1 Girl, 6 Different Fabulous Hairstyles: Anja Rubik Vogue Russia July 2013

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Fact: I have a weakness for Anja Rubik. Fact: I have a weakness for hair, especially the curly variety. Put these two together and you’ll see why I really wanted to discuss Anja’s Vogue Russia July 2013 feature. It’s just explosively fashionable!

Photographed by Richard Bush and styled by Sarah Richardson, Anja wears six different hairstyles in even more different fashion styles/poses. From the cover where her natural hair is curled up and chaotically spiraled into a Medusa Gorgon titled main pictorial, to the slick back hair hinting at Sharon Stone’s Basic’s power hairdo, Anja’s features are so versatile and the styling team behind this Vogue issue so professional that I liked almost every one of her shots.

Anja Rubik curly hair Vogue Russia July 2013 cover

And you know I’m a faithful practitioner of the ‘let’s agree to disagree’ policy. Admiring fashion magazines pictorials has always been a hobby of mine and sharing them with you doubled the enjoyment. However, I always felt the impulse to comment about the clothes, the poses or the models. Because we weren’t all created equals, especially in our fashion tastes, a spirited debate on this or that magazine feels like a lovely way to spend a coffee break. What say you?

To me, although very static and lifeless, the pictorial has its charms and wit pending more on the style exploit territory than on the summer fashionland. But I’m not familiar with the Russian fashion ways and fashion magazines are supposed to be avantgarde, avantseason, avanttaste.

Anja Rubik curly hair Vogue Russia July 2013

And how do you feel about Anja’s Vogue Russia pictorial? (I only included a selection from the entire pictorial, you can see more here)

Anja Rubik platinum hair Vogue Russia July 2013

Anja Rubik dark hair Vogue Russia July 2013

Anja Rubik slick back 80s hair Vogue Russia

Anja Rubik futuristic hair updo Vogue Russia

Anja Rubik dark short hair Vogue Russia

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