5 Cute Flats You Won’t Resist!

After a long time in thigh high boots or bulky winter shoes, our feet long for whimsy flats looking like they’re barely there! Just to prepare ourselves for the gorgeous sandals of summer!

Melissa, the famous brand of Brazilian plastic shoes has something special for us this Spring: a new collection of Melissa Ultragirl flats with Liberty Art Fabrics! You know those impossibly cute prints made in the UK? Well, since 1875 onward, Liberty keeps on designing more and more beautiful models to enchant out eyes and step up our fashion game!

flats you ll love for spring summer

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How To Wear The Season’s Trends: Jennifer Connelly’s Sundace Vuitton 70s Outfit

Movies and fashion – two of my the topics you’ll see a lot of proverbial ink flowing on Stylefrizz! Blending them together is something I try to do as often as possible!

Jennifer Connelly has been a pretext for me to do that once before, if you remember we discussed her tuxedo a while back? Now I can’t do otherwise but talk about Jennifer Connelly’s outfit once more as she’s yet showing us how to wear the season’s hottest trend: The Seventies with a full Louis Vuitton head-to-toes ensemble!

2015 fashion trends seventies revival

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3 Celebrity Spring Fashion Trends We Can Actually Follow!

Sifting through trends and styles, keeping an eye out for the beautiful and famous ones, let’s see the first trends forecast for 2015! If you want to make a style statement this spring, you’ll need a pair of kitten heels shoes, pajama-like pants and make it all blush pink, the onesie type de preference!

And I’m not saying that just to send you on a shopping spree – you don’t need a pretext to do that – I’m saying that because our style influential celebrities are opting for these particular elements to make their fashionable appearances this year!

celebrities fashion trends for 2015

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3 Fashion Trends To Ditch Right Now!

Yoga, UGGs and tattoos – are you into out smartening the media-fed lies? Let’s get to it, then! First, because since Gwyneth Paltrow’s emancipation she became one of the most followed fitness gurus on the Planet, Tracy Anderson’s words are relevant to the media. And for those who look up to her.

Before Gwyneth, Tracy worked with Madonna (actually Madonna recommended Tracy to Gwyneth and so the Goop emancipation begun) and now she’s training JLo, Kim Kardashian or Nicole Richie (and who knows else). It’s safe to say that some of the most envied bodies in entertainment are shaped by Tracy Anderson. But did you know that Tracy has recently spoken out against yoga and raw diets?

3 fashion trends to ignore

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Galliano’s Couture Shines Again Under Maison Margiela Umbrella

Ghosts of Couture glorious past were revived and released on the catwalk on January 12th 2015 when John Galliano returned to us. Fashion needed him. We needed him!

We had a very sartorially shy Galliano in his first collection for Margiela. Spring 2015 Couture, although masterfully executed and playfully conceived, was still restrained. Although undoubtedly the best choice for the Maison that changed its creative director and its name (becoming Maison Margiela from Maison Martin Margiela), Galliano has to struggle back to its old, fun couture ways!

Galliano for Maison Margiela

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How To Flowers Spring Headband On A Budget

After the winter Holidays season, what’s there to look for? Spring! Valentine’s Day, Easter – the warmer weather and the burgeoning flowers! I cannot wait to see my garden in Spring – we actually have a tradition we follow each spring – we visit the Botanical Garden. The kids love it and we always take advantage of that flowery break, each year.

Last spring, we braided some flowers crowns from some wild flowers we were allowed to pick and this year we’ll go in prepared with our own flowers headbands! They’re huge with fashionistas everywhere and they’re so beautiful, you’ll want to wear one all year long!

spring pink headband tutorial

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What Nails Are Hot On The Red Carpet: Golden Globes Neutrals And Reds

It would appear that the beauty industry’s efforts to switch focus from nails to (anything) else is working! To say that the latest Red Carpet nails were dull is just an understatement!

However, considering that the outfits were also playing the safe fashion card, the manicures must’ve naturally followed that path. For the new year, at least as far as the Golden Globes announced us – neutral beige and dark tones of red are the trendiest nails to wear! Scroll down to see some examples as seen on the stars attending the ceremony!

Red Carpet nails trends Golden Globes

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2015 Golden Globes Red Carpet Best Dresses Competition

Let’s play a game, like Tina and Amy at this edition of the Golden Globes: let’s play a Red Carpet game of who’s best dressed! Oh, wait – wasn’t that already done before?

We’ll complicate things a bit, then: we’ll compare actresses who were wearing gowns from the same designer! And if possible, we’ll cross-examine those with the catwalk models showing those looks! That gets interesting, huh? And we’ll make it interactive too – you’ll be able to choose, comment and vote for your choices! Let’s roll that Red Carpet!

I’ll cheat and save you the scrolling trouble upfront by giving you my best dressed right now: Lupita Nyong’O and Emma Stone (surprised?). There was a lot of glamour, a lot of bridal whites, a lot of floor sweeping gowns and a lot of Versace at the 2015 Golden Globes, but these two definitely stood out for me!

Golden Globes 2015 Red Carpet best dressed

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