15 Must Have Items From Kate Moss Topshop 2014 Collection

A new Topshop collection designed in collaboration with Kate Moss is clearly any fashionista’s dream. Out of the many items presented, I narrowed down a selection of 15 pieces I would love to personally own and wear in more than one occasions!

This year’s collection seems to have more glamour than any other previous collaboration between the giant fashion retailer and the legendary British model. Many festival outfits can be mixed from the handful of design as I’m certain the Topshop team, Kate and well respected stylists and trendsetters were consulted in the early staging of the production. Ready? Let’s see what I’d want and then scroll down for all the pieces of the 2014 Topshop Kate Moss puzzle!

Kate Moss Topshop collection 2014 preview

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Black Beauties In 2014 Fashion Ads: Lupita Nyong’O, Zoe Saldana, Joan Smalls

The names you need to remember so you can follow their faces – you’ll be seeing more and more of these beautiful ladies around: Lupita N’Yongo, Zoe Saldana and Joan Smalls!

Year after year, the fashion industry (and any entertainment industry) is struggling with ethnicity. How hard it is to have a diverse representation of reality on the small screen, in social media and any other conventional field is no secret. Just days ago, Vogue UK wrapped up the 2014 edition of their ‘Vogue Festival’ where Naomi Campbell and Vogue Italia’s editor in chief Franca Sozzani made yet another call for diversity in fashion. So many efforts, so many people ask for diversity and yet, in 2014 we only have 3 black beauties fronting fashion/beauty campaigns!

black beauties in 2014 fashion advertising

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10 Fashion Items Identified In Captain America, The Winter Soldier

It’s time for another Films Fashion episode! Much like many of you, we contributed to the box-office success of Captain America this weekend. An action-packed superheroes-packed movie inspired by the many Marvel characters. It’s the second movie about and around Captain America, this time introducing The Winter Soldier as well.

The good Cap is fighting with friends at his side (Fury, The Black Widow and The Falcon) and he gets to save the world. Again. But doing so, requires not only special training (didn’t you notice that all those who save the world are proficient in some kind of martial arts?) but also special costumes. Judianna Makovsky is the head of Costumes department for Captain America, The Winter Soldier.

Captain America the Winter Soldier identified items

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How To Wear The Season’s Hot Trends: Noah’s Jennifer Connelly Black Suit

It has always been a part of our lives, timeless and classy, but the tailored pantsuit is making a strong fashion statement this year. From the Red Carpet to casual, smart wear, you don’t need a formal pretext to get your tailored pantsuit out of the closet!

We last talked about all all-white outfit for this season’s hot trends and now it’s time to join the dark side of fashion with Jennifer Connelly in black Saint Laurent outfit (head to toes). Starring in Noah gained her a lot of attention (controversy as well) and she was recently photographed alongside her daughter on a casual sunny day: Jennifer Connelly was stunning in a black pantsuit!

Jennifer Connelly wearing Saint Laurent suit

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Dare To Wear Feathered Jewelry By SpiritTribe?

As we entered the month of April, the countdown to Coachella is officially on as the ultra-hyped festival taking place in Indio California (USA) kickstarts its 2014 edition on April 11 (OutKast, Muse and Arcade Fire are just a few of the main attractions) For Europe, its most famed festival is still ol’ Glastonbury which kicks off in June. But that’s just the beginning!

More and more music festivals sprout as the summer approaches and the first fashion rule of Music Festivals is that there is no fashion rule! Hippie, boho, rock, punk and so much more can be seen together, enjoying live music and outdoors summer fun. My style falls at the intersection of gypsy hippie and boho, especially for summer festivals! Thus, The SpiritTribe jewelry seem the perfect way to accessorize my festival looks!

festival jewelry inspiration SpiritTribe

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Leo DiCaprio’s Girlfriend, Toni Garrn New Haircut For Vogue Paris

Spring is here and much like the renewing nature around us, we might consider a new haircut (hairstyle and haircolor might be thrown in the change game as well). The bob still reigns supreme in the it haircuts top as Vogue Paris follow in the footsteps of US Vogue with yet another Victoria’s Secret model going for the chop. Live! (people get so tired of reality tv, now they want reality magazines even for fashion updates!)

Remember when Karlie Kloss new hair got no less than 6 pages in the US Vogue January 2013 issue? Well, here’s Toni Garrn who got a handful of photos in a messy bob pictorial for Vogue Paris April 2014.

Toni Garrn new haircut Vogue before after

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How To Wear The Season’s Hot Trends: Rihanna White Lace Outfit

Lace must be in your wardrobe this season! White is de rigueur for the hot season anyway, so you just need to make it sheer. Add some lace sneakers or flat laced shoes and you’ve got yourself a straight-out-of-the-catwalk look – remember Dior and Chanel Haute Couture?

Fashion shows are just the starting point for the wardrobe inspiration we thrive on season after season. Lately, I found that street style is sometimes a stronger input for style ideas and such is the case with Rihanna who was recently spotted in an all-white outfit (save for singular color splash you can easily notice underneath her see-through lace skirt).

Rihanna white outfit lace skirt Simone Rocha lace oxfords Givenchy Dior bag

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Vogue Festival Wraps Up With Kate Moss Vogue UK May 2014 Cover

This weekend, London was the place to be for the fashion population as the Vogue Festival returned for a third edition with models, designers, photographers and entrepreneurs.

Fashion ateliers took place for two days in London’s Southbank Centre and hot out the festival’s closing doors is the British Vogue’s May 2014 issue. Who’s on the cover? Kate Moss, biensur! What’s the main tagline? ‘The Great British Model Takeover’ isn’t it the perfect way to pin fashion’s capital ambassadors by betting it all safely and cozily on Kate Moss?

Freja Beha Erichsen styled by Kate Moss Vogue UK May 2014

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