Would You Buy A Food Magazine Promoted&Covered By Karlie Kloss?

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I know, I know, I’m usually not here to judge, but you know how everything is image-related nowadays and remembering the reactions Karlie Kloss provoked when she did that Vogue Italia issue some months ago, I just don’t understand this project she’s in…

Cherry Bombe is a biannual magazine about women and food. That’s how they describe themselves. For their first issue ever, I was surprised to discover they chose Karlie Kloss as a cover girl! Karlie. And food. This is either a very smart or a plain uninspired choice from the good people at Cherry Bombe!

Smart because seeing Karlie eat and knowing how she looks like and that she’s a professional model could set a wonderful example for young ladies but also a false incentive to eat and think that good genes would/could take care of the rest. Which they don’t…

Karlie Kloss Cherry Bombe Foodie Magazine Cover

Plain uninspired because Karlie Kloss is not your average Martha Stewart-like host. She’s not even close to the status or the popularity among foodies. So what brings her on the cover of a women&food magazine? Her Karlie’s Kookies initiative? Yeah, sure, she may stock on healthy snacks, cookies and diet whatnots, but Karlie’s barely at her legal age (will be turning 21 this August). Single and not yet a mother. Her metabolism is just as close to youth’s perfection as humanly possible. I rather take my foodie advices from someone who’s been through rough&tough and knows how to handle both a sweet tooth, a post-partum depression and a snapping back in shape after birth but also a perfectly active&modern life as a working wife&mother. But that’s just me, I’m sure the nice Cherry Bombe people will take care of every aspect once their magazine is out…

what is Karlie Kloss eating

Until then… we can only wait and congratulate Karlie Kloss on her healthy snacking habits! I promise, though, if I ever put my hands on a Chanel bag (which would be, biensur, mine to have and hold foreveeer and eveeeeerrrr), I would stuff it with equally (and more) healthy snacks! A promise is a promise! I will keep mine if the said Chanel bag will keep its end and just… Be. Mine. (wink)


#1 Lacey on 05.17.13 at 11:43 am

While I agree, I could relate to and be more interested in food talk from someone older and more experienced I think you’re being a bit judgmental towards karlie. Sure, she’s got a super metabolism (I’d like to assume that instead of an eating disorder but as a recovering anorexic, I know that’s a realistic possibility) but I’m 23 have had 2 kids, ppd and time crunches, while recovering from an eating disorder and ocd. I myself am really thin with a very high metabolism trying very hard to gain weight. So even though she’s young and thin, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t have anything to say. With that being said, I worry about her health as I’ve seen some scary pictures of her before photoshopping.

#2 kpriss on 05.18.13 at 9:26 am

Thing is, I’ve been waify all my life and I’ve seen, from my experience, that people don’t necessarily come to me for kitchen recipes ;-) . I guess I was wondering if this (Karlie – foodie) is a marketing trick, trying to get into people’s minds that models do tend to eat (nobody said they don’t go rushing into the toilets after a good healthy dinner, just to make it all come out just the way it came in, to put it delicately). Or I’m just being paranoid about thin people not making good foodies because their weight doesn’t give them enough credibility in butter ounces. Lolz!

Thanks for being so honest and talking about your experience, it’s really touching, Lacey!

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