Joan Smalls’s Impressive Hairdo For Mercedes Benz Spring 2013 Ad Campaign

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This is definitely an ad campaign made to measure my own heart! Despite of it being a fashion film, it really is funny! And that’s a rare thing in the Fashion Industry where everyone (and their dog) takes everything so darn gloomy seriously!

Joan Smalls is perfect! The car is perfect (duh! It’s a Mercedes Benz! How else could it be?) and Mario Testino captured the joyful spirit of this campaign perfectly as well! I know you can probably imagine the plot just by looking at the picture below, but do take my word for it, nothing beats the real video giggles! Check it out after the jump! (oh, and despite her look in the video, Joan confessed to Grazia that her favorite hairdo is beach hair, down on her shoulders)

(oh, and Happy Hump Day! This campaign is like a breath of fresh air in the middle of a very fashionable week!)

Joan Smalls for Mercedes Ad Campaign by Mario Testino

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