Pharrell Williams Reccomends You Wear His Moncler Sunglasses

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Why? No reason! Just because you were singing Pharrell songs all summer long so maybe you’d want to keep that vision with you for the cold months? Nah, just kidding. You remember Pharrell was involved with Moncler before and he put his sell-all name on a vest – well, now it’s time to amp up the fashion game and wear some Pharrell Moncler sunglasses.

Because in the end, it’s not about how the perfume smells, how a jacket looks like or how a pair of sunglasses protect you from the potentially damaging sunrays. It’s about the concept (after the jump, a picture from Moncler’s Fall Winter 2013 2014 ad campaign to give you a full grasp on Moncler’s conceptualization of fashion). And Pharrell is always maker and protector of hits. Of all kinds. In any combination. He is, truly, what he describes himself to be: an artist.

Pharrell Williams sunglasses for Moncler

And artists can sell you anything. For they are masters of their domains. It wouldn’t surprise me the least to see goggles walking down the streets away from the slopes just because Pharrell designed them!

Moncler sunglasses by Pharrell

Aside from the fact that he’ll be personally modeling the collection which addresses both men and women and that the designs premiere at the end of September this year, there’s little information out there to satisfy our curiosity and fashion thirst. But that’s ok, we all know and agree upon the fact that Pharrell is a hit maker. So we have no doubts that his design skills and the ‘Futurism and ‘50s’ blend will smoke those sunglasses out of all Moncler’s shelves, worldwide.

Pharrell Williams sunglasses Moncler

Moncler Fall 2013 ad campaign

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