The Golden Rules Of Sportswear Style

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Athleisure – it’s what they call the trend that swept the streets and the clothes racks for almost two years now. Leggings have become pants, pants have become leggings. Not the old cotton leggings but the gym ones. Yoga pants were everywhere – from the gym to the airport, to the grocery store and the casual mall outing!

Now that the athleisure craze is smoothing down, we can finally sift through some valuable info! Yoga pants are far from being pants per se. Sure, the name may trump you into believing that wearing the gym clothes for a quick groceries run still counts as a run, so? gym wear is a must. Is it?

stylish running outfit

I think we should make the mandatory difference. Not all runs were created equal and therefore not all pants are worth the name and the function! We will definitely discuss gym wear/sportswear as we’ll make our way into more and more posts!

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One thing I’ve been meaning to tell you is that since the last time we ‘spoke’ I took up a fitness habit. First time in my life (yeah, not proud about it, but I was quite a lazy bum in more ways than one all my life). I’m closing in on my first year of gym visits (twice a week) and I even started running occasionally (some light jogging, no more than two times a week). I actually take pride in this new habit! and my body has never felt more awesome!

Remember I had those Autoimmune disorders flares every now and then? I no longer experience those horrible states since I started exercising regularly! I’ll get into that too! Later! I told you I had loads to share! -_^

sportswear gym stylish outfit

I picked up on the gym habit after being a fashion addict for years and I have refined everything down to a few golden style rules of gym wear. It’s now time to share them with you! It’s really worth taking a look and please – note I’m just a newbie at this! – share your wisdom with me, teach me as I’m trying to share what I learned from my own experience!

Keep in mind that I’m always aiming for a minimalist, simple, monochromatic wardrobe. A timeless design and a high quality product will definitely come first for me!

Black is Gold!

sportswear style rules black bottoms

When it comes to athleisure, black is still king! I know you might be inclined to choose some of the bright colors or intricate prints and you should go for those if they make your heart sing! Yet black is slimming and mean, black will stand the test of time and sweating! Added style bonus with a printed top!

How to: Find your style and stick to it!

A special note here: when buying for gym wear, please stretch the fabric and be aware of its transparency (if the case). Suitable underwear might be needed (no seams, non marking, in the colors of your sports leggings). Please be careful about the lateral inserts – mesh and more – they’re not windows for your underwear!

Plastic is Fantastic!

sportswear style rules high tech fibers

& Mind the label! High tech fibers are a blessing when it comes to sportswear. There’s a serious added weight and discomfort sweat-wet cotton brings. All that can easily be avoided during workout by choosing a garment made from the new weightless fabrics keeping the moisture away from the skin. With the sweat free benefit comes an extra flexible factor, very important when working out.

This is also where the quality factor kicks in: the brand responsibility is working for you! Choose a reputable brand, a tried-and-tested sportswear producer. Nobody gets away with a crotch crack honorably – unless you’re Lenny Kravitz on a concert stage -_^. Whether you’re doing lounges or perfecting your asanas, your sportswear needs to follow your body’s movements, not constrict it.

Fit it Right!

sportswear style rules the right size right support

All brands were not created equal and you should take some time to scour the shops for different sportswear brands to figure out your right size. It’s very important to try the leggings/bras/tops/shoes, move, squat and lounge in them in the fitting room. That will only make you look like a pro, so don’t worry about frowns and comments! A good item will dictate the quality of your workout, take my word for it!

If the budget for your sportswear wardrobe is limited, yet you still want quality and comfort – try in store (consider the outlets too) and buy online, it will save you money most of the times.

Think Print Tank!

sportswear style rules printed tops

Regardless of your usual outfitting style, when at the gym consider wearing a tank top. It is so much less constrictive than a sleeved garment! Free the armpits, free the workout!

A solid color top will show the sweat (and n!pples) much more than a printed one. It’s where you can go crazy with the colors and the prints, rather than the leggings/joggers. Your top can be a tight fit or a loose one, just keep in mind that most workouts require bending repeatedly and a loose top can fall over your head when you least expect it…

Foot Size Up!

sportswear style rules the right shoes

The shoes you use for sports need at least one half size over your usual size. Don’t worry about looking weird or having a loose shoe, that’s what laces are for – to correct the roominess. However, your toenails will be thankful and your shoes will tear less easily because the tension applied is less violent, therefore your toes and toenails will feel less sore! Most shoes producers have size guides on their websites, use them and try some shoes in store too!

*All the images included in this story were meant to highlight the style points I wrote about. The garments are all from my personal wardrobe, tried and tested in the gym and on the running trail. There’s no brand affiliation nor is this story intended as an advertorial stunt. I hid the brand logo wherever possible to keep the focus on the issue at hand, not on the brand at hand.

I’m far from being allknowing and I have limited testing abilities (I am neither testing or wearing the latest sportswear collections). I’m aiming at a general outline of the common sense, average sports training with a little gym and running on the side. Also I have a few labels I am clearly fond of (especially when it comes to the shoes) and I won’t shy away from saying that Asics makes fantastic footwear for sports and casual wear -_^ just as I will always praise the virtues of Birkenstocks. I could go on and on, yet I’ll stop here and promise to get back on the matter if you wish!

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