Sui He Suggestive Advertising For Mercedes Benz

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It’s Fashion Week time pretty much everywhere in the world (Resort 2014 – what, you think I left out the reports out of sheer oblivion? Nah, it’s all a question of will. An exercise of fashion will.)

So what better time to launch the new Mercedes Benz ad campaign? Featuring the lovely Sui He, the new S Classe comes with a specific set of visual clichés that would normally erase the originality of this advertising initiative, despite its intentional versatility (before Sui He, it was Karlie who played the spokesmodel for Mercedes and before her, it was the gorgeous Joan Smalls).

Just look closely at the video after the jump or at the captions in the gallery to see what I mean…

Sui He Mercedes Benz new ad campaign

Like I previously said, don’t be fooled by the ‘innocent’ advertising. Try to see between the visual lines at (conveniently, an Asian girl:) Sui He blowing a kiss or a luxury car? Or at the visual stand off between Sui and the car which is coincidentally placed between her high heeled stunning pins in a certain perspective.. not to mention the straight line, going right through the middle of the distance between her stilettos. On the highway. Seriously?

Oh, wait, I forgot a teeny-weensy vital detail: the ad was conceived by Carine Roitfeld. Who also threw in her signature cape at the end, in an epic final confrontation between the girl and the 500+ German horsepower. End of a not-so-fashionable-work.

Mercedes Benz new S Classe fashion ad campaign

Mercedes Benz ad campaign Carine Roitfeld

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