Amanda Seyfried Takes Over Givenchy, One Ad Campaign At The Time

Remember when we talked about the swift change that went on in Givenchy’s beauty advertising? Younger, more mediatized Amanda Seyfried taking over the Very Irresistible contract from Liv Tyler?

Well, it didn’t happen just for the beauty campaign, actually. It’s taking over the entire maison of Givenchy, one ad at the time. Amanda Seyfried appears in the house’s latest ad prints as styled by Carine Roitfeld. Wait, it gets better: not only did Carine styled the ads but she also starred in them alongside her daughter, Julia (I wonder if they didn’t bring the wee one along for the family portrait’s sake).

Amanda Seyfried gets gipsy for Givenchy ad campaign

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Honestly, What The Fun! (The Fast Franchise Furiously Heists Again)

I forgot to talk movies this week, haven’t I? How could I? Gotta get to it right away! So while the entire world is too busy eyeballing the slightly boring black and white Cannes Red Carpet or praising Baz Luhrmann’s Gatsby industry or just immersing Into the Darkness in 3D, we were occupied with the sixth installment of the Fast franchise. Because you gotta have some wholeheartedly fun every now and then!

And Fast & Furious Six is just amazingly fun. That type of honest, adrenaline infused, ridiculously exaggerated fun! And we laughed our heart out! I know they’re most certainly not reading these lines, but I don’t apologize for having so much fun to the nice people seated next to us who clearly weren’t familiarized with the Fast fun. It’s unique. It’s fast-flavored. And this Honest trailer I added after the jump is the best description for it (don’t worry, it’s not a spoiler. Nothing can spoil the Fast fun!).

fast furious returns

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Anja Rubik Swimsuit Vision: Vogue Spain Vs Vogue Paris

Anja Rubik seems to be a fixture in fashion magazines worldwide, especially when the swimsuit season arrives. There’s something about her in a swimsuit that inspires fashion editors beyond compare. She must look good with her tan on and little else, by summer style standards.

So there we are, talking about Anja and her Vogue features. She’s on the cover of Vogue Spain June 2013 and also gracing one of the main pictorials of Vogue Paris June/July 2013 issue. While in Emmanuelle Alt’s vision and Mario Sorrenti’s lenses, Anja looks like she always does (at least as far as Vogue Paris is concerned, Anja’s styling is pretty much the same in every pictorial be it for summer, winter or any other season’s issues), Vogue Spain tried to change perspectives a bit. And might have succeeded.

Anja Rubik Vogue Paris vs Vogue Spain swimsuit

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Brad Pitt Black And White Esquire Pictures Bring Brangelina On My Mind

Something about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will always get people talking. About them, about their life together, about the six kids. People love a good drama and their story only seems to be about love so everybody is waiting for the drama to unfold. But it just doesn’t.

After Angelina Jolie’s brave confession, there goes (perfect timing, wouldn’t you agree?) Brad Pitt gracing the pages of Esquire Magazine, the June July 2013 issue. He doesn’t look like he aged a day past Interview with a Vampire and he seems to make a name and a casual appearance with Chanel’s ad campaign as a departing point of inspiration. Or so I get the feeling. That the styling of this pictorial is hinting back at his Chanel ad days. And Max Vadukul’s photographs accompany a story written by Tom Junod under the tagline ‘Brad Pitt’s Life is Larger than Yours’.

Brad Pitt Esquire June 2013 cover

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What Diet Meal Plan Works For You? Let Tracy Anderson Cater It!

Talking about Gwyneth Paltrow without thinking about Tracy Anderson has become nearly impossible lately as both ladies keep showing how much they have in common besides their obvious similar blond tresses.

An entire workout plan and now a complete diet meal plan. All under Tracy Anderson’s fit umbrella. ella. ella. It must be weird, though, eating less calories by paying more on your food: the magic diet plan starts at $55/day for a 14-day diet. However, the announcement of her Food Program estimates the daily costs for up to a 12-months long plan (in which case it’s ‘only’ costing you $45.95/day.

the right diet program from Tracy Anderson

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Smell Like A Boss: Gwyneth Paltrow Still Hugo Boss Spokesperson

I did say something about this being the perfect time to launch a perfume, haven’t I? News about Gwyneth Paltrow sticking with Hugo Boss for yet another advertorial year were just confirmed.

Although there’s no telling if the new ad campaign for the (old?) Hugo Boss perfume Gwyneth was contracted to represent will be just as brilliant as the first one, but we still have until August to see the ad prints or the commercials. Hopefully it’ll be a little more creative, although judging from the Cannes Red Carpet where a worrying majority of black and white dresses glamorously walked up the film festival’s stairs, we could be heading towards yet another monochrome, monotone marketing move. Starring the celebrity everyone loves to hate, Gwyneth Paltrow. Like a Boss.

Gwyneth Paltrow Boss perfumes

Latest Fashion In Photographing Your Kids

As a mother, I always tried to capture some of the most important moments in our kids life on camera. It’s just the way of life. My memory doesn’t serve me well enough as to project on a wall the first tooth that came off, the first steps or the first topping cream smear. Every ‘first’ in our kids lives was relevant and a must on camera. And kids parties offer such an amazing festival of crazy beautiful moments ready for the camera’s shutter!

But, mind you, times have changed, and the old-fashioned princess-themed or pirates-inspired party isn’t cool anymore. They’re out of charm, out of style. Just like an old print on an old shirt. Soon enough, princess parties will become vintage. Flavors of another era. The tutu-era. When all girls were brought up as princesses and all boys were brought up as pirates. Or something of the kind.

Now, in order to be cool these days, you have to lift up the standards at never-before attained heights of the creative imagination. Like… an ants party or, maybe costume your kids as Star Trekkies or Iron Man House Party characters… Because, you know, a tutu won’t man up your little girl and a medieval chevalier won’t soften up your little boy.

Escaping the clichés is pushing us towards new, unexplored fields of creativity of which the two photographers we’ll talk about today are indisputable pioneers. Or so I think.

recreating iconic photos Jamie C Moore photography

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Hip Sunglasses from IVI and HUF

Now that officially hipsters have been declared as extinct as dinosaurs and more annoying than Psy doing his Homer Simpson inspired dance, how about we got back to the old ‘hip’ attribute and just plaster it all over the place, see what happens? Take a look at this new promotional video for a new series of sunglasses signed by IVI and HUF. All nice and modern, looking classic with a twist. A ‘hip’ twist!

I actually liked the music (original score signed by Jon Kennedy) and the normal people involved in making it. Which are part of the HUF crew.

This special collection is inspired by Keith Hufnagel, founder of HUF, who just happens to be one of the most influential skateboarders/streetfashion trendsetter. The sunglasses he wore, ‘The Standard’ are the solid base which the entire IVI HUF collaboration was built upon.

iconic sunglasses IVI HUF

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