DIY Christmas Colorful Sequin Sweater

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What’s better than an easy, 5 minute do-it-yourself sweater? Another 5 minute do-it-yourself Christmas Sweater! Especially when this particular Christmas DIY Sweater is aligned with the biggest trend of the season: sparkle!

Metallics and sequins are a must-wear this winter! Not just because it’s the Holiday Season but simply because after so many athleisure years, things are finally coming together on the fashion front!

I, for one, don’t mind in the slightest! I love a good dose of shine and sequins do provide serious inspiration for many do-it-yourself projects. This particular Christmas Sequins sweater is just the beginning of a long, adventurous crafting road filled with sequins and glitter! Stick around for a serious dose of Christmas Sparkle Cheer! (hit the jump to see this easy fashion DIY!)

colorful sequins diy christmas sweater

So I had this lovely vintage wool sweater that was a bit too plain for my liking (similar sweater here). Since I treasure neutrals in my wardrobe, I have quite the collection of beige, white, off-white, oatmeal sweaters. Call them by whatever name, I still have so many of them!

beige sweaters galore

This one, in particular, had a bit of a shine to it and it was hard to not hear the sequins calling – sequins of which I also own quite a handful, craft oblige!

christmas sequins diy sweater project

With a needle and white thread, the magic started building up little by little as this white sweater was coming to life with so many glittery colorful bits of rainbow (similar sequins here)! The finished look is just so versatile and easy to wear from nine to five and beyond!

christmas sew on sequins diy sweater

These are just a few examples I thought you might find interesting, but styling white sweaters is such a simple task, I wouldn’t want to impose any pairing on you! For my minimalist ladies out there there’s the monochromatic version and I hope those who swear by contrasts and surprising combos don’t feel left behind either!

diy sequin sweater for christmas

Have a merry, sparkling good style time!

disco diy sequin christmas sweater

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