3 Major Fashion Social Media Accounts You Need To Follow!

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If you already have a social media account – two, three – you know what I’m talking about when I say that moderation is advised for a healthy handling of the social situation. And just before you got into new social grounds, a quick, shameless reminder of your must-follow fashion accounts: Stylefrizz on Instagram, Stylefrizz on Pinterest and Stylefrizz on Facebook.

Now: how can we ever keep it at a sane level when Anna Wintour has taken to Instagram to show her support for Vogue’s September issue? – are the sales so low that the grand Wintour had to lend a supporting hand? Isn’t Jennifer Lawrence Hollywood aura not enough to make a bestseller out of this September 2013 issue? You see, a lot of question sparkle from just a simple photo! Like my Adored Husband says: ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ or questions in our case…

Either way, this was published on Vogue Magazine’s Instagram account in a challenge-sort-of-initiative to get everyone showing how they read their Vogue’s #TheSeptemberIssue…

Must Follow Instagram Twitter this week

But there’s more: do you know who took us by complete surprise and joined Twitter? Prince! Yep, although I distinctively remember that he wasn’t into this type of social media madness, Prince joined the tweetranks. Because he can. (there was another account associated with his Purpleness previous to this 3eyesomething he’s allegedly handling personally, namely @PrinceTweets2U. Forget about it. 3 is the thing right now, so @3rdeyegirl is the follow button you’ll want to push for a continually ‘explosion of awesome’. – I’m waiting for his Instagram account to drop any day now – crossing fingers!)

Anna Wintour Instagram challenge TheSeptemberIssue

Drew Barrymore also joined Twitter. However, this comes right after her new InStyle magazine cover dropped and also just a few months after she announced her beauty company launch. So it’s not really all that out-of-the-blue and unexpected like Prince’s Tweet-move… But we do welcome Drew to the tweetverse and wish she’ll have a fructuous, extensive journey!

Drew Barrymore InStyle September 2013 issue cover

In non-social media related news – sort of – I’ll like to wrap this social media update with a song. Not your everyday song, not even your favorite song, but more like your unexpected song. Just as unexpected as all the above: Cara Delevingne singing. A Duet with Will Heard, whom she knows since they were 14 or 15. The song, ‘Sonnetanz (Sun Don’t Shine)’ reveals a pretty talented Cara who might just be right about her singing ambitions (this still is social-media-relevant as Cara’s star power is lending a serious helping hand to the promotion of this new tune).

Cara Delevingne video song duet

And either way, the door to her fashion kingdom seems to be under powder (ar)rest momentarily, so might as well go ahead and get the mic! Press play and let the unexpected flow in!

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