The New It Vest Pharrell’s Bullet Proof Moncler Reversible Puffer

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There are times (a crushing majority of presented occasions) when I love a good recycling injection into the fashion process. This vest got me thinking, however. About life. Art. Fashion. And more.

Moncler (an Italian brand) has teamed up with Pharrell, the new design god, in order to release what they think would be a heart-melting, trend-setting collection. The first to make the daylight is the reversible puffer vest as introduced here by Pharrell himself! (the story continues right after the jump!)

Pharrell Williams Moncler bullet proof vest

While it appeared to have a clear glossy finish when it was first released to the press, Pharrell Williams shows his creation in an ordinary, bullet-proof identical finish. I know we constantly have danger’s heavy breathing in our neck, but a bullet-proof vest? A fake one? I think I’ll stay this one out and wait for the Kaiser issuing a Lagerfeld designed road safety vest! It’s all about keeping it real! (via)

Pharrell Moncler vest

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#1 Ellington on 12.16.09 at 5:43 pm

Well if one does attend the Source Awards, one must be safe and stylish, even with fake kevlar. ; )

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