Gisele Bundchen Releasing First Song With H&M

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As you may remember it, Cara Delevingne is aiming at a musical career outside her fashion reign. With her latest dusty adventures, though, her fashion reign may as well be over – temporarily at least. Gisele Bundchen could very well claim back her crown and get the entire fashion population at her feet, in complete and utter admiration about her physical flawlessness and myriad of talents.

Among which we’re starting to discover her singing talents! In her spokesperson quality for H&M’s latest ad campaign (from which you’re seeing pictures below), Gisele was filmed in a backstage video singing her heart out. A cover nevertheless, but singing. Nicely and melodically. The Kinks’ ‘All Day and All of the Night’ is the tune, listen to Gisele’s rendition after the jump as well as the original version.

Gisele Bundchen singing for HM ad campaign

What kind of service does that render to the fashion campaign itself, it is beyond me at this point when only this tiny teaser was released. We can only speculate whether it was or not Gisele’s idea, however, Cara Delevingne’s blond ambitions at being really special and really gifted are slowly fading in importance.

fall 2013 fashion Gisele Bundchen HM campaign

So from this day on, we might be having a model wars on our hands as Gisele and Cara will go head to head when the catwalk and microphone are concerned.

Not to overlook Miss Delevingne’s latest adventures: she’s starring in one of Karl Lagerfeld’s fabulous short fashion movies with a plot yet unclear but with a stellar cast (Saskia De Brauw and Lady Amanda Harlech to name just two). It’s an Italian-themed movie for Fendi and Cara is looking all types of vulnerable and innocent-ish. It’s good to know she can play that part as well, right?

Cara Delevingne Saskia de Brauw new Fendi film

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