How Do You Like Kate Moss With Curly Hair?

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Did you ever stop and wonder if hair straightening shouldn’t be regarded as a legitimate addiction? Regardless of the aesthetic importance and the increased manageability of one’s hair, I propose a sincere vote to categorize straightening hair as an addiction, and as such, proliferate it as an unhealthy practice!

When I gave away my fourth hair straightener, years ago, my gf asked me if I was in my right minds and if I was sure it was what I wanted. Yes! It was! It’s been more than 6 years now that I’m straightener-free and living a happy natural-hair life! Seeing Kate Moss with curly hair prompted this entire tirade against straighteners and whoever strongly swears by them!

Attending the amFAR Gala in Brazil this weekend, Kate Moss changed her usually straight, unkept hairstyle and sported some seriously retro glamorous waves. Which suited her heavenly! But reading the news titles reporting that Kate forgot to use her straightener really infuriated me!

Kate Moss curly hair amFAR Brazil

First off: Kate Moss has straight hair. Second: what’s wrong with curly/wavy hair, people? I tell you what’s wrong: it’s really dry and it knots like in 2 seconds after brushing it and you have to be particularly careful about hydrating it. But other than that? Curly/wavy hair has an unimaginably bouncy life of its own, an unmissable mind of its own and, generally, needs less tending to than other hair types. Maybe that’s where the secret lies: we don’t want people feeling independent from complicated beauty regimes, do you? We want them to believe that curly/wavy hair isn’t beautiful enough so they keep on using more and more specific beauty rituals and styling tools.

Kate Moss black dress plunging neckline curly hair amFAR

Well, thank you Kate for showing us that curls are still great on a woman and that even a huge profile fashion person like yourself can wear curls with no fear of looking ridiculous or out-of-fashion!

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#1 Appollonia on 04.08.13 at 10:46 am

Ha, I have had an ’80’s perm….I hardly dare to show it but I would love the newest perm which provide a slightly wave to your hair.
I think she looks nice. Although her eyelids show she’s a drinker. But she’s British…..sorry Brittans, I needed almost rehab after every holiday ;)

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