Easy DIY Christmas Sweater

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I just love a good easy do-it-yourself! Especially this season, there’s good reason to wear something festive every day!

Most of the time, I treasure the safety of a neutral outfit and the comfort of a monochromatic ensemble. However, color has entered my life during the dreary pandemic days – it brightened up the lockdown! Since then, every time I feel my energy starting to dip, I summon the powers of the rainbow to fashion me up! December is the perfect month to wear the entire rainbow and get away with it! (continue reading after the jump!)

easy christmas sweater diy

Somewhere in my crammed-up wardrobe, I found this season-appropriate sweater I bought from a vintage store (similar here). It was just the perfect green and the perfect knit point for this project!

easy diy christmas tassel sweater

I quickly stormed to the nearest craft counter and came across a tassel ribbon matching the sweater – joking! – this kind of Christmas garland ribbon matches any sweater, any blouse, any t-shirt, any-thing, in short! You don’t even need needle skills to put this diy together!

christmas sweater tassels how to diy

All you need is a pair of scissors to cut the tassels from the ribbon base and then knot them in the sweater. And you’re pretty much done! Your Christmas Sweater is ready to bring some rainbow magic everywhere you go!

how to diy tassel sweater

And you know what? It doesn’t even have to be Christmas-associated! This sweater is a joy to wear any season, any –where! It can even be re-done and re-cycled should the tassels feel too much at some point!

diy christmas sweater knotted tassels

Just take them down and decorate the sweater with your newest DIY idea! Maybe I will even do that at some point in the future! Stick around, my DIY category is like a box of chocolate – you never know what you’re gonna get next!

easy diy christmas colorful sweater

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