Finding My Own Style Voice

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I am writing these lines while listening to the most recently launched album by Depeche Mode. My all-time favorite music style/band keeping up with their traditions in a mature flavored sauce yet constantly reinventing, revolutionizing, and innovating true to their unique nature
as I am.

I finally saw the light at the end of my clothes piles tunnel! I struggled on so many levels for so many days, months and years trying to see that flicker beyond my new age, my new self tunnel, I now come proudly before you convinced I caught a glimpse of my new destination! (continue reading after the jump)

mirror self style identity

And throughout I’ve been happily married to the Love of my Life (my Adored Husband as you all know it), raising our four amazing kids (now teenagers).

However, I still struggled. My marriage with my Beloved is a perpetual, steady work of love, presence, honesty and commitment, our four babies growing up remain a constant handful 24-hour job, my health kept me on my tippy toes, as everything else, every day.

back again
for what is life but an eternal transformation, adaptation? So is style. Fashion has that strange cycle of coming back, reinterpreted, over and over again, doesn’t it?

add color to outfit

Here I am: reintegrating my mature self into my style universe with this little revenant note. I’m working on discerning what was harder – the actual comeback or establishing myself in this worldly fashion brouhaha. It’s very challenging to find models and mentors at this age, in this industry.

Authentic, reliable.
The new generation’s identity is making me dizzy and that’s not just because I simply count another number on the heart rate scale. The Gen Zers have a fantastic way of mixing and matching together pieces of so many ages puzzles while I like my style pudding steady with just a teeny tiny pinch of jiggle.

my style frizz.

So what if I just go ahead and ignore the noise and focus on what’s really important? What if I ignore the magic mermaid song of a new clothing item? At the end of the day, any age, any time, any fashion, any trend, what matters is that you look and feel good. At peace and at ease with who you are, just the way you are.

matching your mirror image

Let’s do this, my sisters-in-style! Let’s talk about actual fashion with maturity, through personal style filters, allowing ourselves the trial-and-error experience, the snubbing of ever-dying new trends while being true to our hearts and honest in our skin! Shall we take our time and do this coming-of-age style at our own pace?

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