics to surface sooner than April 2014…

Natasha Poly pregnant baby bump

Latest Nail Polish Trend: Neutral Nails

While going through the latest trends reports, I noticed something I thought really interesting and worth mentioning: the A-listers (and Z-listers alike) who care about their nails image keep wearing some disconcertingly simple manicures (below the lovely Kerry Washington, the joyful Alexis Bledel and one of the Reality Kweens, Khloe Kardashian) thus pushing news outlets to declaring it a trend.

Soft shades of neutral pink polish, the kind we’re used to seeing as base-coats or French-lacquers are taking the spotlight as the must wear right now. I don’t know how you feel about this kind of nails but to me, they’re like a jeans-based outfit: reliable. Certified timeless style.

That is, biensur, after a serious overdose of glitter nails or heavy/bright colored manicures. Whenever I feel like taking a break or taking the focus off of my nails, I wear this kind of pink-ish transparent polish. Also: it helps bring out the beauty of the natural nail, so ladies do take care of them nails! While they may look inoffensive, this type of neutral polish is the most unforgiving!

Latest nail polish trends neutral soft pink nails

$1.5Million Gold Dress By Zac Posen For Ice Cream Commercial!

Remember we talked about Karl Lagerfeld and his Magnum ads? Well, it appears Magnum has a weakness for designers as they approached Project Runway judge and all around magnificent designer Zac Posen for a special kind of advertising.

Something that would involve both fashion and ice cream. And all in the name of Gold! Magnum Gold, biensur! For the commercial aptly named “As Good as Gold’ starring True Blood’s Joe Manganiello and Angelina Jolie’s Brazilian double, Caroline Correa, Zac Posen created a special kind of dress made of gold worth a total of $1.5 Million! Crazy, huh?

Now that you’ve heard what a dress is worth, imagine what the entire marketing project is worth! After all, it’s Zac Posen, right? Magnum ice-cream was just a sweet pretext to highlight his fashion grandeur once more! Because, if you’ll watch the video below, you’ll suddenly realize that Karl Lagerfeld may have had his weaknesses for Baptiste and Rachel Bilson, but he looked more like an authentic ice-cream fan while Zac here seems a gold&glitz fanatic.

Zac Posen gold dress Magnum

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Must Wear This Summer: Stackable Colorful Leather Bracelets

Now that the festival season has kicked in and it’s that beautiful grass&music time again, I’d like to present you with one of my favorite accessories for this season: stackable bracelets. Especially the leather kind!

I’m usually a black or tan kind of leather girl, but these colorful leather wraps stole my heart! They’re so summer-appropriate, so joyful! And that’s and attribute I don’t usually associate with leather works. Except these. Wrap leather bracelets make my heart swoon and I can’t think of anything right now (except for, maybe, glitter?) other than these fine leather wraps around my (sunkissed) wrists.

stackable colorful leather bracelets

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Justin Bieber New Tattoos

Since I mentioned something about Justin Bieber and his tattoos in an earlier story the other day, I thought it would be fair to continue the tradition and bring you the latest, the freshest, the hottest in BiebInk. Because as any Belieber will tell you, Justin Bieber loves adding ink to his collection.

I have no idea, nor do I desire to find out just how many drawings he counts in his ever growing tattoos collection, I can figure out this much, though: by the age of 30, there may not be as many skin patches to choose from and add another ink-do. But that’s for Justin Bieber to see and decide, any man or woman is free to do as he or she pleases with the skin they’re in.

However, as a fair warning: your skin may be considered as a ‘white canvas’ for tattoo artists (and more) but when it comes to changing it, it turns out that skin is actually not as changeable as ordinary white canvas would be. I just thought you should know.

Back to the Bieber ink: the latest additions? A Koi Fish and a fierce looking Tiger. While the koi fish is traditionally associated with progression and perseverance, the tiger is commonly associated with power and invincibility.

Justin Bieber new tattoos

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Gwyneth Paltrow Is People’s Most Beautiful

You know how everyone keeps telling everyone and anyone all the time that Gwyneth Paltrow is the most hated celebrity? And they secretly read her Goop newsletters, ask friends to secretly order an extra copy of her cookbooks and all? Even take notes and follow her Goop-advice? Or buy her Goop-collections? Not to mention how they all do her Tracy Anderson workout method, hoping and praying that good genes would pass on via the dvd&the workout mat. Yeah, well, that’s why Gwyneth Paltrow continues to be the most loved… ahem hated celebrity.

So hated that she made it first in People’s World’s Most Beautiful Top this year! Not bad, huh? For being most hated!

Gwyneth Paltrow named World s most beautiful woman

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