Rooney Mara Goes Downtown For Calvin Klein Perfume Ad

What is this? Calvin Klein day? Rooney Mara who, since she was styled for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, became someone whose style and looks are synonymous with off-beat, atypical and fashion avant-garde, is the face chosen by Calvin Klein to represent his newest fragrance for women: Downtown.

Scheduled for release this July, Downtown’s advertising campaign was photographed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino while the video commercial (of which we know nothing momentarily) was directed by the great David Fincher. Usually, Calvin Klein’s perfumes are some of the best selling in the industry and I’m certain that this won’t be the exception, especially with such professional help as Mondino and Fincher.

Rooney Mara Calvin Klein new perfume ad campaign

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Fashion At 44: Christy Turlington Flawless Harper’s Bazaar June 2013

After having heard about Christy Turlington Burns getting back on the Calvin Klein advertising projects, I discovered today that she was on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar June-July 2013! This definitely marks a comeback for the gorgeous model! Which is excellent since she’s really one remarkable woman, both in and out.

Harper’s covers (newsstand and subscribers) were both excellently done with minimal visual effort, black and white and Christy. She brings all the magic! And although I really love her wide, honest smile (from the newsstand cover), the gorgeous Tom Ford zebra dress on the second cover is just breathtaking! There’s something iconic in that picture taken by Daniel Jackson. Something unwritten, unspoken, unclear but undoubtedly amazing!

Christy Turlington Harper s Bazaar June July 2013 covers

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Dare To Wear These Black Cat Tights?

You know what they used to say: that the Internet was made of cats? It’s hard to reach the same level of popularity our beloved furry felines have reached through the years. Memes, whatnots, they’re part of our daily internet routine. If ever Facebook changes logo, they should really consider integrating a cat-feature in there somewhere. A tail, maybe?

From our Japanese fashionistas who just looove feisty dressing and seem so fearless about their wardrobe: the Neko character tail tights really make a statement. A cat head on your knees and tails on the back of your legs, there’s no way you could walk down the street unnoticed. I wonder if they could do a customizable print? Like put on the grumpy cat’s face on the front? For – you know – those days when your muscles just won’t curl up in a smile?

And, as you’d expect, they’re out of stock but restocking in less than a month. Enough time to dream about and imagine an entire Harajuku wardrobe! Don’t expect it to come cheap, though – this pair of black cat tights alone is $30 at the japantrendshop dot com!

black cat tights

Wear Your Message, Dance Your Words: Puma Dance Dictionary

Dancing has always been a part of my life. Not in a professional way, though. I just felt it. I felt like dancing. And danced. Took a lesson here and there, but nothing serious, I felt like there was too much limitation just learning some steps and strictly repeating them routinely. Dance is too free for that. Dance is alive. We breathe life into it.

Puma Dance Dictionary brings together two of my biggest passions: dance and clothes. Just imagine in how many ways your wardrobe would be radically revolutionized if any time, at any moment, you’d be wearing just the clothes you could dance in! If you would wear shoes you could dance in! If you’re going to a lazy patch or just feeling dreary, bookmark this video and watch it. Replay it again and again. Put on your favorite song, get your rear up and moving, feel that music! Express that music! Free yourself. Clothes should be helping you achieve that.

If they don’t, you need to change. Get comfy! Get creative. Express what you’re feeling inside! It’s like working out, only a zillion times better and more rewarding! Ready? Hit the jump, press play!

Puma Dance Dictionary initiative

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Sea, Sun, Sandy Model: Andreea Diaconu Vogue Paris June 2013

Did I already tell you that I’m a summer child? Of course I did. I keep bragging about it during the hot days and whining about it during the cold months. Now that it’s warm outside and I’m approaching my Bday, my mind only wanders on warm sandy beaches, carelessly ignoring the sunscreen and the prolonged sun exposure warnings. In my mind I set my own rules and walk endlessly on the hot sand of my imagination.

Emanuelle Alt can’t be just as free as I am in my mind. Or in my life for that matter. Her existence is controlled by advertisers and whatnots, constantly dictating her what to do, when or how to do it. What? you weren’t naively thinking that we, mere consumers, would really control Emmanuelle Alt’s decisions as editor chez Vogue Paris? Or Anna Wintour’s for that matter!

As such, I suggest we embrace and make the most of this already cliché June/July cover of Vogue Paris as photographed by Mario Sorrenti. Andreea Diaconu is a lovely young lady, from what I could see of her walking runway after runway, a professional model, well deserving the attention. Too bad everyone will compare her cover with last year’s Gisele’s. Which was also about a gorgeous model wrapped up in warm sand on a sunny beach somewhere…

beach ready Andreea Diaconu June July 2013 Vogue Paris

Donna Karan Sensual Fall 2013 Ad Campaign

They would’ve celebrated their 30th year of marriage this year if it wasn’t for cancer. Donna Karan’s husband, Stephan Weiss died in 2001 of lung cancer (since cancer is the topic du jour thanks to Angelina’s brave coming out). He was her partner, her inspiration. Donna Karan decided to make her Fall 2013 Ad Campaign about him. In a way.

Also because she organized a show with Stephan Weiss’ art recently and she suddenly became aware of the countless liaisons between the world of arts (and artists in general) and fashion. And here I was, naively thinking that fashion was art in the first place. Money talks. Louder than art.

Back to Donna Karan’s campaign, wwd reports that it was photographed by Mikael Jansson while Cathering McNeil and Andres Velencoso starred in a visual love story hinting back at Donna Karan and her story with her late husband. Not bad. It just lacks the chemistry and the real feel. Other than that, it looks artistic and epic. Doesn’t it? (I wonder if this first teaser stand for ‘first base’…)

sensual fashion Donna Karan Fall 2013 campaign

Cara Delevingne’s Tattoo, Skin Rash, Black Dress On Cannes 2013 Red Carpet

Another Red Carpet, another black dress for Cara Delevingne. Also Burberry (just in case: last time she wore a black Burberry dress to an official fancy event, it was at the 2013 Met Punk Gala, 10 days ago). This time, the electric blond haired fashion darling brought more than just her cleavage and her charms to the party.

She also brought her new tattoo! Cara Delevingne inked a gorgeous lion head on her right index finger. It’s a pretty interesting location and a pretty interesting tattoo. Far more beautiful than Bieber’s ink, anyway!

Cara Delevingne black lace dress Cannes 2013 Red Carpet

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Christy Turlington For Calvin Klein Underwear

Calvin Klein Underwear ad campaigns seem so keep on being controversial for the past couple of years that despite my undissimulated love for their lingerie, all I can do is cross my fingers for them not to make it on a bus or a bus stop panel where kids can see them. Thus I totally embrace the news that Christy Turlington Burns was signed in for the next Calvin Klein underwear campaign.

She’s just… Perfect! They won’t try with her what they could try with newer models, put them in a too-provocative pose. Christy is so iconic and flawless, radiant and just unbelievable all around, they won’t mess with her quality and lower it at a scandalous level of marketing. I’m thankful for that and I’m certain that Mario Sorrenti, who as also reportedly contracted to photograph the campaign, will deliver a great visual result. Welcome back Christy! We missed you!

Christy Turlington Burns new Calvin Klein Underwear ad campaign

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