Fashion’s Hottest Game: Get Lagerfeld’s Sunglasses

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Karl Lagerfeld, we already know, likes to get his restless hands into everything, everywhere, anywhere, as long as it keeps him busy. What’s he done this time? A video game (with tokidoki)! Just when we thought he couldn’t get more cartoonish than his normally cartoonish self!

The game is called ‘I want Karl’s sunglasses’ (in original: Je Veux Les Lunettes de Karl) and it’s trying to get you snatch his famous shades. However, if you lose, something that sounds like der Kaiser’s own voice announces you that ‘Karl has no more time for you’! Because even in pixel form, Karl Lagerfeld is still better than you! Any doubts? Feel free to play it yourself: jeveuxleslunettesdekarl dot com! (don’t think for a second that this is free of interest as behind the video game is Lagerfeld’s eyewear distributor in France, as Fashionista pointed it out! The final’s laugh’s still on Karl, duh!)

Karl Lagerfeld sunglasses game

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