Boho Grunge Looks: Saint Laurent Paris Fall 2013

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I can hardly resist the urge to post pretty much everything that was shown during the Saint Laurent Fall 2013 Collection! It looks like a retail heaven for me. Like a pink fluffy cloud with a spiked black collar.

Of course reviewers tried hard to make it sound artistic and sophisticated, but the simple truth is that Hedi Slimane brought fashion from the exquisite fancy attic all the way down to the vintage treasure chest from the retro unconventional basement. Kate Moss must’ve felt chills down her spine and others of her kin as well, who always pair the old with the new in a new old way.

Boho Grunge Fall 2013 Saint Laurent Paris

I loved everything about this old YSL new Saint Laurent Paris collection. I relished the simple appeal and absolute ageless youth of the ordinary vintage approach! And most of all, I’m heartfully enjoying the controversy stirred by this normal looking, un – highfashion collection!

Vintage Grunge Fall 2013 Saint Laurent Paris

Everyone strived so hard to make the Fall 2013 a dark one. Edgy and sober. Everyone but Hedi who suddenly twisted on his feet and pull the old vintage boho rabbit out of the fancy hat. Every-fashion-individual fainted and with it, the precious desire to ardently shine brighter than the next fashion victim seated front row.

Vintage edgy Fall 2013 Saint Laurent Paris

This is a collection we would most likely never see in Anna dello Russo’s closet. But a collection that has, without any shadow of a doubt, everyone dreaming and wanting. And perhaps wearing secretly, giggling with absolute comfort delight. This is a collection I would love to wear. From head to toes.

details Fall 2013 Saint Laurent Paris Collection


#1 ana on 03.05.13 at 9:52 am

Sorry kpriss, I am a guest at your house and I really REALLY dont want to sound rude… but I disagree.
“a collection that has, without any shadow of a doubt, everyone dreaming and wanting. ..” Uhh?? No. I might be wrong( and that wouldnt be unusual to me …) but is there a hint of sarcasm in there ?
This collection was a big, a gigantic and rotund NO to me.

We all have different life styles. It depends much on what are your social interactions. Mine doesnt allow me ( a mother of 3 near to her 40ies)to go around dressed in a babydoll dress paired with slashed over the knees boots.
But it does go beyond the wearability. One does not criticizes a collection only by the fact he/she can wear or not wear it. That would be like going to a museum, standing in front of a piece of art and saying : “I cant hang it on my walls.This is not art. ”
For an iconic fashion house like YSL you have to go further than that.

Dismissing the front row merely as fashion victims you are consciously ignoring the fact that (still)most of the people there are doing a serious job. There are retailers and fashion journalists who do take their job seriously and are involved in a billions of dollars business (if we decide to ignore the artistic connotations of fashion).

Where is the spirity of the house ? where are the YSL codes which Pierre Berge was so irated when Stefano Pilati dared to subvert them( he did not even ignore but only twisted them).

For me it is a MAJOR fail. I hope Slimane will be dismissed.

Now, I still love you and you are my favorite blogger ! Accept my virtual flowers :-)

#2 kpriss on 03.05.13 at 10:24 am

Blushing :) you were 100% true and honest each and every time and this is no exception! And I love you for that!

And by all means – I don’t feel the least offended by your arguments or observations! More so since we have so much in common ;). The main difference, however, is that I always tend to put myself in the wearer’s shoes, think if I would wear this or that whereas you’re looking at fashion as if it were art. Most of the time. And it’s ideal. It’s the professional’s perspective. The serious front – row spectator perspective who’s living and breathing fashion, who has fashion pouring through his veins.

For that, I appreciate you even more! And you’re right: yes, from every professional point of view, Hedi Slimane’s new Saint Laurent collection was a slap in the face of true professionals. In the fine cheek of those who appreciate art and have an innate sense for exquisite fashion. Democratizing fashion – yes. But turning it into h&m and Asos – worthy merchandise – no.

And that not because what he sent down the runway wasn’t appealing or wasn’t wearable & beautiful but because it insulted the haute YSL legacy. That being said, I would wear most of the pieces though. Even if I couldn’t accompany my kids on a daily school run wearing a baby doll dress, but I would definitely put them on behind my wardrobe’s closed doors ;)

#3 ana on 03.05.13 at 11:33 am

I totally understand what you are saying. Yet I see a dichotomy here because every season you unreservedly express your love for the artsy of Alexander McQueen´s collections.

#4 kpriss on 03.05.13 at 11:47 am

that, I can’t explain! McQueen is just so… very! ;-)

#5 Appollonia on 03.05.13 at 12:14 pm

Well, that’s easy since ana described it all so well….
But I like to add something. Last night I saw a photo of this collection on FB’s “Grace Coddington” page” with the question: ” Saint Laurent or Rodarte?” That was easy! So I replied: “My local thrift shop! “.

This collection is probably meant for the kids of the rich who wants to be “wild” and the Taylor Swift’s of this world. I read somewhere it’s California grunge. Whatever that is. And I do know about grunge and fashion….

This collection lack so many things and the worse is the lack of creativity, a true vision.

#6 kpriss on 03.05.13 at 12:24 pm

but what it lacks in originality makes up in nice, tingling $$$ sounds. It totally duped me ;)

#7 Appollonia on 03.05.13 at 2:09 pm

Nope, sorry sweetie: tingling €€€ sounds. I hope for France? ;)

#8 ana on 03.05.13 at 2:27 pm

You girls tell me! A denin skirt costs 3000! a blouse in crepe 1800. A dress 5450€. A skinny jacket 4.550€… a leopard printed foulard in silk( from the man s collection) 350€! This last one me REALLY loves, but I am keeping my principles : Boycott !

#9 kpriss on 03.05.13 at 9:21 pm

Ah yes. The final price tag. And that’s where the reality hammer hits hard! I sometimes wonder how it feels like to consciously go ahead and pay a month’s entire income on a dress! :( I’m with you on the boycott Ana. Although it pretty much extends to many high fashion labels & more. But that’s just because my principles, convictions and way of life don’t allow me to ‘need’ or ‘want’ beyond the common sense practicality of clothing items.

I’d love to hear it from the ones who do see beyond that ‘basics’ frontier and seek the exquisite in the everyday wardrobe: how do they pick their labels and which one they favor, based on their experience.

#10 Appollonia on 03.06.13 at 3:25 am

Boycott? Can I keep my Touche Eclat? I hope I can keep on to afford it anyway…….

#11 Appollonia on 03.06.13 at 3:47 am

Last night I read a lot of comments. That was really very entertaining. Dazed and Confused loved it! Haha…..

“Young, sexy, gutsy. Expression is not a dirty word at Saint Laurent. Bring it on, we say”.

Two comments:

“hahaha the dazed and confused team dont wanna lose their seat at the show next season -__- that was pure trash!!! “(44 likes)

“Dazed’s marketing people clearly got a call from PPR! idiots.” (1 like: me.)

Today I can’t take fashion really serious. It’s a nice spring day….let’s be ‘sexy and gutsy’ and wear one of my ‘grunge’ tartan shirts! Before I am off to the hair salon I yell along with Eddie Vedder: oh, I’m still alive……

#12 ana on 03.06.13 at 12:44 pm

Touche Eclat is a necessity of life!!

#13 Appollonia on 03.06.13 at 3:53 pm

Oh, tell me all about it. I never buy one but three. And if I have only one in the package I buy another three!!!

Girls, did you see Valentino? Valentino goes Dutch? OMG…..hahahaha…..couldn’t believe my eyes! Some Dutch fashion editors suggested it’s a hint to Máxima, the current crown princess, who will be our new king’s queen on April 30, to wear Valentino. She also married in Valentino.

End of an era…..our Queen Bee (Beatrix) abdicate on April 30…..:(((((

#14 ana on 03.06.13 at 4:23 pm

Valentino was an homage to you !!

#15 kpriss on 03.06.13 at 9:35 pm

oh, ana! you stole my line! I was going to add a little piece about Valentino and say that! ts ts ts lolz

#16 The Girl With The Pearl Earring on 03.07.13 at 6:06 am

Oh, really? I liked some pieces after watching the video! :D ;)

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