DIY Easy Party Sequined Fur Jacket

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Anyone already nostalgic about the New Year’s Eve party? I know we’re halfway through January already, but if you take a closer look at today’s DIY Party Jacket, you’ll see that it has that all-year-party spirit and aesthetic !

This particular sequined party jacket is the festive child of the last two DIY restyle projects I presented you before Christmas: the incredibly easy diy sequins sweater and the ultra fab DIY pompom jacket. It definitely lives up to the season’s trend (sparkle & metallic in case you forgot) while being extremely simple to do. (now it’s time to hit the jump, see how this party jacket came to be!)

sequined party fur jacket diy

You’ve seen my crafty handy work already, I treasure simple DIYs with surprisingly huge impact!

faux fur jacket diy project

I recommend using thread and needle for this one as the sequins refused to just float and stick to the coat. I tried, I did! ..but no-oh!

sequins for craft jacket project

So it’s time to bring out the basic sewing skills. Combine them with huge tinted sequins (similar here) and an old Zara faux fur jacket (similar here) and the party spell is done!

how to diy sequined jacket-sequins

I may have added a secret sauce – a splash of daring attitude from the playful tree! How else would I have combined a lavender tulle skirt, silver hi top sneakers, rainbow tights and the sequined faux fur jacket?

how to style sequined jacket casual

Fashion witchery aside, I also included a more toned down outfit (Riri’s latest airport outfit anyone?) And even if you’re not big on social events, you can still have a party of one! Put on some fab music, wear the fantastic clothes, have a magic start of your year! (and just like that, I’m already over 40 days into my shopping addiction detox! yaaay!)

May 2024 be your most fantastic year yet!

faux fur jacket how to style casual

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