Your Outfit Can Get You Pictured With A Celebrity!

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I realize that it may just sound like old news for some, but this time it’s just for fun, so play with me a game of ‘How to get pictured next to your idol?’:

A: pure coincidence. In which case, just leave all to the God of Chance.
B: study their whereabouts and just ‘bump’ into them while wearing a tshirt with their face on! This may just be the case with our young fellow below who was wearing a Basic T shirt and ran into Sharon Stone who casually, posed next to him, apparently amused by the entire scenario. Which might or might not have been a case of the B. Maybe it was just hazard and it was meant to be so we would enjoy a natural Sharon Stone dressed casually half-boho chic, half western.

Always loved her. Never understood her poor taste in movie scenarios…

casual Sharon Stone western boho style


#1 Appollonia on 06.20.13 at 3:34 am

I adore Sharon Stone. I think she’s a great actress and a nice personality.

Her poor taste in movies? What has Hollywood to offer for an actress ‘her age’? It’s going worse….I even read somewhere that Amy Adams “is too old to play Lois Lane”….yesh, right……

When the Oscar’s were still fun to watch Sharon appeared in a high waisted long black skirt and a white shirt of her then husband Phil Bronstein. I remember that because that year a Dutch movie won in The Foreign Movies category. She presented the Oscar proudly with some Dutch words. :)

#2 Jac on 06.20.13 at 6:06 am

Sharon Stone had / has great style long before it was ‘vogue’! I thought she was great in Law & Order – a few seasons back.

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