Inception, The Apple Way

I’ve long been a fan of Apple’s designs and concepts. But there’s something about Apple and their lack of democracy… The way they designed each and every one of their product and the associated apps is so restrictive and frustrating that the competition’s products look ideal in comparison. Again: in comparison.

When Steve Jobs left us, I long wandered if Apple’s magic will be lost without him. It’s not lost. Apple and their design dictatorship become obsolete. Lawsuits after lawsuits, settlements over settlements, they try to hold on to their original titles and initiatives. But will they ever recover their aura?

design plea Apple

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Classic Art Meets Contemporary Fashion: Street Stone

Paging the Sartorialist: old, European males dressed casually posing artistically! Oh, no, he missed that one! Behind the brilliant Street Stone project, Alexis Persani and Leo Caillard who joined their creative efforts and came up with something visually stunning and fun!

I think the images speak for themselves, and should they ever get a stamp of approval, they’d make a lovely advertising campaign for one of the casual clothing labels we’re used to see in our modern stores. The unexpected association of classic stone sculptures and jeans or checkered shirts has a striking visual impact on our retina and furthermore on our brain. Untrained to experiment this type of associations, our cortex is much likely to get imprinted with the commercial message carried out through this amazing computer manipulations!

Street Stone project

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Marchesa On Your Nails: Revlon Appliques

One of the most sought after catwalks which immediately translates into Red Carpet outfits, Marchesa, teamed up with cosmetics giants Revlon to create a series of products that although set for release this fall, have as dreaming already!

Nail Wraps. I told you they’re the next big thing in nail products! So fancy looking, intricate but so simple to utilize! And now with a fashion spin! Who could ever resist a design from the Revlon by Marchesa 3D Jewel Appliques collection?

nail wraps Marchesa Revlon special edition

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Amy Adams From Lacoste Ad To Magazines Covers, She’s Everywhere!

I was just observing how our sidekick heroines keep fueling our clichés (Star Trek, anyone? think it through and see how women are really portrayed in superheroes flicks)… Then again, Amy Adams is not really your ordinary bombshell beauty after Hollywood standards! She’s a ginger. And a lovely, human-looking one! I look at her and I don’t get that ‘plastic’ feeling I get from the vast majority of A-lister. I look at her and I feel that she’s almost normal. Not too skinny, not too worked-out, not too botox-ed. Amy Adams may just be the next big thing when it comes to Hollywood leading ladies (not to mention her double initial name thingie: Lois Lane-Amy Adams? LL-AA?)! Can’t wait for The Man of Steel to be released in theaters – I’m actually more interesting in her performance as I’m certain Henry Cavill delivered a Super-act!

Until then, however, let’s see how marketing is pushing the movie through its heroes: Henry Cavill and Amy Adams do Interview magazine and their pictorial is super-promising.

Superman Amy Adams magazine covers

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Designer Stroller: Jeremy Scott Cybex Collection

Trying to infiltrate every aspect of our existence, fashion is everywhere. From the cup you’re drinking your coffee in first thing in the morning, to the lush bedding accompanying your dreams every night. We change, fashion changes with us (and the other way around). We evolve, fashion steps up and catches up. What would a real fashionista be without her designer baby pram? Or her designer diapers bag? There’s just no way her precious baby is carried around in an ordinary baby carrier! No-oh! A real fashionista needs a real designer baby carrier!

We’ve seen it happening. A-listers, stylists, they’re all trying to keep their wee ones under their fashion umbrella. ella. Ella. And here’s the latest offering on that particularly hype segment of the market: Jeremy Scott Cybex!

Jeremy Scott Cybex Stroller collection

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Beyonce New Lipstick L’Oreal Infallible. Because She’s Worth It!

Beyonce is still on her Mrs Carter tour and while doing so, she’s teaming up with pretty much every major brand for advertising contracts. From H&M to L’Oreal, Queen Bey is telling us what clothes to wear and what lipstick to put on.

Her work with L’Oreal in promoting their L’Oreal Infallible Lipstick goes all the way back in 2010, but even after all these years, we’re still good for this lipstick, the new improved version with mirrored recipient and protective shine-on balm. It’s said to last up to 16 hours, so better get ready to apply that balm generously and repeatedly as you know that long lasting formulas need a lot of balm to keep looking lovely and not flaky and worn out.

Beyonce L Oreal Infallible red lipstick

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Linda Evangelista, Choupette Cover Vogue Germany July 2013

Remember when I said something about a book being published with quotes from Karl? Of course you do! It’s just as memorable as Karl’s quotes. Especially when, in the space of two days you have that title announcing a book and another title, describing the love and devotion that Karl Lagerfeld has developed for his cat, at such point that he’d like to marry his furry little feline.

Now that we finally started to pretend we didn’t read the latter, bam! der Kaiser is not allowing us to put Choupette behind us. Linda Evangelista covers the July 2013 issue of Vogue Germany with Lagerfeld’s cat in her arms. Photographed by Lagerfeld.

Should I even bother counting the reasons for which this cover is nothing short of ridiculous? Nah, don’t think so. A single look is enough to either love it or leave it!

Linda Evangelista Lagerfeld s cat Vogue Germany July 2013

Rita Ora Wears Superga Sneakers

Did I tell you that my next pair of sneakers is going to be from Superga? The Italian sneakers brand grew on me continually and the various fashion collaborations only helped in making it more and more appealing to my eyes.

Rita Ora partnered up with Superga as it seems to be a tradition among the sneakers brands to have young singers representing them and selling the shoes to the legions of fans and admirers. I, on the other hand, feel cold and insensitive faced to Rita Ora wearing Superga sneakers. I couldn’t care less who’s advocating for them as my decision was irrevocable: I’m definitely switching from Converse to Superga. Hopefully they’ll prove to be more qualitative than the all-star.

How about you? Am I the only one who feels that ever since they relocated their production from the US, Converse has lowered their standards to impossible to tolerate trashiness? I will forevermore admire and follow their projects, but as far as I’m concerned, the Converse quality standards don’t meet my own anymore. Is anyone else with me on that one? Anyone tried the Superga and can testify to their quality? Because I for one can’t recommend Converse anymore…

Rita Ora wears Superga sneakers

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