Model At Work: Cara Delevingne DKNY Ad Campaign

I know, I said something about weekend inspiration, but let’s look at this from another perspective: yes, it’s a working day for a model. But Cara Delevingne isn’t your average model. Is the model of the moment! As such, she’s getting all the attention while on or off-duty and her latest job was shooting the upcoming DKNY Ad Campaign.

Working hard, Cara posed in downtown New York in all kinds of fancy outfits and stylish getups. But that’s not what I wanted to discuss. Not even the fact that Cara may just be replacing Ashley Greene in next season’s DKNY campaigns. I wanted to discuss Cara’s work-ittude. Her ‘in-office’ mojo.

model at work Cara Delevingne shooting in New York

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Marc Jacobs First Movie Role Wardrobe: Disconnect-ed From His Designer Look

As I was saying earlier, today I’m trying to gather as many inspiring ideas as I can for the weekend. And more. One of the things I love doing the most during my off-duty time is watching a movie or a TV series episode (that’s mostly for ‘when the kids are asleep and all the work around the house is done or I’m too beat up to lift a finger, let alone dust&clean’).

Let’s talk movies, for a brief moment: Marc Jacobs, my dahlings, is starring in a movie. Actually, he already did the acting thing, now it’s up to us to do the watching. ‘Disconnect’ is the name, and it just ran a special screening at the MoMa last night.

Marc Jacobs actor Disconnect

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Rosie Huntington Whiteley Amazing New Hair: Same As Her Old Hair!

So the weekend is upon us, my dahlings! What are your plans for these two days of (official) Spring? Cozy up? Warm up (since the weather isn’t nice enough for pretty florals and strappy sandals)? Fashion up? Let’s see if you can find inspiration here today!

I’ll start with a little piece of disconcerting news, a few lines that really got me thinking about the state of the press and the role of the news-starters around the Internet. The same Internet that – I don’t know if you noticed but it just – isn’t made of cats like everyone suspected a while back. The Internet, my dahlings, is made of ‘spectacular’: a cat, a mouse, a darn spot of dust, whatever you pick, it must be extraordinary, outstanding, out of the ordinary by a Moon-length, simply stunning and so forth.

That’s how you get your daily Internet dose: with outstanding on the side and an extraordinary dressing. Actually: make that (extraordinary dressing) a double!

How I came to that? And why am I even mentioning it? Because of this spectacular haircut sported by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Which haircut – you’ll ask? And no, there’s nothing wrong with the pictures. It’s in the news. In the reporting quality and the worthy material. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, my dahlings, cut about 2 – 3 inches of her hair length and that makes it a worthy inquiry for the readers: ‘what do you think of her new look?’. Yes. Let’s discuss that, shall we? Her ‘new look’. Pffff!

Rosie Huntington Whiteley Amazing new hair

Caroline Trentini Is Pregnant: Check Out Her Model Baby Bump!

We’ve seen so many pregnant models, that we thought we’ve seen it all! When it comes to pregnant models, actually there’s not much to be seen. Their baby bump is so teeny tiny that it puts the rest of us to shame!

Remember we discussed about Caroline Trentini and her wedding? Here she is in her wedding dress designed by Olivier Theyskens, smiling heavenly and, on the right, a barely released picture of Caroline Trentini’s 5months pregnant baby bump! Amazing, right? I’ve had pasta looking more ‘bump’-ish than that!

Caroline Trentini from wedding to baby bump

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Beyonce Wants Us To Wear H&M This Summer!

I was actually thinking about H&M this morning and more specifically about their iconic designer collaborations – it’s been a while since their last, and although it was reportedly a flop, I don’t believe they’ll put a stop to their high fashion collections. Until the next one drops, however, here’s some style crumbs to feast on: Beyonce H&M Summer 2013 Ad Campaign.

Not many images have been made available, however, it’s a step in the right direction on which speculations have been circulating ever since Bey was caught on camera posing in the Bahamas, mid-January. It’s a go, people: H&M took Beyonce in the Bahamas for a nice round of commercial advertising photography.

Beyonce H and M Summer 2013 ad campaign

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Kidswear Fashion Week: Good Or Bad?

I was browsing through the news, read this piece and moved on. But something made me come back and read it again. Think it through, peruse the image gallery and ask myself if we really needed this!

Kidswear Fashion Week, formally named ‘Global Kids’ Fashion Week’, in short GKFW as their first ever Global Fashion Week season just happened. It lasted two days, was held in Freemason’s Hall, in London and hosted established designers’ collections but also up-and-coming, emerging new talents in the field. Kidswear Fashion Week. Really?

first Global Kids Fashion Week

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Bond Girl Nails: OPI Bond Girls Liquid Sand Polish Collection

Talking about simple pleasures: I said it before, nails and nail polish are definitely among my addictions and, as a though-and-through OPI girl, I was really excited to read about the launch of yet another nail polish collection from the leader brand in such products.

OPI Bond Girls Nail Polish collection: six gorgeous liquid sand nail polish nuances perfect for movie aficionados and nail fanatics all around the world. The collection will launch in just a month and will retail for $9 each (suggested retail price). If you’re curious and want to know more, all you have to do is hit the jump!

Bond Girls nails OPI Liquid Sand Bond Girls Polish

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Marion Cotillard New Lady Dior Bags Campaign: Look, But Don’t Touch!

We already knew, acknowledged, accepted and got through somehow with handbags being so iconic and haute that one would actually go as far as paying the same amount of money on a bag as they would on a fancy schmancy car. 5-figure bag prices aren’t unusual anymore.

But they’re bags. Carry-all pouches meant to make our lives easier. Oh, well! Here’s Marion Cotillard who’s fighting the bag-temptation in the latest Lady Dior Ad Campaign. The sought-after Dior handbag on a pedestal, next to Dior-outfitted Marion: look but don’t touch. That’s what a real bag is for these days, my dahlings!

Marion Cotillard Lady Dior bags campaign 2013

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