Long Live The New Kate Moss (Interview Germany May 2013)

The proverbial ink hasn’t dried completely on the proverbial paper after yesterday’s Cara story and here we are at it again… Cara Delevingne’s super-status in the modeling world seems to grow with each passing cover, with each passing pictorial, with each passing day. Interview Germany is asking straight from their May 2013 issue cover if this is the next Kate Moss.

Because the fashion world is so innovative and original that a single Kate Moss is not enough. And because she’s so yesterday (Kate), we need a new Kate Moss. And so here’s another British model who happens to have lovely features and skinny frame, chain smokes and meteorically rises on the gold sky of fame. So she must be the next Kate Moss. Right? Or at least a decent pretext for a new issue’s cover (as photographed, again, by Peter Lindbergh). What would you answer to this ‘next Kate Moss’ question about Cara? Is she or isn’t she? (you already know how I feel, I repeatedly stated that Cara’s charms leave me indifferent… although this cover is lovely – wink)

new Kate Moss Interview Germany Cara Delevingne

The Fast & Furious Wear G By Guess

Finally! A collaboration that shows the real worth of both parties! G by Guess has partnered up with Universal for a special fashion project. A 15 piece collection for both men and women inspired by the clothes wore in the Fast & Furious series.

The new installment of the Fast franchise – Fast & Furious 6 hits movie theaters May 24th while the clothes will be available 10 days earlier in G by Guess stores. Jackets, graphic tees and tank tops, a tank dress, sunglasses, a cap and a watch, all the items from the Fast 6 collection are reportedly priced between $19.50 and $129.50. Maybe not exactly what the stars of the movies (Vin Diesel, Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez and so far) would wear, but the fast & furious youngsters will definitely appreciate wearing mainstream clothing with easily identifiable logos and affordable price tags. Because, as we all know, Guess is a really underground label. Just as rebel and off-grid as rock stars wearing bubblegum pink.

Fast and Furious 6 wardrobe G by Guess

Cara Delevingne And Tom Hiddleston Couple Up In Vogue

Being such a cinematic issue, it’s not that surprising to see Cara Delevingne and Tom Hiddleston play a couple for Peter Lindbergh’s lenses in the May 2013 issue of Vogue US.

Not the chemistry they’re trying to convince us there is, as Cara always looks detached and over-precious and this is no exception, but a rather interesting pairing as Tom is known as a little mischief himself, pretty much like Miss Delevingne here. Take Two is the name of the pictorial, styled by Tonne Goodman and the two models/actors try to make us believe in a romance between takes that’s more interesting from individual perspectives and not as a twosome.

Cara Delevingne Tom Hiddleston coupled up in Vogue

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Miranda Kerr, An Angel No More: Official!

Rumors were flying back and forth about Miranda Kerr and her involvement with Victoria’s Secret. And those particular rumors were insinuating that Miranda is being dumped from the Angels cloud.

Whether that’s true or more like Miranda isn’t willing to climb the Angels cloud anymore, we might never find out. But come this year, Miranda Kerr is – officially – not associated with Victoria’s Secret Angels anymore. At least not like she used to. Because, as she’s turning 30 (this Saturday, April 20th), Miranda wants to concentrate more on what she’s passionate about. And she seems to be passionate about a lot of things, taking up a lot of her time. Between that, some advertising contracts and her family, there wasn’t enough room for the VS skimpy Angel costumes.

Miranda Kerr angel days are over

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The Great Gatsby (Leonardo Di Caprio) In Esquire, May 2013

Naturally, after talking about Daisy Buchanan who’s totally taking over Carey Mulligan in her Vogue pictorial, bringing the Great Gatsby in the scene doesn’t look odd or out of place. So here he is: in all his theatrical splendor, Leonardo di Caprio as Gatsby in Baz Luhrmann’s new twist on the old classic. In 3D.

When did Leo grew up anyway? The good people from Esquire (aka Tom Junod, who wrote the piece about him for the May 2013 issue of the magazine) would put it all on a crack. On a neck crack. A loud and insignificant crack that would give you at least a good hundred characters from a mandatory length of a magazine cover story.

Leonardo di Caprio Great Gatsby Esquire May 2013 cover

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Katy Perry And GHD Straight To Court

I was just sitting back, thinking about what other artist, musical personality, biensur, could perform in Hedi Slimane’s Saint Laurent Paris campaigns… And this news tidbit came into mind, something I read the other day about Katy Perry!

What? So what if Hedi Slimane would bring Katy on board of the SLP democratization boat? She’s not rock enough, you say? Pff, neither is the Daft Punk duo, mind you! And if we’re to stick to the mask-criteria, Katy Perry sure wore a lot of masks. In her hair! Oh, you’re not considering wigs as masks? think again (wink)…

Without further thinking (who knows what mindfreaking conclusions we might come up with!), here’s what happened: Katy Perry had an advertising contract with ghd, as she was representing for the UK based ‘Good Hair Day’ company (click through to read the unexpected development of their collaboration).

Katy Perry straightens her hair with ghd no more

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Masked Fashion: Daft Punk In Saint Laurent Campaign

Hedi Slimane really goes for universal appeal with his new musical ad campaign. Well. Sort of. Musical. Because he’s using so many personalities from the musical stages of the world, Saint Laurent’s creative is aiming at global appreciation and recognition. In short: global branding. Translates in global currency.

The French electro pop duo known as Daft Punk is the latest in Hedi’s long list of entertainers/advocates for the French legendary Fashion Maison. Something in wearing a mask and black clothes with shiny sequins appeals to every stylish individual out there. Biensur!

Daft Punk Saint Laurent ad campaign

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Daisy Buchanan (Carey Mulligan) Bringing Gatsby In Vogue US May 2013

I really wanted to talk about the May 2013 issue of Vogue Paris before I struck the Gatsby chord in Vogue US May 2013. Because Baz Luhrmann’s outstanding cinematography brings Gatsby back on our big screens. And Cannes is where they’ll show it for the very first time, in a month from now.

Everybody is putting it all in this new mega Hollywood production, like the magic and the sparkle of Gatsby’s extravaganza will breathe new life and glamour into anything and everything. With a soundtrack produced by Jay Z and Leonardo diCaprio as the male leading star, Miuccia Prada costumes, a year long of postproduction and montage, the new Great Gatsby is full of promises.

And so is Carey Mulligan, the new Vogue US cover darling as photographed by Mario Testino: with every new movie, Carey delivers more and more from what seems to be an endless repertoire. She’s like a very gifted chameleon who just turned into a daisy. Into the Daisy! Daisy Buchanan, my dahlings, looking back at you from the newsstands!

Gatsby s Daisy Carey Mulligan Vogue May 2013 cover

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