World’s Hottest Supermodel According To Vogue US June 2013: Kate Upton

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That’s disputable, honestly. But if a fashion entity such as Vogue is claiming that not only they found the hottest model on Earth, but that she’s really the antithesis of everything and anything a model represented in our eyes previous to this cover! Kate Upton is clearly not your average girl-model. But then again, why should she be? We’re all different and diversity makes beauty.

Let’s dig deeper, though. What makes Kate Upton so different, so desirable and so ‘hot’ as to bring her on June’s cover of Vogue US as photographed by Testino before many girls/women whose curriculum goes way back in fashion and media in general? Could it be because her birthday is coming up, on June 10th? Nah, I have my birthday coming up in June and nobody asked me to be in Vogue! (modest much? wink) So: back to square one. Why Kate Upton? Why is she the American Dream Girl?

Kate Upton Vogue June 2013 cover

Is it because of her many Sports Illustrated covers? Because of her incessantly viral YouTube videos showing her dance to whatever tune and wearing the tiniest bikinis? I sometimes wonder and marvel at what shoots people through the fame rooftops and how they manage to stay relevant for more than just a blink. And the answer would be money. And connections. You’ve got those, throw in a blond mane, some curves and desire to aspire and you pretty much concocted Kate Upton’s fame recipe.

Kate Upton Vogue US June 2013 photo

It’s funny how the American dream girl came so close in taking Kim Kardashian’s place in the hottest internet searches last year! Not that I would expect people to Google Rembrandt or silly nonsense like that. No, bouncing breasts is clearly a far more appealing search!

Kate Upton Vogue US June 2013 helicopter picture

Since Marilyn, America has been trying to get their sweetheart back. Same allure, same values, same worth. And Kate Upton seems to be the perfect answer to that. She has the drive and the desire to be known, seen and appreciated. Born in a sports fanatic family Kate Upton had already won several titles in equestrian competitions before the age of seventeen. She then pursued the modeling way all the way up to NY’s Elite. Where she suddenly felt she wasn’t moving too fast. She wasn’t as high as she would’ve wanted. The best career move she could come up with was Sports Illustrated. And then a short video with the famed Uncle Terry where she was fully showcasing her bouncing talents (I wonder if they didn’t give her a Vogue cover so that she wouldn’t knock at Hugh Hefner’s house and ask him for a cover and ruin all her chances at being a real sweetheart. We can get over her Sports Illustrated, even over her GQ’s. But I doubt she could ever have ditched her house bunny ears&tail!).

Kate Upton Vogue US June 2013 striped swimsuit

Well, you can’t blame her for being attractive. You can’t blame her for being popular, so what exactly makes people unhappy with Kate Upton? Her cliché, maybe? All the wrong reasons for being good? The same over-sensualisation of a young woman? The same hyper-objectification of a woman, of her body and her natural appeal? That’s what’s bothering me most when I see Kate Upton.

Kate Upton Vogue US June 2013 by Mario Testino

Sure, I’m not naively expecting Miss Universe to be an astrophysicist but I do expect beauty clichés to evolve. And Kate Upton is showing us that nothing has changed in the last 60 years. Oh, and by the way: Marilyn was also born in June. America sure loves them June blond girls, huh?

Kate Upton Vogue US June 2013 horse photo

Kate Upton vogue June 2013 pictorial Kate Upton Vogue beach photo Kate Upton Vogue June 13 Testino pictorial


#1 ana on 05.14.13 at 3:34 am

She looks beautiful here. I like the Brook Shields -ish eyebrows, her hair, she looks skinner and most important, the fitting of her clothes is correct.Finally she is not rubbing her b++bs on my face …
But the posing is really boring and she still looks no Vogue material to me, sorry.
A new low for Ana Wintour.
PS: What is wrong with her hand in the picture number 4 ( holding the glass water)? I am sure I am seeing a detached finger on the back of the glass…

#2 kpriss on 05.14.13 at 7:29 am

interesting observations ana! :) I’ll have to look in the mirror myself, see what my hands would look like in the situation ;-)
but oh-so-cliche! everything!

#3 Ellington on 05.14.13 at 8:43 pm

It is a cliched soft sell to convince the world that she is THE WORLD’S HOTTEST SUPERMODEL… ALONG WITH G. PALTROW BEING THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN THE WORLD!!!

(cheese-whiz on toast, why do they subject us with this bland pap?)

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