Blake Lively Cooks: Elettra’s Goodness

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There’s a new fashion in fashion. (did that came out odd? But it’s true, believe me!) Remember that foodie magazine with Karlie Kloss on the cover? Or Jourdan Dunn cooking in some video episode? Catwalk is getting closer to the kitchen, one show at the time!

Vogue’s latest ‘doing’ is a series called ‘Elettra’s Goodness’ where the famous Elettra Rosellini Wiedemann, famous for being the daughter of Isabella Rossellini more than for her own modeling career, is cooking or more specifically chatting with other people while they’re cooking. A nice, chatty talk around the stove with all kinds of personalities. In this case, Blake Lively.

Blake Lively cooks with Elettra Wiedemann

Why is she ‘more interesting’ than others? Because it’s pretty much the first time I’ve seen her in front of the cameras since her very low-profile, extremely mysterious and discrete wedding to Ryan Reynolds, especially since she has forged some kind of home-y reputation citing Martha Stewart as her idol! (you may remember that everyone was waiting for Blake and Ryan’s wedding feature in Martha Stewart Weddings magazine and all we saw was the food on the table and not much of the scenery, let alone the wedding guests or the bride and groom!)

Fashion, entertainment and food collide in a one big happy, new series under Vogue’s umbrella. Good or bad? I’m sure that cooking a brie puff pastry thingie with compote and balsamic schminegar schmancy sauce on top is on everyone’s meal list right now as the number one priority (ha!) and since I’m in a terrible low of kitchen-inspiration, I’d like you to share your (real life) favorite recipes that are both quick and tasty. I’m not asking for much, am I?

I’ll start with moi: I’m a salad person. I can eat anything as long as it has green leaves, dried nuts and some bits of cheese here and there. My favorite breakfast is muesli cereals with fruits in fresh apple puree with yogurt (sounds complicated? It’s actually Greek yogurt, store-bought, combined with two small apples reduced to puree in a blender and added cereals, about 1cup/2 apples and 2 TS of yogurt). That fuels me for half a day (that and a black, strong cup of coffee, no sugar). No cooking lessons needed for that (wink)!


#1 Appollonia on 05.21.13 at 11:44 am

My favourite breakfast makes some probably people shiver.
First a glass of 250ml water, followed by fresh juice (I change the fruits every day) also a glass of 250ml. Then I eat two thick slices of dark brown bread with butter, thick butter; one slice with old cheese the other with honey. And then strong coffee with a little bit of real cream (no sugar) and I am ready.

I eat almost anything but less meat. I love fish. Every sort of fish. When I eat meat, or chicken only from the organic shops. Preferably vegetables also from the organic shop. Ah, I would love anything food from the organic shop but that it is expensive……

I’m off to cook diner. I blench chicory very briefly, like in and out the hot water, mix it with goat cheese sauce and some crunched walnuts. Put the chicory in a oven dish and add some rasped cheese over the vegetables and sauce. When the cheese has been melted in the oven grill I eat it with mashed potatoes. Which I fix at the same time. I also drink a small glass carrot juice with it.
All fixed and ready in 30 minutes tops.

Bon appetite to me ;)

#2 Appollonia on 05.21.13 at 11:48 am

Kpriss, when you are in the neigbourhood and need breakfast? Greek yogurt, apples and nuts and even cereal are always in stock here ;)

#3 Appollonia on 05.21.13 at 4:35 pm

Forgot to add the low fat milk I drink while I eat my bread.

The goat cheese sauce is melted cheese with some creme fraiche.

All that dairy food is what makes me think lots of people shiver.

Kpriss, my cereal is muesli or granola. I eat it with yogurt, milk and even use a bit of granola to sprinkle on ice.

#4 kpriss on 05.22.13 at 12:32 am

awww! That is so kind of you, Appollonia! Hold on to that invite, never know who’ll come knocking one day! (oh, I wish!)

Thank you for sharing! I’m a big dairy fan myself. I have this local, rural shop where I buy our cottage cheese and all our other dairy products (except for milk – we don’t really drink milk in the Frizz household. I use a lot of milk for cookies and baking but hardly a cup/week for the kids. I used to favor milk in our daily meal plan but then I did some reading and came to the conclusion that milk is but a heavily marketed highly processed drink like so many others, I decided to cut short on that. I don’t know what you think of it, but I’m opened to a discussion on the topic anytime!)

Oh, how I loooove melted cheese! One of my favorite side dishes comes with a melted blue cheese sauce with creme fraiche biensur. I’m guessing it’d be good with chevre aussi. <3

all this yum talk makes me hungry lolz! I'm thinking of some fancy pasta next. Although we use to make pasta almost every Friday, kinda like 'pasta day', you saw me posting on FB every now and then, change is good ;) why not pasta for Hump Day?

I used to eat so much home made granola when I was pregnant with our baby boy that I can't stand the sight of it anymore! Lolz! I baked trays and trays of granola and crunched on it all day long. I was mental about it! Drove everyone crazy around the house, all our friends, they all knew I was addicted to granola for months! lolz. Then, after I gave birth, I slowly cut back on sweets and fats (I used a lot of honey and butter to make the granola) so granola softly faded from out menu ;-) replaced with muesli and all natural sweeteners like pureed apples .

#5 Appollonia on 05.22.13 at 10:39 am

Yes, I know what you say about milk. I read a lot about that too. I drink less milk since then but I am addicted to my morning milk. I like milk.

So jealous at you cottage cheese! I used to go to a holiday place in a part of my country where I am from. Between the dikes. Only cows and sheeps around there…sighs….I used to took a lot of their goodies home with me. My then neighbour was also happy since it was always too much hahaha…so she did get her part since she took care of my plants :)
I also love blue cheese. Gorgonzola is my fave. Strong and spicy….hmmm…

As a single working mother I learnt to make a lot of easy, nice and especially quick recipes. Like pasta with Gorgonzola sauce and broccoli and tomato salad at the side. Simple and delicious.

Ah, I remember how I have been addicted to granola. I ate it like chips and stuff like that. Also I found out my daughter did the same thing! That was too expensive though. I skipped for some years and these days I eat it properly only sometimes…..;)

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