An Interview Got Ghesquiere A Lawsuit From Balenciaga!

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If you’re barely entering the fashion world and, as an amateur, you think it’s the promise land of wardrobe creativity, this may open your eyes. If you’re living under a rock and don’t have the proper height of perspective to see the entire fashion land and its rules, this may be your elevator.

Remember how everyone was surprised by Nicolas Ghesquiere‘s sudden decision to part ways with the house of Balenciaga? And then a certain interview came along and we found out why he decided to leave the maison he had drove to vertigo-inducing heights of success? Just in case you need to refresh your memory, the interview mentioned something about Balenciaga defectuous management and the lack of vision driving the fashion house into an abyss of solitude for the designer?

Nicolas Ghesquiere interview got him a lawsuitAnd you know how the truth hurts sometimes? Well, it did hurt some mighty people in the Balenciaga house and so they decided to file a lawsuit against Ghesquiere for ‘breach of duty of confidentiality’.

Had they left it alone, some people would’ve concluded that Ghesquiere was just bitter talking and that he was just fired and upset about that. But no. They just had to feel offended. They just had to go legal and public about it so that now it’s clear for everyone that Nicolas was telling the truth…

pffff! Bad management, he said? it figures…

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