Confessions of a Shopping Junkie

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I’m Cecilia and I’m a shopping addict!
I’d like to take you on a sobering journey – this December 1st I started my shopping sobering road and I’d love it if you would do me the honors to witness my official rehabilitation!

Since we last talked, I’ve had fashion ups and downs but one thing remained a beacon: buying stuff. More stuff. Clothes upon piles of clothes. New seasons clothes, old season clothes, fast fashion clothes, vintage clothes, so many years have gone by and my closets kept becoming smaller and more crammed up by the day without making me feel like I had more options to get dressed in the morning. Does it sound familiar? (keep reading after the jump)

confessions of a shopping junkie

Something I never thought I would say about myself and my fashion and style habits – being a shopping junkie became a hard-to-admit truth but also a necessity to reestablish my life’s sanity.

My strength and better judgment have suffered enormously because I imprinted a ‘not enough’ energy in my day-to-day actions that reflected upon everything and everyone I touched.

Can you imagine clothes doing that? Can you imagine shopping becoming such a destructive force as to tear down the very fabric of my life?

clothing pile takes my brains away

A very hard-to-swallow truth, I admit, so I’m at the chewing stage right now, that’s why I came before you asking for you to be my accountability partner. I admit not having researched the wide internet alleys for support or information about this situation, I wrote straight home hoping to find you and get on this sobering road alongside you.

I’m curious if you’re familiar with the feelings I described above, even remotely. Would you care to share? Did you ever approach this situation or even thought about approaching it like a proper addiction?

I’m Cecilia and I’m a shopping junkie! and I’m 5 days sober!

shopping sobriety

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