Emma Watson Out Of Control In GQ Magazine UK May 2013

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Soooo: Emma Watson, huh? In GQ! I never thought I’d see that! But Emma is all grown-up now, she’ll be 23 in two weeks time (April 15th, to be more specific) and this must be some twisted Birthday present…

The cover title reads ‘Out of Control’ and as I’m having a hard time imagining Emma Watson behaving erratically and brainlessly, I have high hopes that her inside GQ pictorial won’t be just that – brainless and hectic, laying it all on Emma Watson’s Harry Potter fame to do the marketing trick.

There’s no further information (yet) about this cover, about the photographer, stylist or whatever story they made up to accompany the pictures. Let’s just all hope for the best and keep an eye on the British GQ!

Emma Watson out of control UK GQ magazine

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