Roger Federer Wins AO 2018, Wears Epic React Flyknit Nike Sneakers

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What a journey! What a match! This is definitely the man who elevates tennis to an art! Roger Federer has won his 20th Grand Slam trophy today, in the 2018 Australian Open Men Singles Final. Congratulations are in order! Well done Roger! I’m so thankful we get to watch you play again and again!

Much could be said about the match itself, about the Rod Laver arena being covered today and not yesterday (for the Women Singles Final) yet I choose to focus on the fashion moment: what Roger Federer wore on court for his big win – I’m sure you noticed something different if you have an eye for style -_^ !

Roger Federer wins 20 grand smals ao 2018

The NikeCourt Zonal Cooling RF Advantage Polo

roger federer nikecourt white polo ao 2018

You might have noticed that Nike has presented a pink-based collection for the Australian Open. Roger Federer, however, gets to wear an almost all-white outfit with just two stripes pink and black on his Advantage Polo. A fabulous design, every time, complimenting Roger’s frame and helping him look fantastic on court year after year, tournament after tournament.

nikecourt white polo roger federer ao

Sam Shipley, head of design for NikeCourt wished for an ‘instantly recognizable design’ with an aggressive edge (pink? Seriously?) and a retro nineties feel. He definitely nailed the retro detail as Roger Federer looked very old school with his white top and white shorts.

The NikeCourt Flex Ace Shorts in white

roger federer nikecourt white shorts ao 2018

To complete the retro look, the white shorts are so simple and elegant, built from a stretchy fabric allowing freedom of movement. Of course, the special polyester fibers help the players ignore the sweat and focus on the game only.

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However, in an interview by Jim Courrier, Federer described his involvement in the actual design of his garment collection. Roger admitted that the people at Nike usually present him with the ideas, asking him if he’s ok with pink (case in point this year) and he’d say yeah, okay, and that’s about it… -_^

nikecourt white shorts roger federer ao

There seems to be a special care for the top players outfits, though – both Roger and Rafa have had different clothes from the rest of the Nike sponsored athletes playing at the AO 2018. Both Federer
and Nadal could’ve sweated their eyes off and their outfits wouldn’t show a thing on or off camera. Not the same could be said about the rest of the pink Nike outfits as worn by the likes of Kyrgios, Tiafoe or Zverev…

The Nike Epic React Flyknit Sneakers

roger federer nike flyknit sneakers ao 2018

Not yet released, the Nike Epic React Flyknit Men’s Running Shoes replaced Roger Federer Air Zoom Vapor X shoes, part of his AO 2018 official garment. Maybe because the shoes were already outdated as they were imprinted with 5 AO and this is his 6th win at the year’s first Grand Slam… Or maybe because Roger Federer needed to feel at ease, comfortable after a nearly 3 hours long, 5sets match…

roger federer ao 2018 sneakers nike zoom air vapor x

Either way, the Epic React sneakers were the best choice possible to underline the amazing moment and Roger’s epic win and epic emotion! If I were to pick a shoe, the Epic React would definitely win over the Air Zoom Vapor X. And white over pink, regardless of the contrast with the blue courts! (images courtesy getty, nike)

roger federer nike sneakers flyknit epic react

It’s not the first time: Nike is making Roger and Rafa wear special edition sneakers!

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