Dare To Wear The Superhero Caped Socks?

Superheroes are so hot right now! Everybody wants a piece of them: every theater, every magazine, every designer! But what’s hotter than a superhero in his tight supercostume? A superhero in his supersocks, biensur!

More so since they fit the legend: you can always wear them under your clothes, cape included and then just take everything off and keep your superhero socks on… What? we discussed about the latest Not-So-Fashionable-Work of Mercedes’ ad campaign, about Saint Laurent’s roller skates, I think supersocks will just blend perfectly in the scenario! And the idea of wearing socks with a cape is just simply irresistible! Slip into Superman’s socks or in Wonder Woman’s socks! (oh, and in exchange for a pair of the super caped socks, you have to pay appx $16)

funny socks Superhero caped socks

Hedi Slimane Brings Back Roller Skates

I’m always contemplating with undissimulated admiration the brilliant work of some designers who know how to take the ‘less is more’ slogan literally and twist it into their advantage over and over again. Hedi Slimane is one of those designers who, in my perception, is either having the best of times by laughing his eyes out at his potential customers or is a sheer genius both commercially and fashion-wise.

His latest launch? A limited edition roller-skates under the Saint Laurent label, ready to hit the ring this fall 2013. The classic black and white sneaker and the high quality Krypto Impulse rollers are only available in selected stores and via preorder. I don’t know what’s coming next, but I think he covered pretty much every aspect of the young and spoiled fashion population, wouldn’t you say? Maybe it’s time he moved on?

Fashionable roller skates Saint Laurent

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Sui He Suggestive Advertising For Mercedes Benz

It’s Fashion Week time pretty much everywhere in the world (Resort 2014 – what, you think I left out the reports out of sheer oblivion? Nah, it’s all a question of will. An exercise of fashion will.)

So what better time to launch the new Mercedes Benz ad campaign? Featuring the lovely Sui He, the new S Classe comes with a specific set of visual clichés that would normally erase the originality of this advertising initiative, despite its intentional versatility (before Sui He, it was Karlie who played the spokesmodel for Mercedes and before her, it was the gorgeous Joan Smalls).

Just look closely at the video after the jump or at the captions in the gallery to see what I mean…

Sui He Mercedes Benz new ad campaign

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Fashion’s Hottest Game: Get Lagerfeld’s Sunglasses

Karl Lagerfeld, we already know, likes to get his restless hands into everything, everywhere, anywhere, as long as it keeps him busy. What’s he done this time? A video game (with tokidoki)! Just when we thought he couldn’t get more cartoonish than his normally cartoonish self!

The game is called ‘I want Karl’s sunglasses’ (in original: Je Veux Les Lunettes de Karl) and it’s trying to get you snatch his famous shades. However, if you lose, something that sounds like der Kaiser’s own voice announces you that ‘Karl has no more time for you’! Because even in pixel form, Karl Lagerfeld is still better than you! Any doubts? Feel free to play it yourself: jeveuxleslunettesdekarl dot com! (don’t think for a second that this is free of interest as behind the video game is Lagerfeld’s eyewear distributor in France, as Fashionista pointed it out! The final’s laugh’s still on Karl, duh!)

Karl Lagerfeld sunglasses game

1 Girl, 6 Different Fabulous Hairstyles: Anja Rubik Vogue Russia July 2013

Fact: I have a weakness for Anja Rubik. Fact: I have a weakness for hair, especially the curly variety. Put these two together and you’ll see why I really wanted to discuss Anja’s Vogue Russia July 2013 feature. It’s just explosively fashionable!

Photographed by Richard Bush and styled by Sarah Richardson, Anja wears six different hairstyles in even more different fashion styles/poses. From the cover where her natural hair is curled up and chaotically spiraled into a Medusa Gorgon titled main pictorial, to the slick back hair hinting at Sharon Stone’s Basic’s power hairdo, Anja’s features are so versatile and the styling team behind this Vogue issue so professional that I liked almost every one of her shots.

Anja Rubik curly hair Vogue Russia July 2013 cover

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An Interview Got Ghesquiere A Lawsuit From Balenciaga!

If you’re barely entering the fashion world and, as an amateur, you think it’s the promise land of wardrobe creativity, this may open your eyes. If you’re living under a rock and don’t have the proper height of perspective to see the entire fashion land and its rules, this may be your elevator.

Remember how everyone was surprised by Nicolas Ghesquiere‘s sudden decision to part ways with the house of Balenciaga? And then a certain interview came along and we found out why he decided to leave the maison he had drove to vertigo-inducing heights of success? Just in case you need to refresh your memory, the interview mentioned something about Balenciaga defectuous management and the lack of vision driving the fashion house into an abyss of solitude for the designer?

Nicolas Ghesquiere interview got him a lawsuitAnd you know how the truth hurts sometimes? Well, it did hurt some mighty people in the Balenciaga house and so they decided to file a lawsuit against Ghesquiere for ‘breach of duty of confidentiality’.

Had they left it alone, some people would’ve concluded that Ghesquiere was just bitter talking and that he was just fired and upset about that. But no. They just had to feel offended. They just had to go legal and public about it so that now it’s clear for everyone that Nicolas was telling the truth…

pffff! Bad management, he said? it figures…

The Useful T Shirt Integrates A Pocket In Plain Sight

Talking about t shirts and the role they’re playing in our lives: if they can get you in a picture next to someone famous, they can also be useful in a practical sense. The Hand T Shirt, in this case, features a print of a hand with an integrated transparent pocket where you can insert anything you like (size does matter in this case, don’t be stuffing a cat in that pocket and play kangaroo!).

The result is pretty cool and offbeat and can make you feel innovative or just different and others may believe that it’s all a print, and that you’re hiding your iPod in plain sight. Or, on the contrary, by wearing in iPod in that specific pocket, you may just have rendered the thieves lives considerably easier. Your choice. Either way, it’s just a t shirt! It can either make you or break you!

hand tshirt transparent pocket

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Your Outfit Can Get You Pictured With A Celebrity!

I realize that it may just sound like old news for some, but this time it’s just for fun, so play with me a game of ‘How to get pictured next to your idol?’:

A: pure coincidence. In which case, just leave all to the God of Chance.
B: study their whereabouts and just ‘bump’ into them while wearing a tshirt with their face on! This may just be the case with our young fellow below who was wearing a Basic T shirt and ran into Sharon Stone who casually, posed next to him, apparently amused by the entire scenario. Which might or might not have been a case of the B. Maybe it was just hazard and it was meant to be so we would enjoy a natural Sharon Stone dressed casually half-boho chic, half western.

Always loved her. Never understood her poor taste in movie scenarios…

casual Sharon Stone western boho style