Skinny Healthy Drinking: Flavored Water Maker

More gadgets, you said! Well, here I am, fulfilling your wishes! (wink) And having loads of fun while doing it! So summer is just around the corner (joy dance, yaaay!) and it’s time we step away from the stove & the oven, give our bodies the fresh stocks it needs after long cold days filled with processed food. It’s my philosophy. I’m not Gwyneth Paltrow, that’s for sure, but I try to keep the balance straight when it comes to nutrition and life regime.

Long story short: how do you keep yourself hydrated during the hot summer days? I happen to like naturally flavored water! I favor lemon or lime flavored water but why not get creative and add some zing to my usual flavors? Here’s the Aqua Zinger Flavored Water Maker! You just add the ingredients in the bottom lid, screw it back on the bottle, fill the reservoir with water or any other desired drink and you’re one shake away from a dreamy flavored drink. All natural and healthy! What say you, my dahlings? (just in case you need more information, the Aqua Zinger is available at zinganythingdotcom)

Healthy Skinny Drinking Flavored Water Maker

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J’Adore Dior Summer Mix Nail Polish!

You know me by now and you know my weaknesses. As such, I have to come clean about a new find in a long series of nail polish obsessions: Dior. Dior Summer Mix 2013 Vernis nails polish collection is just dreamy!

The colors are so pretty and fresh, the combinations, just like the names, are perfect! Just look at this shimmer fabulous pink called ‘Diablotine’ – how could I ever resist that? And they thought about everything: there’s a Dior Base Coat, a Dior Nutritional Cream (for hands&nails, biensur) and several Dior topcoats. Of course, I’d love to know how they hold on the nail, but considering that a single bottle of nail polish costs appx $27, I’d have to be very careful about choosing the polish or the top coat I’d like to add to my collection.

Dior Summer Mix Nail Polish

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Anna Wintour Goes Punk On Magazine Cover!

Talking about Kate Upton and why she got a Vogue US cover and if she really deserved being called the world’s hottest supermodel pointed me in this special cover’s direction. Which I wouldn’t have missed or keep for myself for the world!

Remember the Met? That was a week ago! Well, this year’s Costume Institute Exhibition is about PUNK: Chaos to Couture. As we all know Anna Wintour, Vogue US legendary editor in-chief, curates the exhibition just as she presides over the annual charity Gala which, as our dear friend Appollonia said, was dignified with ‘un-fun’ by the world’s most beautiful woman, Gwyneth Paltrow.

If Gwinnie said so, it must be so! But how fun is this (alternative) New York Magazine Cover with a very PUNK Anna Wintour on the cover? Pink streaks and nose ring? Heavenly. Punk! A huge thanks to those responsible for this mess.. ahem cover… ahem… whatnot!

Anna Wintour Punk NY Magazine cover

World’s Hottest Supermodel According To Vogue US June 2013: Kate Upton

That’s disputable, honestly. But if a fashion entity such as Vogue is claiming that not only they found the hottest model on Earth, but that she’s really the antithesis of everything and anything a model represented in our eyes previous to this cover! Kate Upton is clearly not your average girl-model. But then again, why should she be? We’re all different and diversity makes beauty.

Let’s dig deeper, though. What makes Kate Upton so different, so desirable and so ‘hot’ as to bring her on June’s cover of Vogue US as photographed by Testino before many girls/women whose curriculum goes way back in fashion and media in general? Could it be because her birthday is coming up, on June 10th? Nah, I have my birthday coming up in June and nobody asked me to be in Vogue! (modest much? wink) So: back to square one. Why Kate Upton? Why is she the American Dream Girl?

Kate Upton Vogue June 2013 cover

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Dior New Secret Ad Campaign Looks Poetic And Beautiful

Everyone knows: you just can’t sell if you’re not pushing your merchandise. And what better way to push it than through a spectacular advertising approach? Raf Simons has his special ways with the Christian Dior maison and I think it’s daylight clear by now that everybody loves his approach. It’s very fashion. Straight forward but very chic.

As such, his latest ‘Secret Garden’ ad project gathered a round 8-figures number of views and I’m guessing the following one, set for release on June 1st, will also break some youtube views barriers. Because everyone loves a good secret, everyone loves a good garden and everyone ‘adore’ Dior. The new ad looks like this:

Christian Dior Secret Garden 2 Ad campaign

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Lagerfeld’s History Lesson: Chanel Once Upon A Time Film

I was watching a documentary about Haute Couture made a couple of years ago when Galliano was still chez Dior. But Haute Couture doesn’t really change, does it? And the entire HC secret society or ‘club’ like they refer themselves to (long for Haute Couture customers) keep singing praise over praise about Karl Lagerfeld and his work. His fashion work.

But you know der Kaiser likes to touch a little bit of everything: photography, writing, directing. And his latest film in a never ending saga of Chanel B-series films is a very sensitive lesson about the history of Chanel. La maison. And Chanel, La Femme. Coco Chanel as played by Keira Knightley may have been the single interesting feature from the entire 15minutes+ ‘short’ film.

You can watch it after the jump. But please be indulgent and patient.

Kiera Knightley Chanel Once Upon a Time film

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Gogol Bordello Start Wearing Purple

How familiar are you with Gogol Bordello? It’s been more than 10 years since I’ve known them, listened to them and had fun playing along or dancing their tunes! But while most of their songs are madly deeply gypsy punkish, none stroke me quite like Start Wearing Purple.

It’s been more than 7 years since it has first hit the airwaves and keeps being played ever since with the same success – at least I keep on listening to it and enjoying it even more than I did in 2006 when it was first released.

Just for a short reference: Gogol Bordello hails from the heart of Manhattan and it has traveled the world continuously, sustaining their gypsy punk style through concert after concert, chaining festivals and live representations. I thought about this happy, unusual, chaotic, punk song today because I’m fully supporting the Lupus Awareness Day. Which comes with a loooot of purple! So: Start Wearing Purple, wearing Purple / Start wearing Purple for me now…! – right after the jump!

Gogol Bordello start wearing purple Lupus awareness

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Lara Stone Welcomes Baby Boy?

Although it hasn’t been officially confirmed, rumor has it that Lara Stone gave birth a couple of days ago. Just somewhere around the Met Gala… Because you know, a fashion baby just has to come at the right fashion moment!

There’s no word about the name yet, although I read somewhere that Lara’s husband, British comedian David Walliams wanted a ‘normal name’ for the baby, so chances are this baby, although I’m sure he’ll wear the most amazing fashion tidbits, will wear a lovely name just like his mom and dad. Oh, and yes, the only thing we know (technically, the only rumor flying around, but you know how much I love a good piece of pregnancy-baby-related news!) is that the happy couple welcomed a baby boy! I’m sure they won’t stop here and that they’ll be adding to their brood later down their happy marriage road! Blessings and quick recovery for the lovely mama! (thanks to the Dutch Vogue’s archives, here’s a good look at a normal-looking pregnant model!)

heavily pregnant Lara Stone

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