Feeling Too Pretty Today? How About Quitting Your Job?

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Or write a book. Like Laura Fernee here who just felt too pretty to go to work! When I first read the titles my eyes jumped out of place and though of yet another bubble-head bombshell blonde who sits on her hyper tanned behind all day waiting for the right Vogue cover to come along (but will take Hugh Hefner’s offer any day in the mean time). But no. I was wrong. Laura Fernee is a smart Londoner who just felt too harassed by both male and female co-workers to be able to continue working alongside them.

So she just quit her job (scientific medical research, mind you) for about two years now and just lives on her parents’ income simply because, she said, she’s too pretty to work!

Laura Fernee the girl who feels too pretty to work

The Big Bang Theory should pick up on this and make an episode around it! It’s just too good to be true! I understand that she’s pretty and smart, but there’s no balance there. Something’s off in her life’s story, like she’s hating her looks. I understand that she’s frustrated by that and it may get in the way of her work (really?) but to the point of not being able to carry out her research, which she said she loved, because of her looks? Seriously?

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