Dare To Wear The Superhero Caped Socks?

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Superheroes are so hot right now! Everybody wants a piece of them: every theater, every magazine, every designer! But what’s hotter than a superhero in his tight supercostume? A superhero in his supersocks, biensur!

More so since they fit the legend: you can always wear them under your clothes, cape included and then just take everything off and keep your superhero socks on… What? we discussed about the latest Not-So-Fashionable-Work of Mercedes’ ad campaign, about Saint Laurent’s roller skates, I think supersocks will just blend perfectly in the scenario! And the idea of wearing socks with a cape is just simply irresistible! Slip into Superman’s socks or in Wonder Woman’s socks! (oh, and in exchange for a pair of the super caped socks, you have to pay appx $16)

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