Nicolas Ghesquiere Out From Balenciaga. What’s Next?

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Honestly, I was convinced that after the cheating drama, Kristen Stewart’s career as Balenciaga spokesperson were clearly over. It didn’t happen. Nicolas Ghesquiere’s days as Balenciaga’s creative, instead, have come to an end!

I was really surprised to read the news today, saying that Balenciaga and Ghesquiere’s ways go in opposite directions at the end of this month. Did he know that when he delivered that amazing Spring 2013 collection? (is that a sign? Whenever there’s an outstanding collection happening, it’s actually the designer in question’s way to say goodbye? Hmmm…) So: who’s next at Balenciaga and, most importantly, is Ghesquiere going on his own now?

Nicolas Ghesquiere saying goodbye to Balenciaga


#1 ana on 11.05.12 at 12:37 pm

I dont think he has a name to go on his own. Immense talent , yes.
Vionnet and Schiaparelli are both in search of a great designer.

#2 Riana on 11.05.12 at 1:09 pm

Oh, how I would hail him if he had the nerve to get on by himself. To stand up against further globalisation of fashion. Creating new individualism. Which the world is in need for on so many levels.

The names of Balenciaga, Schiaparelli and Vionnet and so many others belong to the greatest in fashion but also to the past. The former era…..

#3 Riana on 11.06.12 at 4:00 am

The power of some moguls, the world economy, it’s
impossible for great talents to start for themselves. Unless one brave 1% person is rebellious enough to invest.

Of course fashion loving people do recognize Nicolas Ghesquiere’s name. He doesn’t need to prove anything with names from the past. It’s old glory that has gone. We live in another age…..See what happened to the status of Hermès for instance?

(I forgot to add that. But one can dream can’t she?)

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