DIY Easy Party Sequined Fur Jacket

Anyone already nostalgic about the New Year’s Eve party? I know we’re halfway through January already, but if you take a closer look at today’s DIY Party Jacket, you’ll see that it has that all-year-party spirit and aesthetic !

This particular sequined party jacket is the festive child of the last two DIY restyle projects I presented you before Christmas: the incredibly easy diy sequins sweater and the ultra fab DIY pompom jacket. It definitely lives up to the season’s trend (sparkle & metallic in case you forgot) while being extremely simple to do. (now it’s time to hit the jump, see how this party jacket came to be!)

sequined party fur jacket diy

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DIY Unique Pompom Fleece Hoodie

I have this…thing: I pimp pretty much every little thing that enters my wardrobe. I add a bow, I cut a sleeve, I sew, I tear, I customize.

Because as much as I love clothes, I love DIY more! This season, due to a certain shopping detox I embarked on, a craft storm ensued! Nothing escaped it, you’ll see! Today a fluffy pink episode with a fabulous Uniqlo jacket I adore! (I adore pretty much anything and everything Uniqlo! I’ll get back to that later! for now, just hit the jump to see this very simple and very effective restyle diy process!)

how to wear fleece jacket with style

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DIY Christmas Colorful Sequin Sweater

What’s better than an easy, 5 minute do-it-yourself sweater? Another 5 minute do-it-yourself Christmas Sweater! Especially when this particular Christmas DIY Sweater is aligned with the biggest trend of the season: sparkle!

Metallics and sequins are a must-wear this winter! Not just because it’s the Holiday Season but simply because after so many athleisure years, things are finally coming together on the fashion front!

I, for one, don’t mind in the slightest! I love a good dose of shine and sequins do provide serious inspiration for many do-it-yourself projects. This particular Christmas Sequins sweater is just the beginning of a long, adventurous crafting road filled with sequins and glitter! Stick around for a serious dose of Christmas Sparkle Cheer! (hit the jump to see this easy fashion DIY!)

colorful sequins diy christmas sweater

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Easy DIY Christmas Sweater

I just love a good easy do-it-yourself! Especially this season, there’s good reason to wear something festive every day!

Most of the time, I treasure the safety of a neutral outfit and the comfort of a monochromatic ensemble. However, color has entered my life during the dreary pandemic days – it brightened up the lockdown! Since then, every time I feel my energy starting to dip, I summon the powers of the rainbow to fashion me up! December is the perfect month to wear the entire rainbow and get away with it! (continue reading after the jump!)

easy christmas sweater diy

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Finding My Own Style Voice

I am writing these lines while listening to the most recently launched album by Depeche Mode. My all-time favorite music style/band keeping up with their traditions in a mature flavored sauce yet constantly reinventing, revolutionizing, and innovating true to their unique nature
as I am.

I finally saw the light at the end of my clothes piles tunnel! I struggled on so many levels for so many days, months and years trying to see that flicker beyond my new age, my new self tunnel, I now come proudly before you convinced I caught a glimpse of my new destination! (continue reading after the jump)

mirror self style identity

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Confessions of a Shopping Junkie

I’m Cecilia and I’m a shopping addict!
I’d like to take you on a sobering journey – this December 1st I started my shopping sobering road and I’d love it if you would do me the honors to witness my official rehabilitation!

Since we last talked, I’ve had fashion ups and downs but one thing remained a beacon: buying stuff. More stuff. Clothes upon piles of clothes. New seasons clothes, old season clothes, fast fashion clothes, vintage clothes, so many years have gone by and my closets kept becoming smaller and more crammed up by the day without making me feel like I had more options to get dressed in the morning. Does it sound familiar? (keep reading after the jump)

confessions of a shopping junkie

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The Golden Rules Of Sportswear Style

Athleisure – it’s what they call the trend that swept the streets and the clothes racks for almost two years now. Leggings have become pants, pants have become leggings. Not the old cotton leggings but the gym ones. Yoga pants were everywhere – from the gym to the airport, to the grocery store and the casual mall outing!

Now that the athleisure craze is smoothing down, we can finally sift through some valuable info! Yoga pants are far from being pants per se. Sure, the name may trump you into believing that wearing the gym clothes for a quick groceries run still counts as a run, so? gym wear is a must. Is it?

stylish running outfit

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Fall Wreaths (What Goes Around Comes Around)

A simple look around will tell you that I’m a huge fan of wreaths. Summer wreaths, Christmas wreaths, all-year-wreaths make my heart sing! Fall is definitely no different when it comes to decorating!

Hereby a visual of my latest adornments for the front door, back door, kitchen door or any other door or window. Simple, minimalist, natural wreaths for your eyes delight marking the coming back of the richest, kindest of the seasons! Also a perfect pretext I’m using to make a lovely comeback myself!

minimalist fall wreaths

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