Feeling Too Pretty Today? How About Quitting Your Job?

Or write a book. Like Laura Fernee here who just felt too pretty to go to work! When I first read the titles my eyes jumped out of place and though of yet another bubble-head bombshell blonde who sits on her hyper tanned behind all day waiting for the right Vogue cover to come along (but will take Hugh Hefner’s offer any day in the mean time). But no. I was wrong. Laura Fernee is a smart Londoner who just felt too harassed by both male and female co-workers to be able to continue working alongside them.

So she just quit her job (scientific medical research, mind you) for about two years now and just lives on her parents’ income simply because, she said, she’s too pretty to work!

Laura Fernee the girl who feels too pretty to work

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Dare To Wear The Sloth Rings?

I’ve been piling up coffees these couple of days as I felt like such a sleepyhead, I couldn’t get halfway through the day without at least two serious cups of coffee. All things sleepy catch my attention and I feel unusually drawn to anything lounge-y, loungewear, lounge-ish. I would practically lie all day in the sun like a lizard. But then I would miss out on so much fun! Like the sleeping sloths here!

I mean… hugging, sleeping sloths on our fingers? I dream of being a cute sleeping sloth right now. And I would definitely wear one of the sleeping sloths rings on my fingers right now. No! I’d actually wear all 10, each hugging and sleepingly cuddling on a finger. Yaaawn. Don’t they just look… sleepy? And cute? And just all kinds of adorable?

cute lazy sloth rings

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New It Jeans: Slouchy Stiletto Jeans As Worn By SJP

Sarah Jessica Parker has been known for starting a trend or two since her SATC days. Just the other day I was putting together an outfit with a fancy black skirt perfect for a waltzing fancy ball night matched with a perfectly sport-ish gray tee. If that isn’t Carrie inspired, you tell me (remember that tutu t-shirt combo she used to wear?).

Well, it seems that the latest trend inspired by SJP and her off-duty looks is a slouchy boyfriend skinny jeans all scrunched up to ease up her movements! It could home in handy in Oklahoma right now with the floods and all, but for everyday walks? Hmm.. What say you?

They come from Current/Elliott no less, and they’re currently sold out pretty much everywhere which is something, given their appx $300 price tag. But what’s money when you’d be wearing something Carrie is wearing? While everybody else is rolling up their jeans, scrunch them up, you know better! (wink)

new it jeans SJP Current Elliott slouchy skinny jeans

Kristen Wiig Is Spectacular In Harper’s Bazaar

After she went on her SNL hiatus, Kristen Wiig started to be really something of an enigma. Because, although she co-wrote the hugely successful Bridesmaids, she refused to make a sequel for it and she then co-presented at the Golden Globes and had lots of fun while improvising her presentation, in a very girly manner. A very Bridesmaids manner. A girly girl. One you’d want as your girl-friend.

Because she’s awesome and freaky, and awesomely funny and freakingly normal. And this pictorial, signed by Paola Kudaki for Harper’s Bazaar (the one with gorgeous Christy on the cover) is showing us just how awesome and freakingly beautiful Kristen Wiig really is! Her versatility blows my mind every time and although it’s not completely clear to me if she’s taking back her old SNL functions or if it was just a one night stand, I can’t wait for her to explore more cinematographic creativity other than animations (she voiced for How to Train Your Dragon and Despicable Me) and crazy stunts/sketches!

Kristen Wiig spectacular in Harper s Bazaar

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Easy Quick DIY Bow Tutorial (Images)

You know me well by now and you know I’m a simple girl with simple pleasures. And one of them always takes the shape of a bow. Bow me a headband, bow me a belt, bow me a fabric print, bow me a ring, bow me a bag, bows make me happy. And I imagine they make other’s delight as well, so here’s why I thought this find was amazing not just for me and I tweaked it into a short visual how to.

Because a gift is always a good idea. And a bow topping a gift wrap is like the icing on the cake. Yes, it may get torn and tossed away, but the initial feeling, the initial sighting is unparalleled! You can make one from paper, felt, leather, cardboard or any other type of material you think fits the profile.

The original idea and the pictures belong to the lovely and creative Jessica Jones from How About Orange and she deserves all and every credit for introducing this magic paper bow into our lives! I just tweaked the pictures and assembled them together, added a watermark pointing towards Jessica’s original website. I hope you enjoyed my modest DIY contribution to your day. Don’t forget, though: a bow always makes everything special!

easy DIY paper bow tutorial

Drink Tea Like Gatsby With Tiffany $34,550 Silver Tea Set!

I’m really an avid tea drinker. I love to drink my tea hot, even during the summer season (weird? Could be, as I’m also enjoying home-made ice tea as well but I’d rather have my tea on the hot side). As such, when our dear friend, Ellington, sent me a link to Tiffany’s Gatsby inspired jewelry collection, my eyes saw the sparkle of the tea set instead of the precious gems and cascading chained metals and beads.

And in good reason as while a bracelet costs $10,500 (I’m just citing one of the many prices, don’t be alarmed, they’re not all 5-figured tagged!) and the fancy tea set costs $34,550. Sterling silver, Arts&Crafts inspired, this set really is as iconic as the brand and the architectural inspiration it was spawned to remind of.

Gatsby inspired Tea Set Tiffany

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Anja Rubik Replacing Kate Moss In YSL Parisienne Perfume Ad

Although wearing perfume during the very hot summer days, the season seems to be the perfect time to launch a new fragrance. Or an old one’s new ad campaign. After Givenchy and Calvin Klein, here’s another major ad campaign keeping fashion people busy with all that style talk, talk, talk!

Anja Rubik replacing Kate Moss as Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne Perfume girl. Good or bad, it’s for us to judge and for the beauty counters to sell out. Kate Moss is not one to run on empty (of fashion contracts, that is) and I’m certain her portfolio is already full as she’s been reportedly posing for L’Oreal Kerastase.

Anja Rubik new Parisienne YSL ad campaign

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Blake Lively Cooks: Elettra’s Goodness

There’s a new fashion in fashion. (did that came out odd? But it’s true, believe me!) Remember that foodie magazine with Karlie Kloss on the cover? Or Jourdan Dunn cooking in some video episode? Catwalk is getting closer to the kitchen, one show at the time!

Vogue’s latest ‘doing’ is a series called ‘Elettra’s Goodness’ where the famous Elettra Rosellini Wiedemann, famous for being the daughter of Isabella Rossellini more than for her own modeling career, is cooking or more specifically chatting with other people while they’re cooking. A nice, chatty talk around the stove with all kinds of personalities. In this case, Blake Lively.

Blake Lively cooks with Elettra Wiedemann

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