Why Did Ghesquiere Leave Balenciaga: The Revealing Interview!

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I told you about that reading period I was going through right now and about being struck by the Balenciaga ad published earlier. But let me get some reading out of my ‘System’ now…

A piece from System Magazine in which Nicolas Ghesquiere unreservedly talks about his departure from Balenciaga! You wanted to know more about that, admit it! Well, here’s your chance as Ghesquiere comes clean about the whys and the hows of his parting roads with the Balenciaga maison where he was the beating heart and the visionary mind for 15 years!

And, after reading the lines after the jump, start praying for Alexander Wang and his fashion integrity after entering the Balenciaga circle…

why did Nicolas Ghesquiere leave Balenciaga

…[…] over the last two or three years it became one frustration after another. It was really that lack of culture which bothered me in the end. The strongest pieces that we made for the catwalk got ignored by the business people. […] I started to become unhappy when I realised that there was no esteem, interest, or recognition for the research that I’d done; they only cared about what the merchandisable result would look like. […] There are people I’ve worked with who have never understood how fashion works.

Worried already? I only hope for the best for Nicolas Ghesquiere and I’m certain his fashion genius star will shine bright again, hopefully even stronger than before. My prayers go towards Alexander Wang who suddenly looks endangered in the dry Balenciaga landscape described by Ghesquiere… (you can read more from this revealing interview here)

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