The Useful T Shirt Integrates A Pocket In Plain Sight

Talking about t shirts and the role they’re playing in our lives: if they can get you in a picture next to someone famous, they can also be useful in a practical sense. The Hand T Shirt, in this case, features a print of a hand with an integrated transparent pocket where you can insert anything you like (size does matter in this case, don’t be stuffing a cat in that pocket and play kangaroo!).

The result is pretty cool and offbeat and can make you feel innovative or just different and others may believe that it’s all a print, and that you’re hiding your iPod in plain sight. Or, on the contrary, by wearing in iPod in that specific pocket, you may just have rendered the thieves lives considerably easier. Your choice. Either way, it’s just a t shirt! It can either make you or break you!

hand tshirt transparent pocket

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Your Outfit Can Get You Pictured With A Celebrity!

I realize that it may just sound like old news for some, but this time it’s just for fun, so play with me a game of ‘How to get pictured next to your idol?’:

A: pure coincidence. In which case, just leave all to the God of Chance.
B: study their whereabouts and just ‘bump’ into them while wearing a tshirt with their face on! This may just be the case with our young fellow below who was wearing a Basic T shirt and ran into Sharon Stone who casually, posed next to him, apparently amused by the entire scenario. Which might or might not have been a case of the B. Maybe it was just hazard and it was meant to be so we would enjoy a natural Sharon Stone dressed casually half-boho chic, half western.

Always loved her. Never understood her poor taste in movie scenarios…

casual Sharon Stone western boho style

Chanel Coco Cocoon Bags Lookalikes. With A Conscience

I know how it sounds, but just look at this bag below: doesn’t it look like one of Chanel’s Coco Cocoon bags series? To me it does! There’s a slight difference, though: while the Chanel Coco Cocoon quilted series looks like a sky jacket turned into an emergency, shapeless, design-less bag, the Lexon bags not only do they look like paper, which makes them super cool, but they also have a conscience as in the material is recyclable!

And light as air. Hence – probably – the name of the collection, Luggages Air. I bet that if the monks video taped earlier during their private jet flight with a Louis Vuitton travel bag would’ve used a Lexon instead, people would’ve been like ‘aaaaaaw! Look at them: people of faith! Their luggage is made of painted paper!’…

eco conscious bags

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Flapper Does It Better: The Great Gats-Psy Style

Sounds complicated? You have to watch/listen to the cover then! Remember Psy and his viral, intoxicating Gangnam Style hit? Do you know that he released a second single, Gentleman? Trying to replicate the success he experienced with Gangnam Style? He didn’t. (I think. I hope!) What he did was a grotesque video exemplifying how he is anything but a Gentleman, times and times again (I can’t and won’t add it not even for comparison purposes).

Thus making this cover a relevant one as I feel the need to remind us all that it’s all about the right style approach! This Vintage 1920s cover of Psy’s Gentleman is way better, more refined and simply charming than the original. And yes, I could totally see this played at one of J Gatsby’s chaotic parties! Wouldn’t you? Hit the jump to experience the Postmodern Jukebox cover culture!

Psy Gentleman vintage cover

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Hottest Watch Of 2013: Vianney Halter $200,000 Deep Space Tourbillon

Every now and then, I allow myself to freely contemplate and admire the fine mechanism and the artistic dimension of a timepiece. But almost each and every one of those instances, the prices and the overall conditions required to obtain the said timepieces are so draconian, that the only extravagance I still afford is talking about them and staring intensively at the pictures.

Today it’s Vianney Halter’s Deep Space Tourbillon. If you’re thinking that ‘Deep Space’ has anything to do with Star Trek’s famous sequel, you’re spot on as Vianney Halter was indeed inspired by the 180 episodes of Deep Space Nine he had watched and the original Star Trek series he re-watched prior and during the making of this new watch.

Deep Space Tourbillon Vianney Halter

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One Direction Nail Polish; Anti-Bullying PSA

Awareness comes by any means and travels by any communication route, the purpose being to get more coverage, to get more people involved and carrying. The Anti-Bullying Campaign is something of wide concern and implication and although I applaud the One Direction commercial initiative, I don’t see how it will impact on the matter itself. But maybe you can help me see more sides to this story?

The new generation’s boys band par excellence, One Direction, teamed with Office Depot for a nail polish collection carried on through a PSA to be played at all and every concert they sustain on the US soil (and perhaps even further the US borders?). Together against bullying includes more than just nail polish, but that’s what caught my eye more than anything. Pens, stickers, notebooks, they’re all available through your nearest Office Depot store.

One Direction nail polish

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Juicy Couture New Fashionable Ad Campaign By Inez & Vinoodh

Clearly a far cry from the company’s last ad campaign which featured Karlie Kloss and an outdoor setting, the new Fall 2013 Juicy Couture ad campaign with fashion’s new hot model Andreea Diaconu and Edita Vilkeviciute look surprisingly good. For a fashfitness lesson.

What’s fashfitness? I will try to explain it the best I can as I just came up with the word and seems like an honest, representative concept for countless occasions. Including this one. Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele styled the two girls in a series of up and down, curved, bent and all around gymnastic-y poses for Inez and Vinoodh‘s cameras that try to set an entirely new standard of defying gravity and comfort in the name of fashion photography.

Juicy Couture fall 2013 ad campaign

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Everybody Loves Louis Vuitton! Even Buddhist Monks!

In other LV related news of the day: have you seen the word of the internet as of two days now? It’s fashion related but it really triggered a world of response and not all of it positive. It involves Louis Vuitton luggage and a couple of Buddhist monks, a jet, some mirrored sunglasses, iPhones and worldly possessions that would normally describe fashionable individuals.

But wait, they’re monks! Something’s not right here, is it? Countless news outlets hurried up in releasing statements with regards to the temptations of the monks or their rules of conduct. But that doesn’t change the simple truth: a Louis Vuitton monogram bag is just as appealing to a humble Servant of (any) God as it is to mere mortals, fashionable or not. Yes, this may not be your regular preach&teacher Buddhist monk but they sure live connected to the world. (hit the jump to watch the actual video)

Buddhist monk Vuitton bag

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