Fall Back In Style!

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My dear friends, how I’ve missed you! Today of all days it’s dreary raining and I’m listening to some thirties swing, sipping on a cup of latte, thinking about how I missed writing and babbling about every little fashion thing with you! With October starting up, I decided it was time to get back on the style track and, maybe, get you all to share with me what you have been doing all summer long and how you prepared for the fall style. And more!

Before I got to actually finish this story, October is almost ending! My, oh my, how time goes by! Let’s get back to fashion before we get to the wintery all hiding parkas and snow boots!

fall style wellies scarf

About that busy, busy summer – I’ll go first: traveling. The summer break proved to be a long, long journey. Sea and mountains combined, the kids and My Adored Husband and I took it upon ourselves to escape the most we’ve ever escaped so far.

Though I admit I bought some very skimpy swimsuits, this summer wasn’t much about fashion. It was more about living and breathing, laughing and coffee, beer and watermelons, lemonade and wild orchids. Whichever the combos, it all worked out perfectly!

I’m happy to say my health is in balance most of the days and my hair grew longer (and thicker), so I’m really enjoying styling longer locks – I will be definitely addressing the hairy issue in the upcoming months! The rashes come and go, so does the gluten from my diet – that too, shall be discussed! ;-)

summer beach sand water stones perfect holiday

I’m still addicted to scarves and all kinds of shoes, earrings, nail polish and hair accessories. I still long for a good ‘DIY a day’ session, listen to fabulous music, sipping on some hot tea or flavored coffee, writing and watercoloring, a good laugh and a strong ristretto, a ruffled hem and a leathery corset ;-)

wellies scarf fall must have

Remember: If you get lost in (fashion) translation, follow these simple rules!

I think we have some stuff to talk about, some very fashionable topics to cling on, stay safe from the wild, wild world outside, focus on the shine within! (btw – have you seen ‘The Gunslinger’? one of my favorite actors, Idris Elba was starring – couldn’t miss it for the world – if you’ve seen it, shall we talk about it a bit?) I hope you enjoyed my boots perched high up in the birch tree – I’ve taken them down today for a puddle walk, along with the colorful scarf, to brighten up the dreary rain.

my favorite color is october poster

What are you wearing today?


#1 keiko on 11.25.17 at 3:38 pm

That was a lovely post – thank you.
October is a wonderful colour but because it is Spring here.
Idris Elba is my pick for 007 – he is the man – imo.
Glad you’re back

#2 kpriss on 12.04.17 at 10:31 am

trying, trying! Happy to have you to come back to!
(I even watched The Dark Tower because of Idris – can’t stand McConaughey -_- )
oh, boy! Did I miss talking to you, Fine Ladies! ^_^

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