What Your Hair Bow Says About You!

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Remember yesterday when I told you that, officially, hats are my new headbands? It’s true. I was wearing a lot of hair bows, bow ties and any kind of bow that could be pinned in my hair. A lot of hairbands. Now I only wear a scarf in my hair every now and then, tied in a bow, or a bow at the back, hiding my high bun bobby pins.

Today I found the most precious piece of vintage fashion & beauty dealing with the hair bows and their signification! It’s from an old issue of Life magazine (March 1944) and it was part of a larger story called “High School Fads”. I guess it’s a Back to School day today, huh?

how to wear your hairbow sends dating signals

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#1 Riana on 08.28.12 at 9:06 am

So it’s ‘going steady’ then. I wear a scarf tied as a bow always left since that looks better. Otherwise I do not wear anything else other than hats.

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