3 Easy DIY Boots: Saint Laurent Grunge, Boho Cowboy, Balmain Chic

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There’s no escape from it: the fall season is officially started and in just a matter of hours, we’ll be enjoying the debut of the new Fashion Week (dealing with the upcoming Spring season, but who’s looking at that? wink). I gathered and assembled for your creative inspiration 3 boots you can easily turn into DIY projects. Grunge boots, boho boots and fancy boots. As you well know, the main fashion trend of this year’s fall is grunge. Scratch your head and search your closet for anything and everything you used to wear in the 90s for lo and behold, it’s all coming back now, more fashionable than ever!

But as all reinventions come at a certain price, like these gorgeous Saint Laurent boots from the fall winter 2013 2014 collection that go around for $8,000. Pricey much? Totally agree. So if you haven’t yet located your former army boots, consider a visit to your nearest affordable fashion boutique for they’re surely stocking on some kind of flat laced boots and then start one of the DIY fashion projects:

{1} DIY Saint Laurent boots for which you’ll need: (hit the jump to see what you need and how to replicate these fabulous boots! The tutorial was initially published on whowhatwear and yours truly put it together in a singular instructable instead of the original’s 11 slideshow pictures!)

Simple DIY Sant Laurent Boots

Basic tools and supplies and bits and pieces of whatnots will help you in this DIY: Scissors, pliers, super glue (for a whopping total of $8); Chains, floss, lace, buttons, charms, pearls, velcro, faux leather etc (depending on whether you already have them or not, this could cost you up to $32).

Start by fixing 10 studs on each boot. While the glue is drying, take the 2 rectangular patches of faux/leather of 5×3.5inch and glue the thin chains leaving hanging ends and then glue even more embellishments in-between. Turn the patches and glue the two Velcro on the edges of each patch and then place the patches on the boot’s fronts to get the final look.

Saint Laurent Dance ballerina shoes

As a final bonus to this initial DIY, Hedi Slimane’s video Saint Laurent Dance Part 2 in which you’ll see a perfectly willowy ballerina (Linda Fox) being all grungey and dancey on season’s soundtrack ‘Trick or Treat’performed by Clementine Creevy from Cherry Glazerr. The video introduces Saint Laurent Dance classic ballerina shoes. Sans embellishments, sans fuss.

{2} DIY cowboy belted boho boots for which you’ll need your old pair of cowboy boots or a new one if you can’t find a rugged up version in your closet and a bunch of medium-width or skinny belts you can now find in sales (mismatch them like Luxury Jones for a more authentic result). Extra patches of fabric, feathers, tassels or yarn if you will, just make it a festival at your feet! Don’t forget the scissors and the glue gun to make it all stick together!

Simple DIY Boho Cowboy boots

Basically all you do is turn your boot inside out (or cut them with the scissors) at the desired length, add the fabric (feathers and whatnots) and then circle the belts around the boot and glue them on the boot for a long lasting result.

{3} DIY Balmain embroidered boots for which you’ll need a pair of black suede boots (or suede-like, mid calf), scissors, fabric glue, embellished fabric trim and rhinestone trim, plastic wrap, black paint, sand paper (the last three are for painting the sole&heel black in case they aren’t already).

Simple DIY Balmain Boots

You start by cutting the edges of the fabric around the embellishment you’ll place on your boots. Glue the rhinestones trim around the edges of your appliqué, allow it to dry and then glue it on the boot (both front and back). Now if the sole and heels aren’t black, you need to wrap some plastic around your boot once the glue is dry, to protect it from the paint and sand the heels and the edge of the soles to allow the paint to adhere to the surface. Once you filed through wherever needed, apply the paint. Allow to dry and remove the plastic, ta-daaah, here are your new Balmain Fall 2012 boots! (first spotted at cecestein and put together by yours truly)

Which DIY project are you most likely to try and why?

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