The Useful T Shirt Integrates A Pocket In Plain Sight

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Talking about t shirts and the role they’re playing in our lives: if they can get you in a picture next to someone famous, they can also be useful in a practical sense. The Hand T Shirt, in this case, features a print of a hand with an integrated transparent pocket where you can insert anything you like (size does matter in this case, don’t be stuffing a cat in that pocket and play kangaroo!).

The result is pretty cool and offbeat and can make you feel innovative or just different and others may believe that it’s all a print, and that you’re hiding your iPod in plain sight. Or, on the contrary, by wearing in iPod in that specific pocket, you may just have rendered the thieves lives considerably easier. Your choice. Either way, it’s just a t shirt! It can either make you or break you!

hand tshirt transparent pocket

black or white hand tshirt

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