Scenes From Robert Pattinson’s Dior Ad Campaign

And because we just wrapped up the playtalk about Kate Moss’s next (un)cover project, let’s see what other rumors circulate around the fashion block! Well, well, well! If it ain’t Robert Pattinson, the other half of the Robsten ex-couple! He’s said to have been filmed in quite the explicit advertorial for Dior Perfumes as their next spokesperson come this fall.

Given the broad diffusion of the ad campaign, I doubt that the rumors are true: word is that Robert Pattinson has a lovely bed-time with not one, not two but three ladies just to prove the effective irresistibility of that particular Dior fragrance. If whoever wrote that scenario had in mind some sick retaliation for Kristen Stewart much publicized affair, chances are that the rumors are true. If this is yet another (just as sick) marketing maneuver to obtain more publicity previous to the launch of the actual ad campaign, we’ll just wait and see…

All we have for the moment are these scenes from the Dior ad campaign with Robert Pattinson. Or so they say. Are you familiar with the scenes from any of Mr Pattinson’s movies? could this be cutout from a movie’s context?

scenes from Robert Pattinson Dior ad campaign

Cutest, Easiest Summer Temporary Tattoos

Summer is here, so it’s time for a cute, lovely temporary ink. If you will. Sephora has it ready for you, just a stamp away! Didn’t you ever wanted an anchor on your wrist like Kate Moss? Since we just talked about her? See, one way or the other, everything is interconnected.

Truth being told, I think these stamps are lovely and easy to use, fail-proof and more appealing than a classic decal/sticker. You can even make your own ensemble from the three motifs available: skull, star and anchor. Mix’em, match’em, just be careful not to wear it in the rain as I hear that it washes away pretty quickly. On the other hand, the applicator only costs $8, so it’s not that dramatic, but not quite the average classic ink either…

temporary tattoo

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PlayKate This January!

Have you heard that one about Kate Moss gracing the pages of Hugh Hefner’s glossy magazine for men? While I understand that this must be more like ‘yeah, how about we do that too?’, I will only ask the honest question: what’s there to show? Something, a side of Kate Moss that we haven’t already and that we (and the rest of the world) don’t know by heart?

In her long career, she’s been photographed up and down with less or more clothes and the pose below, for Juergen Teller’s camera, is just a modest example of how rock’n’roll Kate Moss can be. While Refinery29 reports that the shooting already took place, rumor has it that she won’t see the newsstands light until January. Like one of those festive end-of-the-year issues… Because, really, what more could you wish from Santa that you haven’t already seen a thousand times before?

Oh, wait?! Is that a desperate attempt from Mr Hefner to broaden his audience and expand his accounts in the fashion territory? Not that his accounts and fashion wouldn’t normally collide behind close doors…

Kate Moss Rock n Roll photographed by Juergen Teller

Dare To Wear Matching Outfits With Your Significant Other?

I’ve been doing this since before I married my Adored Husband. And, just like this lovely couple whose story I recently read and who’s been playing the matching dressing game for a loooong, long time, I never felt it was a problem. It’s about a feeling of closeness and togetherness.

Fully aware of the mother-child coordinated outfits fashion (more like ‘out-of-fashion’), I raised this issue hoping to get more feedback from you. It goes significantly against the trends but substantially builds a personal style. Which would you prefer? I go for the latter as our style is an ever-evolving sum of experiences and circumstances applied yet again to an extremely varied portfolio of events and personalities.

I prefer having a distinct personal style than being fashionable. Especially in our consumerism society when anyone can buy and wear anything regardless of oh-so-many good-taste criteria (leggings and/or skinny jeans are simply not suitable for every body type, in spite of how obtuse you think I’m being by saying this out loud)!

But I digress, making this too much about myself and what I like instead of telling you the lovely story of this lovely couple who’s been lovely match-dressing for over 35 years! Nancy and Donald Featherstone have developed a twin wardrobe that would make even the most ferocious fashionista blush with envy! Coordinated tops and bottoms filling four wardrobes carefully stacked two by two and suitable for any and all occasions!

matching outfits couple Nancy Donald Featherestone

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Joan Smalls, Woman Of Steel. The Amazing Project That Almost Was!

I sometimes wonder how men really see women… Strong women, beautiful women? Beyond the immediate threshold of a pleasurable adventure? Is there really a spiritual, valid social point to some men’s fashion perspective? It’s rhetorical.

But not too much. Barnaby Roper worked out a lovely short film with Joan Smalls suggestively titled ‘Woman of Steel’. Yes, she does deliver a strong pose, like Roper explained, but this video is more likely to induce a confusing vision and I would strongly advise you to stay away from it should you be epileptic or experience dizziness and/or disorientation while trying to watch ultra-dynamic imagery assembled into the video included after the jump!

Straight from the concept storyboard, the maker of this very fashionable movie cuts a chunk of the audience and just disposes of it on the route to the actual production chambers.

Joan Smalls Woman of Steel

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Behold The $10,200 Gold iPad!

I started the Apple talk the other day without being aware that I was going to find yet another reason to bring the iProducts into discussion. But here I am, though, because it’s worth acknowledging it. Like one would acknowledge a rotten apple in a basket full of fruity awesomeness!

so: behold the Gold iPad! Just like any other iPad only with a case made entirely of gold! Pretty fancy, isn’t it?

exclusive gadget gold iPad At this point, it’s even irrelevant what the original design was, the entire point of this gadget residing more in his shell than the actual hi-tech within. Skin deep, huh?

You can get your very own golden iPad upon registering at the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai as the LA Times reports, for which these exclusive gadgets were designed by Gold&Co. London (can’t believe that name!).

Now! if your experience with the said gold iPad was absolutely addictive, you can purchase one for ‘just’ $10,200! And the gold iPad mini or iPhone 5. Burberry phones also available in gold, at the same hotel.

You should know, however, that although it may be different on the outside, it’s still the same gadget on the inside. Just like everyone else’s…

Would You Walk In SJP Shoes?

Ever since the heat wave carrying Sarah Jessica Parker’s SATC fame started to fade, I started paying more and more attention to her persona and her projects. SATC-free.

And I started to appreciate the person behind Carrie Bradshaw. But as long and as far she wants to stray from the SATC path, life takes her back on that trail. One way or the other. Her latest ‘SATC project away from SATC’ is a shoes (and bags, maybe a few other things) label! Suggestively named SJP and exclusively sold through Nordstrom, the new shoes (and bags) were developed with George Malkemus, the CEO of the famous Manolo Blahnik house, also highlighted by HBO’s original series some 15 years ago (pictured below, alongside his now-partner in shoes, SJP). Ranging from $200-$700, the new SJP shoes promise to deliver catwalk quality at attainable prices (starting January 2014).

Will the footwear be fashionable? undoubtedly so! will the idea pay off? unmistakable so! Will it last? like any other question of morality, I’m inclined to be reserved and wait and see how time will sort it all. If it all goes to pieces, she can always end this collaboration as well, just like she parted ways with Halston not so long ago

SJP shoes with Manolo Blahnik CEO

Rehab Is The New Black: Galliano Gets Another Chance?

Now that time finally cooled down the controversy, the fashion world is ready to consider giving Galliano a second chance. In order to achieve that and make a credible redemption, the tastemakers, trendsetters and marketdoers concocted a special comeback recipe for our talented Mr. Galliano: he is, now, a recovered addict. Yay! blame it on the blue pill… Or the red pill… Whichever, it was the pill that stranded Mr. Galliano and not his straight head talented persona.

He’s taking it slowly, one interview at the time, one respectable but highly significant pictorial at the time (like this wonderful pose below, in front of Annie Leibovitz‘ cameras for an exclusive interview with Vanity Fair’s Ingrid Sischy). Every step brings him closer to a successful comeback as long as he’s keeping his eyes down on his toes and his strategy straight.

John Galliano photographed by Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair

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