Must Wear This Summer: Stackable Colorful Leather Bracelets

Now that the festival season has kicked in and it’s that beautiful grass&music time again, I’d like to present you with one of my favorite accessories for this season: stackable bracelets. Especially the leather kind!

I’m usually a black or tan kind of leather girl, but these colorful leather wraps stole my heart! They’re so summer-appropriate, so joyful! And that’s and attribute I don’t usually associate with leather works. Except these. Wrap leather bracelets make my heart swoon and I can’t think of anything right now (except for, maybe, glitter?) other than these fine leather wraps around my (sunkissed) wrists.

stackable colorful leather bracelets

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Justin Bieber New Tattoos

Since I mentioned something about Justin Bieber and his tattoos in an earlier story the other day, I thought it would be fair to continue the tradition and bring you the latest, the freshest, the hottest in BiebInk. Because as any Belieber will tell you, Justin Bieber loves adding ink to his collection.

I have no idea, nor do I desire to find out just how many drawings he counts in his ever growing tattoos collection, I can figure out this much, though: by the age of 30, there may not be as many skin patches to choose from and add another ink-do. But that’s for Justin Bieber to see and decide, any man or woman is free to do as he or she pleases with the skin they’re in.

However, as a fair warning: your skin may be considered as a ‘white canvas’ for tattoo artists (and more) but when it comes to changing it, it turns out that skin is actually not as changeable as ordinary white canvas would be. I just thought you should know.

Back to the Bieber ink: the latest additions? A Koi Fish and a fierce looking Tiger. While the koi fish is traditionally associated with progression and perseverance, the tiger is commonly associated with power and invincibility.

Justin Bieber new tattoos

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Gwyneth Paltrow Is People’s Most Beautiful

You know how everyone keeps telling everyone and anyone all the time that Gwyneth Paltrow is the most hated celebrity? And they secretly read her Goop newsletters, ask friends to secretly order an extra copy of her cookbooks and all? Even take notes and follow her Goop-advice? Or buy her Goop-collections? Not to mention how they all do her Tracy Anderson workout method, hoping and praying that good genes would pass on via the dvd&the workout mat. Yeah, well, that’s why Gwyneth Paltrow continues to be the most loved… ahem hated celebrity.

So hated that she made it first in People’s World’s Most Beautiful Top this year! Not bad, huh? For being most hated!

Gwyneth Paltrow named World s most beautiful woman

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Dance Along With Tilda Swinton On Barry White

I don’t know if I told you this before, but I’m a Matrix fan. I was, actually. Matrix set a standard and so many movies followed (if you’re unaware of the Matrix effect, think no further than Tom Cruise’s Oblivion – it’s the latest in a long series of Matrix side effects in cinematography). As a Matrix fan (and I don’t really know why I thought of Matrix right now, but I did), I was a bit disappointed by the sequels to the first episode, but nonetheless, scenes remained engraved on my retina. Such as the Zion dance.

Remember the Zion dance? Cathartic – maybe that’s why Matrix popped in my mind when I saw Tilda dance and say that it’s a spiritual experience, not a dance. Dancing is a spiritual experience, if you do it right. If you’re doing it without thinking about it too much, if you just let the music guide you and flow through you.

After the jump, Tilda Swinton, my dahlings, dancing on Barry White’s ‘You’re The First, the Last, My Everything’!

Tilda Swinton dancing along on Barry White

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Nina Ricci L’Air Du Temps Redesigned By Olivia Putman

These past couple of days I was reading this and that piece of news and briefly concluded that being a creative (in any field: from design to music) is like living in a closed circle. Artists look down at us, mere mortals, and think: ‘oh! poor mere mortals! They’re not like us, creative gods who have the power and the freedom of arts! They’re limited!’ But guess what?! We, who can look upward, backwards and pretty much every way we want, are not the ones who are limited! Au contraire!

We have all the freedom we want! They don’t! The mighty creative souls are eternally damned to swim in the same creative waters. Swirling together with oh-so-many other talentful individuals, also creatively blessed. So a nice, tight little creative society, borderless, nationless and utterly misfit (wink) is created by the said creative individuals. Who can’t and won’t feel free with any others except themselves. Trusting one another with artistic endeavors and creative missions, their art ends up like an over-chewed piece of meat: tasteless, shapeless and… useless (ever wondered why we keep referencing Masters of times past arts more than the contemporary artists?).

But that’s just a theory. Here’s a happy project, which is none of the above. Well.. almost: Nina Ricci’s L’Air du Temps is one of the most famous, most worn and appreciated perfumes worldwide. As such, its essence can’t be profoundly altered, but the packaging can. Not radically, but slightly. Olivia Putman, one of the most creative individuals France prides itself with momentarily put a spin on the old Air du Temps.

Nina Ricci l Air du Temps perfume 2012 makeover

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Halle Berry Returns As Storm In New XMen Days Of Future Past

If you can’t trust Twitpics, then you sure can’t trust magazines pictorials. Twitpics have a rare quality – that of being raw. Of being uncut, unprocessed, unfiltered and thus, real.

As you well know, there’s a prequel, sequel to the XMen movies we all know: XMen Days of Future Past being filmed right now. Scheduled for release in 2014, it brings together all the wonderful heroes we love so much (Wolverine, Mystique, Magneto, Rogue, Shadowcat and the implacable Storm). Talking about Storm: Halle Berry returned as Storm and, although pregnant, Bryan Singer (who directed previous episodes from the XMen saga) tweeted a picture of her looking like she traveled in time for real!

Halle Berry Storm in new XMen

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Young, Black And Misfit: Jaden Smith MSFTSrep Fashion

Talking about the young&the masked: Jaden Smith pushes his MSFTS adventure further with a fashion show. You gotta love driven people: they know they’re on to something from their early tween years and they keep on pushing it. Now lil’ Jaden Smith has his own Republic: the Misfits Republic. No, this is no joke whatsoever, MSFTSrep stands for Misfits Republic.

Talking about Jaden Smith after discussing about Justin Bieber is only natural as the two of them are friends and share the same passion for music&dancing. But also for unflattering, unfitting clothing specific for the tweens and teens (misfit) years. Here’s Jaden with his beautiful sister, Willow, showing their MSFTSrep wardrobe.

Jaden Willow Smith MSFTSrep clothing

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Justin Bieber Hides His Face Under Chanel Mask

I usually report on ink related issues but this time, my Justin Bieber story is a bit different. In a couture way, biensur.

Justin Bieber, my dahlings, released a picture of his Holy Bieberness hiding under a mask. It’s not a mask per se, biensur, but it’s just another one of those high fashion balaclavas worn by this and that celebrity in a brief ‘rebellious’ moment (it’s like being rebellious because you’re skying or something, since this is what originally the balaclava was designed for). Justin Bieber may have the means to put it on, but when it comes to spelling, he clearly spent more time on stage than in school. Hereby, my dahlings, Justin Bieber’s ‘Channel’. That’s what he said!

Justin Bieber hides face Chanel balaclava

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