3 Easy DIY Boots: Saint Laurent Grunge, Boho Cowboy, Balmain Chic

There’s no escape from it: the fall season is officially started and in just a matter of hours, we’ll be enjoying the debut of the new Fashion Week (dealing with the upcoming Spring season, but who’s looking at that? wink). I gathered and assembled for your creative inspiration 3 boots you can easily turn into DIY projects. Grunge boots, boho boots and fancy boots. As you well know, the main fashion trend of this year’s fall is grunge. Scratch your head and search your closet for anything and everything you used to wear in the 90s for lo and behold, it’s all coming back now, more fashionable than ever!

But as all reinventions come at a certain price, like these gorgeous Saint Laurent boots from the fall winter 2013 2014 collection that go around for $8,000. Pricey much? Totally agree. So if you haven’t yet located your former army boots, consider a visit to your nearest affordable fashion boutique for they’re surely stocking on some kind of flat laced boots and then start one of the DIY fashion projects:

{1} DIY Saint Laurent boots for which you’ll need: (hit the jump to see what you need and how to replicate these fabulous boots! The tutorial was initially published on whowhatwear and yours truly put it together in a singular instructable instead of the original’s 11 slideshow pictures!)

Simple DIY Sant Laurent Boots

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Gisele Bundchen Releasing First Song With H&M

As you may remember it, Cara Delevingne is aiming at a musical career outside her fashion reign. With her latest dusty adventures, though, her fashion reign may as well be over – temporarily at least. Gisele Bundchen could very well claim back her crown and get the entire fashion population at her feet, in complete and utter admiration about her physical flawlessness and myriad of talents.

Among which we’re starting to discover her singing talents! In her spokesperson quality for H&M’s latest ad campaign (from which you’re seeing pictures below), Gisele was filmed in a backstage video singing her heart out. A cover nevertheless, but singing. Nicely and melodically. The Kinks’ ‘All Day and All of the Night’ is the tune, listen to Gisele’s rendition after the jump as well as the original version.

Gisele Bundchen singing for HM ad campaign

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Kate Upton: 2013 Model Of The Year, Vanity Fair 100 Anniversary Covergirl

In an effusion of immodest satisfaction, Graydon Carter, the Vanity Fair editor, launches a semi-rhetorical question in regards of the longevity of Vanity Fair magazine which is launching its 100 Anniversary edition this month:

‘In an age when nothing seems to last—not convictions, not even cities—a centennial, like the one Vanity Fair celebrates this year, makes me marvel at the simple fact of longevity.’

On the cover of its special anniversary edition, Kate Upton holds a mini-cake with one candle and looks as glamorous as Marilyn Monroe did. Back in her 1962s Happy Birthday, Mr. President heydays. So yeah, Mr Carter: I totally approve and join you in marveling at the simple fact of reenacting past glories over and over again and still being published month after month after month (last month’s covergirl? Late Lady Diana!)

100 anniversary Vanity Fair Kate Upton cover

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Pharrell Williams Reccomends You Wear His Moncler Sunglasses

Why? No reason! Just because you were singing Pharrell songs all summer long so maybe you’d want to keep that vision with you for the cold months? Nah, just kidding. You remember Pharrell was involved with Moncler before and he put his sell-all name on a vest – well, now it’s time to amp up the fashion game and wear some Pharrell Moncler sunglasses.

Because in the end, it’s not about how the perfume smells, how a jacket looks like or how a pair of sunglasses protect you from the potentially damaging sunrays. It’s about the concept (after the jump, a picture from Moncler’s Fall Winter 2013 2014 ad campaign to give you a full grasp on Moncler’s conceptualization of fashion). And Pharrell is always maker and protector of hits. Of all kinds. In any combination. He is, truly, what he describes himself to be: an artist.

Pharrell Williams sunglasses for Moncler

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Robsten Sans Clothes: Pattinson In Dior Homme, Kristen In Balenciaga Florabotanica

We’ve been waiting for this campaign to drop for so long now, it just feels like the new Brad Pitt for Chanel craze happening all over again. And it may be just that: Robert Pattinson, my dahlings, is the new Brad Pitt.

The Brad Pitt of the new generation. And since the original Brad Pitt fantastically erected like a legend among men and women equally just because of his jeans-behind in a movie about the so-called feminine emancipation, why wouldn’t Robert Pattinson be the epitome of the modern man after showing his victimized face and protective fangs in a movie about a vampire’s emancipation?

But back to Dior: Robert Pattinson is Dior Homme as you’ll see him perform after the jump, directed by Romain Gavras.

Robert Pattinson Dior Homme perfume ad campaign

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What Nail Polish For Fall: Burberry Oxblood Red Or Chanel Elixir Pink?

Carefully planning our Fall beauty references from this on as we officially mark the end of the summer with today’s Labor Day (also harmoniously blending together my passion for all things nails), I thought I’d let you know about this fall’s most sought-after fashion nail polishes!

As we’ve been already accustomed, season after the season, Chanel sets the tone for it-nail polishes and this fall it’s about blue, rose and black. Burberry, on the other hand, is completing its English charm palette with a gorgeous deep red polish they aptly named ‘Oxblood’. Somewhere at the intersection of Chanel’s fall polish trifecta and Burberry’s Oxblood red polish lays the upcoming season’s beauty equilibrium.

Fashion nail polish Chanel and Burberry

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Casual Star Style: Chloe Sevigny White Shoes, Total Denim Look

Today we’ll be briefly talking about Miss Indie Queen Chloe Sevigny, she who is so cool that she’s designing her own clothes thus chaining collections for Opening Ceremony season after season.

Clearly her style&panache target a special segment of the fashion population formerly known as hipsters who are highly mindful about what&where they’re shopping and less careful about how they’re wearing it. The proof below with Chloe Sevigny who was recently seen out and about in a casual denim on denim look finished with a pair of Opening Ceremony white Grunge Oxfords (priced at $390) worn with white socks.

After the jump, you’ll see a casual outfit inspired by Chloe Sevigny that you can either finish in fancy oxfords like miss fashionista here or in flatform sneakers. Your choice!

Chloe Sevigny casual denim look white shoes

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Formal Star Style: Sandra Bullock’s Alex Perry Bright Dress

It’s been a while since we last talked about Sandra Bullock so it’s about time we made up for that with a peak at Sandy’s wardrobe!

Color blocking outfits have been around for ages but in the past two years, there’s been a serious frenzy of color block looks: either in two-pieces combinations or blended into a single statement bright item to wear all summer long. The latter goes for Sandra Bullock here who made a sunny appearance at the 2013 Venice Film Festival in Italy for Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity movie (in which she’s costarring with George Clooney) in a bright Alex Perry tangerine pink dress. (more after the jump!)

bright summer outfit Sandra Bullock Alex Perry dress Venice

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