Hedi Slimane Brings Back Roller Skates

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I’m always contemplating with undissimulated admiration the brilliant work of some designers who know how to take the ‘less is more’ slogan literally and twist it into their advantage over and over again. Hedi Slimane is one of those designers who, in my perception, is either having the best of times by laughing his eyes out at his potential customers or is a sheer genius both commercially and fashion-wise.

His latest launch? A limited edition roller-skates under the Saint Laurent label, ready to hit the ring this fall 2013. The classic black and white sneaker and the high quality Krypto Impulse rollers are only available in selected stores and via preorder. I don’t know what’s coming next, but I think he covered pretty much every aspect of the young and spoiled fashion population, wouldn’t you say? Maybe it’s time he moved on?

Fashionable roller skates Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent limited edition Roller Skates

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