Robsten Sans Clothes: Pattinson In Dior Homme, Kristen In Balenciaga Florabotanica

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We’ve been waiting for this campaign to drop for so long now, it just feels like the new Brad Pitt for Chanel craze happening all over again. And it may be just that: Robert Pattinson, my dahlings, is the new Brad Pitt.

The Brad Pitt of the new generation. And since the original Brad Pitt fantastically erected like a legend among men and women equally just because of his jeans-behind in a movie about the so-called feminine emancipation, why wouldn’t Robert Pattinson be the epitome of the modern man after showing his victimized face and protective fangs in a movie about a vampire’s emancipation?

But back to Dior: Robert Pattinson is Dior Homme as you’ll see him perform after the jump, directed by Romain Gavras.

Robert Pattinson Dior Homme perfume ad campaign

Actually, watching Robert Pattinson explaining the project was a lot more laughable than I expected it to be. First: what an enterprise they make out of a fragrance! Just smelly bottled water costing a fortune per gallon and lifted to the rank of sheer art! Nobody’s buying the perfume because of the smell anyway! They’re only buying what they’re selling in that bottle: the idea! The concept!

Robert Pattinson Camilla Rowe Dior Homme commercial

And this concept is a bad loverboy. A true upgrade from Robert Pattinson latest undead adventure! Spicing up with some Led Zeppelin won’t change who he is and being directed by Romain Gavras (son of movie luminary Costa-Gavras) won’t turn him into the next Vincent Cassel. Until heartthRob here will prove his cinematic talents beyond the teen and tween target audience, I’ll just concentrate on the Dior Homme perfume commercial as we’ve seen it today.

His on-screen partner in fun is Camille Rowe, a French model whose life changed forever when she joined Robert in this campaign. She hadn’t made it further than Elle, H&M or Gap campaigns but now joins the haute fashion playground with Dior’s campaign. Photographed by Nan Goldin, the overall black and white aesthetic and rebellious attitude is the flavor of the season while Mr. Pattinson, although still linked to his Twilight partner, Kristen Stewart, seems to want to evolve cinematographically.

Robert Pattinson Dior Homme scenes

As far as I’m concerned (biensur, I’m not the targeted demographic), this ad doesn’t do much in terms of reshaping Robert Pattinson’s career image! Oh, and Kristen Stewart is back at her Balenciaga Florabotanica game, this time however, sans Ghesquiere, she had to work a little harder to impress Alexander Wang and so she took off her clothes to make the ads work.

Dior Homme perfume 2013 ad campaign

Let the perfume ads games begin and may the smell be ever in your favor! (oh, wait, that’s from another movie… wink)

Kristen Stewart Florabotanica Balenciaga 2013 campaign

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#1 Mycha on 09.04.13 at 10:56 pm

Well… You now that effect when You watch something and music in the background’s creating electrifying atmsphere? Yup, that’s how Dior Homme ad felt to me. And as much as I don’t squeal and shout at mer sight of Mr. Pattison, I did enjoy watching his version of bad boy… thanks to Led Zepplin :). But why do I feel now that Dior Homme fragrance is gona be the best birthday gift for my man is beyond me ;)

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