New Daft Punk And Pharrell Get Lucky Collaboration

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A couple of days ago you said you were missing some quality Daft Punk tracks. And in all justice as the masked Kings of electro pop, the French duo Daft Punk were behind some pretty innovative, catchy electro tunes.

But here’s what I just discovered and couldn’t keep for myself: Daft Punk collaborated with Pharrell on a track called ‘Get Lucky’. The versions I found on YouTube count over 1Million views each (I located at least 3 versions of the Radio Edit) while the full video edit you’ll see after the jump is on the rise, but still relatively low profile. After listening to it, you may feel like replaying it, though.

Daft Punk new release with Pharrell

It just has that old school vibe and the great Pharrell Williams sparkle. Also participating in the project is Nile Rodgers that you can see grooving, playing a pretty special guitar, disco edition. It’s the dancing, disco tune you’d expect from Daft Punk with a special flavor twist from Pharrell. I do hope you’ll enjoy this one as an electro pop break and as a Daft Punk special (do expect to see Pharrell in a Saint Laurent ad soon…).

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#1 Ellington on 04.21.13 at 3:16 pm

I love the fun funkiness of this jam!
Great for a Sunday Spring day! : )

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