Scenes From Robert Pattinson’s Dior Ad Campaign

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And because we just wrapped up the playtalk about Kate Moss’s next (un)cover project, let’s see what other rumors circulate around the fashion block! Well, well, well! If it ain’t Robert Pattinson, the other half of the Robsten ex-couple! He’s said to have been filmed in quite the explicit advertorial for Dior Perfumes as their next spokesperson come this fall.

Given the broad diffusion of the ad campaign, I doubt that the rumors are true: word is that Robert Pattinson has a lovely bed-time with not one, not two but three ladies just to prove the effective irresistibility of that particular Dior fragrance. If whoever wrote that scenario had in mind some sick retaliation for Kristen Stewart much publicized affair, chances are that the rumors are true. If this is yet another (just as sick) marketing maneuver to obtain more publicity previous to the launch of the actual ad campaign, we’ll just wait and see…

All we have for the moment are these scenes from the Dior ad campaign with Robert Pattinson. Or so they say. Are you familiar with the scenes from any of Mr Pattinson’s movies? could this be cutout from a movie’s context?

scenes from Robert Pattinson Dior ad campaign

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