What Nail Polish For Fall: Burberry Oxblood Red Or Chanel Elixir Pink?

Carefully planning our Fall beauty references from this on as we officially mark the end of the summer with today’s Labor Day (also harmoniously blending together my passion for all things nails), I thought I’d let you know about this fall’s most sought-after fashion nail polishes!

As we’ve been already accustomed, season after the season, Chanel sets the tone for it-nail polishes and this fall it’s about blue, rose and black. Burberry, on the other hand, is completing its English charm palette with a gorgeous deep red polish they aptly named ‘Oxblood’. Somewhere at the intersection of Chanel’s fall polish trifecta and Burberry’s Oxblood red polish lays the upcoming season’s beauty equilibrium.

Fashion nail polish Chanel and Burberry

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Casual Star Style: Chloe Sevigny White Shoes, Total Denim Look

Today we’ll be briefly talking about Miss Indie Queen Chloe Sevigny, she who is so cool that she’s designing her own clothes thus chaining collections for Opening Ceremony season after season.

Clearly her style&panache target a special segment of the fashion population formerly known as hipsters who are highly mindful about what&where they’re shopping and less careful about how they’re wearing it. The proof below with Chloe Sevigny who was recently seen out and about in a casual denim on denim look finished with a pair of Opening Ceremony white Grunge Oxfords (priced at $390) worn with white socks.

After the jump, you’ll see a casual outfit inspired by Chloe Sevigny that you can either finish in fancy oxfords like miss fashionista here or in flatform sneakers. Your choice!

Chloe Sevigny casual denim look white shoes

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Formal Star Style: Sandra Bullock’s Alex Perry Bright Dress

It’s been a while since we last talked about Sandra Bullock so it’s about time we made up for that with a peak at Sandy’s wardrobe!

Color blocking outfits have been around for ages but in the past two years, there’s been a serious frenzy of color block looks: either in two-pieces combinations or blended into a single statement bright item to wear all summer long. The latter goes for Sandra Bullock here who made a sunny appearance at the 2013 Venice Film Festival in Italy for Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity movie (in which she’s costarring with George Clooney) in a bright Alex Perry tangerine pink dress. (more after the jump!)

bright summer outfit Sandra Bullock Alex Perry dress Venice

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Carine Roitfeld Is Mademoiselle C In Her Own Movie!

Did you know that Carine Roitfeld has her own movie-like documentary? An entire film about Carine Roitfeld and her fashion adventures. From her iconic Vogue Paris era to her CR Fashion Book days. I was really surprised by this move. The September Issue, anyone? Except it’s bigger. Better. And French. (wink)

Except… there’s something fishy here: not only does this new fashion film center around Carine’s life as a fashion magazine editor and fashion stylist but also around her life as a mother, grandmother, career woman and woman, in short. That hasn’t been done in the September Issue. Because Anna Wintour is a real professional and doesn’t expect nor desire that her personal private life to become public. Especially in fashion, where everyone is so judgmental.

Carine is a player. A high fashion teaser. Her fashion performance resembles so much to Miley’s VMAs act that I can hardly contain my amazement at the thought that nobody raised any eyebrows about Carine’s teasing until now. Not like they do with young Miley there…

Carine Roitfeld movie Mademoiselle C

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Casual Star Style: Gwen Stefani Dr Martens Boots, Converse Sneakers

Beyond the obvious self branding that a celebrity practices incessantly, we’re always curious to see what our famous ones are wearing. Because, you know, they’re coveted by so many brands, they have endless possibilities and affordability so what they wear must be good, right?

I’m not one to dress like the famous ones because I do like my own personal style to remain my own, but I do keep some references in mind when I’m considering this or that look, this or that brand. I know you must have read the title already (duh!) but try and pretend you haven’t: when you say ‘Gwen Stefani’s shoes’ what comes to mind?
(for me it’s edgy, unusual with a rock’n’roll twist, definitely wedges and very high platform heels)

Gwen Stefani casual shoes Dr Martens Converse

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2013 MTV VMAs Dresses And Controversy

I guess there’s no more MTV Video Music Awards if there’s not a controversy to fuel the fame monster (wink) for days on end. While Kanye West was struck by the fatherhood epiphany and he feels remorseful about his VMAs stage antics with Taylor Swift, Imma take this further and remind you all that if you sweet teens and tweens were watching the awards ceremony, chances are they pinpoint the rubbing against a man’s crotch as the must perform dance move. In any dancing occasion.

That’s only part of the controversy. But what did you honestly expect when you have Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga attending the same show, on the same stage? Before getting to the stage, though, the 2013 MTV VMAs Red Carpet is teaching us that leg slit is the new black. Angelina Jolie had no idea what she was starting with her mythical Versace leg slit at the 2012 Oscars.

Katy Perry in custom Emanuel Ungaro, Rita Ora (in Alex Vauthier), Selena Gomez (in Versace), Ellie Goulding were all wearing leg slits for the occasion. Lady Gaga (in custom Prabal Gurung), Jennifer Hudson (in Dior), Taylor Swift (in Herve Leger) on the other hand, were surprisingly dressed up and well… too decent for what was coming up next…

2013 MTV VMAs Red Carpet dresses trend

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How To Meet Anna Wintour

If meeting Anna Wintour and touring the very HQ of Vogue US is the dream of your entire fashion life, then this is your chance! There’s a special auction, estimated at $30,000 ending at 12pm EST, Monday August 26 for a high profile fashion package.

2 lucky people will get to sit down and talk to Anna Wintour at the NY offices of the American Vogue. They’d also get 2 NY Fashion Week tickets and a $2,500 shopping spree at Oscar de la Renta! Wait, there’s more! 3 Irene Neuwirth yellow gold&diamonds rings, a day at the John Barrett NY Salon for one person (hair&nails) and a bag from Ralph Lauren. I’m so excited, I’m drooling glitter!

The current bid, at one day before the auction’s end is $7,500. Should you enter the right amount, you’ll get all the honors above. 7 bidders have so far joined the auction and, most probably, one of them will get to meet the grand Anna Wintour in person and all the other advantages of this special fashion auction lot. Fancy some fashion bidding? (in case you do, here’s where you need to place your fashionable bid!)

special fashion week auction

Dreamgirls Jennifer Hudson Is Princess Tiana In New Disney Dream Portrait

This year, Disney released a new portrait in their series of Disney Dream Portraits, masterfully executed by Annie Leibovitz, as always. Starring Princess Tiana is the very talented Jennifer Hudson.

You may or may not remember but Tiana, although Disney’s 9th Princess, is the first African American Princess in their portfolio so far. Before settling for Anika Noni Rose, the producers have auditioned Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce Knowles (even Tyra Banks). Also a singer and an actress, Rose has co-starred with Hudson and Beyonce in Dreamgirls. But despite of her high profile colleagues having auditioned for Tiana, Anika Noni Rose got to voice the legendary Princess kissing the Frog.

What intrigues me now, upon seeing Disney new Dream Portrait, is that not Anika Noni Rose is Tiana but Jennifer Hudson. Isn’t it surprising… a little bit? (wait, there’s more! Hit the jump!)

Disney Dream Portraits Jennifer Hudson Tiana

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