Fall Wreaths (What Goes Around Comes Around)

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A simple look around will tell you that I’m a huge fan of wreaths. Summer wreaths, Christmas wreaths, all-year-wreaths make my heart sing! Fall is definitely no different when it comes to decorating!

Hereby a visual of my latest adornments for the front door, back door, kitchen door or any other door or window. Simple, minimalist, natural wreaths for your eyes delight marking the coming back of the richest, kindest of the seasons! Also a perfect pretext I’m using to make a lovely comeback myself!

minimalist fall wreaths

For those of you who used to read me before my long hiatus I feel there’s room for a more personal approach – I left this part under the cut so that we could enjoy our chit chat -_^ . First: I hope you are all alright, in good health and in good spirits!

natural fall wreaths

I missed you dearly, I missed our fashion talks, our style forays and the connection we had and I hope we can reignite it story by story! I’ve been good, growing and discerning what is what in this world. My family is also in good health, thankfully, the kids are going strong on their paths, learning, reading, playing, enjoying life. I am so incredibly lucky and blessed to have a Husband whom I adore and who supports and helps me every step of the way (and who is eager to see me go about my fashion ways again -_^).

Remember how we talked about: Media using our insecurities against us?

Beyond excited and terribly, terribly nervous about this yet again new comeback (remember I tried to do so last fall too) fall has that special renewing effect on me. Some take New Year’s resolutions: I seem to be a true Summer child! every time Summer comes to an end, I feel like it’s a new year, a new chance to start anew. To organize, to prioritize and to grow.

simple fall wreath

Back to the visual reason I climbed to write this story! I love wreaths – their geometry and their energy feeds me! That perfect circular principle of what goes around comes around is closed and decorated within Nature’s offerings! Tiny leaves, fragments of whatnots bond together to make a creative statement, to fully explore what is given to us and to gratefully give back into Creation with our own creative force.

Oh, how I miss those wonderful: Catwalk DIY for less!

Ah! Fall! I’m so grateful for your replenishment! And I’m always tremendously humbled and grateful for second chances and new beginnings, for new ways to grow! Will you join me? I have so much to tell you and so much to show you! I may have been gone from the blogosphere for a while, but boy! am I ready to come back!

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to create the above fall wreath as quick as sipping on a fabulous espresso macchiatto! (the proof in images – next to the wreath supplies – that I picked from my own backyard – you’ll see a cup of espresso feeding my creativity sip by sip)

diy easy fall wreath

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