2013 Woman Of The Year According To GQ: Emma Watson

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Emma Watson and GQ happened before, but this time it’s different (sounds like a cliché, I’m aware of that, but a single look at Emma Watson’s new GQ October 2013 cover is enough to convince us that something may have changed…)

It may be only the stylist’s doing, but whatever the reason, I’m just thankful for this ‘Woman of the Year’ elegant and feminine pictorial in which Emma Watson is wearing looks from Jason Wu, Vionnet, Boss and Emilio Pucci.

(several covers are available for this special issue, among which Michael Douglas as GQ’s Legend of the Year, Arctic Monkeys and Tom Ford who was interviewed by David Walliams for the occasion)

GQ Woman of the year Emma Watson

Perfectly sustaining my observation about black being the new black, Emma Watson is dressed in stunning dark outfits (with a single exception: a gorgeous white tuxedo like dress with black lapels and belt). This may be the GQ issued dedicated to the 2013 Men of the Year, but Emma makes a lovely impression as the Woman of the Year, although if Kate Middleton would’ve been an option, GQ would’ve had a much more suitable story than Emma Watson’s, who still has a long way to prove herself as to make it to such an iconic status.

Emma Watson pictorial GQ October 2013

Emma Watson Boss dress GQ October 2013

Emma Watson portrait GQ Woman of the Year 2013

Emma Watson Vionnet dress GQ October 2013

Keeping focus on the outfits though: isn’t that black Pucci blouse just dreamy? Here’s the look as it was presented on the Emilio Pucci Fall 2013 catwalk: can’t tell if Emma wears it backwards, what do you think?

Emma Watson in black Pucci GQ October 2013

Emma Watson wears black Pucci blouse fall 2013

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