Prestige For Two: No Blurred Lines Between Thicke, Wife Paula Patton

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If you have not danced to Robin Thicke and Pharrell hit song this summer, then you must have something against dancing. If you haven’t heard Blurred Lines on the radio or seen it on the TV this summer then you must be having something against turning on your radio or watching music on TV. Because Blurred Lines was everywhere this summer! And I mean literally everywhere!

Came fall, nothing really changed as Miley Cyrus chose to do Blurred Lines her own way at MTV’s Video Music Awards, setting everyone on fire about her behavior and Robin Thicke’s song (incidentally generating over 350k tweets per second). Again! So really, in all justice, it makes one ask about how Thicke’s wife is taking all this. But Paula Patton is pretty serene and supportive about her husband’s music/work. And here they are, doing their first magazine cover as a couple: Prestige.

Prestige for Blurred Lines Thicke wife Paula Patton

Have you seen Paula’s film this summer? She costarred alongside Denzel Washington and Mark Walhberg in 2 Guns. A wonderful, oldschool fashioned action movie I loved through and through. Funny, fast, smart and just. And with Denzel! What more could you ask from a summer blockbuster? So you see, not only Robin Thicke was busy this summer but his wife also! Paula’s acting was lusciously splendid as usual and you can see from the pages of Prestige just how magnetic she can be!

Thicke wife Paula Patton Prestige Magazine

But if we’re to believe their interview, everything they do, they do together, Robin and Paula. And that for over 8 years since they’ve been married (they’re together for almost 20 years, since highschool). So it’s really a team work. A couple. Which they seem to put on display even at the launch of Thicke’s album when Paula was wearing a perfectly fitted tangerine dress. Flattering both her complexion and her frame, Paula accessorized her Stella McCartney cut-out dress with heavy golden Erickson Beamon bracelets stacked on her right arm as her left was already taken by Thicke (wink).

stretch cocktail dress Paula Patton tangerine Stella McCartney

Celebrating the power women have on men – that’s Thicke’s Blurred Lines. Celebrating real women and the powerful magic their real beauty has on men – that’s Paula Patton’s Prestige! I wanted to write about this story because it helps me introduce 2 Guns as a must-watch recommendation from yours truly. Secondly – because of Paula Patton whom I like very much and think represents gorgeously for the real women out there who can be – as her husband puts it ‘my rock, my muse, my inspiration and I love her. The whole way…’

Kind of puts Blurred Lines in another perspective, huh?

Paula Patton husband Robin Thicke Prestige magazine pictorial

But like I said when talking about Emma Watson’s GQ magazine feature: let’s concentrate on the clothes. Namely on the Gucci, Lanvin and Michael Cinco Couture dresses Paula is wearing in the Prestige photo shoot.

Although my favorite, and by far the most impressive dress in the pictorial is the Michael Cinco Couture sparkling dress. But Lanvin’s black dress from the Fall 2013 collection is also charming, especially fitted for the back to black trend we talked about.

lovely LBD Paula Patton Prestige Magazine

The black Gucci dress, full of drama and panache is also part of the back to black evening wear trends we signaled. All in all, from the catwalk in the pages of a magazine, fancy clothes look just gorgeously on a real woman’s body, don’t they? (images starpix, styledotcom)

fantastic evening dress Paula Patton Gucci Prestige

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